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"I have to tell you, my student is absolutely FASCINATED with the scientist notebooks. He’s in 1st grade and tells us ALL about them when he brings home a completed notebook. I wanted to let you know that you are awesome and making a difference!" "LR has truly helped out our music program over the last two years during this crazy time! I truly appreciate it!!" "Thank you SO MUCH for the login and for assisting with this process. Our student is on the right track now, and I truly appreciate your support." "Thank you so much! I cannot wait to dive into these new lessons!!" "You’re the best, thanks!" "Thank you for this great news and always being so proactive!" "My student had so much fun with the It’s Just a Phase kit. She was talking about the moon for weeks!"


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Students and teachers have access to thousands of high-quality resources and Professional Development through the Learning Resources COSERs. opens in a new windowSearch our Insignia database for science kits, digital and media resources, books, curriculum ideas, physical classroom resources, and everything else for your educational classroom needs. This database provides students and teachers with 24/7 access to all of our base products, digital features, and reservable items. Besides the database that services products through the Educational Communications, Instructional Materials, and Library Services COSERs, our Distance and Online Learning COSER features virtual field trips, online courses, video conference courses, etc. and the Environmental Education COSER allows districts to participate in ecology camps, environmental field trips, and engaging environmental science lessons. From lamination services to Star Lab, our Learning Resources Team is ready to assist. Please contact the Program Manager for Learning Resources for more details.
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Team Highlights:

Learning Resources COSER’s include:

Environmental Education COSER program provides districts with the opportunity to connect students to nature and the world around them. These possibilities are supported with a coordinating teacher along with a variety of resources. The standards aligned in-class programs provide students with hands-on learning experiences. The coordinating teacher will bring all materials to the district and instruct the students through the lesson. The out-door programs will get students out of the classroom and into the natural environment, all of which are completely organized and prepared by the coordinating teacher. The kits contain an assortment of materials and can be facilitated by the coordinating teacher or can be simply checked out by the district.
Breakdown of opportunities:

  • Over 60 in-class programs that connect students to nature without leaving the classroom
  • A variety of outdoor programs that immerse students in a natural environment
  • Kit materials that provide students with opportunities to interact with the environment

In-Class Programs

beautiful birdslife in an oakbiomimicrydaring migrationecosystemsanimal sensessystems of earthfood webstrouble in fruitvalestarlabnature walk

Outdoor Programs

freshwater snorkelingscience on senecaallegany state parkbuffalo audubonerie canalwayaudobon community nature centerpfeiffer nature center


snowshoesxc skiesgps unitswater analysistree seedlingstomatospheremilkweed for monarchsteam building
The Distance Education program provides for the sharing of courses and content between local districts or across New York State and the world. Videoconferencing allows for synchronous high school/college connections and K-12 Virtual Field Trips/collaborations. Asynchronous online courses are offered with mentor support for credit recovery or accrual. Training, technical support and storage on the Moodle learning management system also allows teachers to create their own online courses. Zoom provides web-based video conference capabilities and aids in the desktop-to-desktop meetings or training.

  • 24 fully-equipped Distance Education rooms in CA BOCES component schools
  • 17 Newly installed Zoom Carts/Rooms
  • Onsite technical support and maintenance
  • Scheduling and testing of all connections
  • Archiving storage of course material
  • 5 Zoom Pro Account included per district
  • Research support for finding virtual field trips
  • Coser 420 provided Zoom Kit per district


For more information, click through the tabs above.

Moodle logoMoodle is a free learning management system that can be used by teachers to house course content.
Click the logo above to access Moodle courses.
Contact Justin Shumaker or Catherine Dunkleman for Moodle account information and training.
Sharing courses that are taught in your school provides schools with extended offerings for students, with the economic advantage of sharing a teacher between two or more classrooms. Multiple synchronous courses (courses taking place at the same time in two or more locations via video conference) are in session each day within the program. Training and support are provided.
Benefits of Video Conference Courses:

  • Increase course choices
  • Increase the depth of student transcripts
  • Students could earn college credit at reduced rates

Access video conference course database.
Log in information is required
Contact Justin Shumaker with questions and for support.

Open enrollment is available to start students on the path to course completion for credit recovery, for course accrual, or for unique course needs. CA BOCES provides full student support with traveling NYS certified teachers.
Benefits of an online course:

  • Increase graduation rates
  • Expand course opportunities
  • Cutting edge digital content and learning management systems provide the perfect learning environment for modern learners
  • Reduces scheduling conflicts
  • Flexibility to meet unique course requests

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Please click on the links below to search the online course choices and syllabi. Please note that courses could not be available, contact us to confirm course availability.

Moodle courses are offered and taught through CABOCES instructors.
Please contact us with any interests, we will be glad to provide course syllabi and answer and questions.

A few of the available courses are:

  • Criminology
  • Forensic Science 1
  • Forensic Science 2
  • Astronomy 1 A/B
  • Anatomy & Physiology 1 A/B
  • Anatomy & Physiology 2 A/B
  • Agriscience 1
  • Agriscience 2
  • Archaeology
  • Biotechnology 1 A/B
  • Great Minds in Science
  • Human Geography
  • Marine Science
  • Spanish 1 A/B

opens in a new windowStudent Course Contractopens PDF file
Contact Lisa Scott or Justin Shumaker with questions and for support

Virtual Field Trips are a great way to flip the field trip. Rather than taking the students to the destination, bring the destination to the students! There are many free asynchronous trips as well as purchasable interactive/synchronous field trips with experts from locations across the globe. Not only can we handle all the technical details around your trip, but we can also help you find the perfect trip and destination. Some virtual field trips are free while others are fee based.
Not sure what exactly will fit your needs? We are here to help! With a collection of compiled resources, we can find the perfect experience for you and your students!
Know what Virtual Field Trip your classroom would like? Request your trip here!
Contact Catherine Dunkleman for all your virtual field trip needs.
Connections/Collaborations can be conducted globally or within your BOCES region for project sharing, pen pals, and cultural exchanges. Also you can connect locally with another school within the CABOCES region for co-teaching, presentations, regents review, and lessons. If you’d like to search for options outside of CA BOCES region, the following resources may be helpful.

  • The CILC Collaboration Center is the venue for educators to meet, create a collaborative project, and share their reflections.
  • Watch your email for upcoming collaborations.

Contact Catherine Dunkleman for assistance in making and finding connections.

The Educational Communications CoSer offers schools a collection of online subscriptions to a wide range of electronic instructional resources through our opens in a new windowINSIGNIA database. These resources include:

Additionally, we also supply hard copy kits that provide tangible resources including coding and robotics, equipment, Leveled Reader kits, Real Care Babies/Empathy Belly, Play-based learning kits for early learners, book sets, and SEL kits.

Media Kits

  • Author Study
  • Focus Readers
  • Jennifer Serravallo Go-To Books for Writing
  • Nancy Akhavan Noteworthy Nonfiction
  • Other Media Kits

What is the School Library System?

In 1984, the New York State Legislature established School Library Systems. Each School Library System is a state funded program providing a variety of resources for the school library and the school librarian. Funding comes from the library component of the New York State budget. Resources available from the School Library System include system wide databases and regional resource sharing for all member libraries.

Membership in the Instructional Materials program (COSER 521) provides access to all hands-on and standards-aligned classroom curriculum resources for learning experiences in the elementary (grades k-5 – COSER 521.001) and middle level (grades 6-8 – COSER 521.002) classrooms. Over one-hundred kit titles can be ordered online and are delivered to your school. Kits are supported with all resources needed to use the curriculum in the classroom with up to thirty students, along with necessary teacher training and support.

For questions about any of the kits listed below, please contact Kelli Grabowski or Liz Phinney.

Advancing STEM Kits

Advancing STEM is a complete curriculum that aligns with all 2016 K-5 NYS Science Learning Standards. The curriculum was written by over forty educators from over twenty school districts in the Cattaraugus-Allegany BOCES and Erie 2 Chautauqua BOCES regions. All curriculum materials including the Distance Learning Guides can be viewed at Also available is a curated book list providing bookable titles (multiple and single copies) that are relevant to the science content in the kit.

  • Kindergarten
  • Grade 1
  • Grade 2
  • Grade 3
  • Grade 4
  • Grade 5
Advancing STEM

Engineering Kits

Engineering is Elementary (K-5) and Engineering Everywhere (6-8) are curricula developed by the Boston Museum of Science that focuses on engineering and science. They are aligned to the NYS Science Learning Standards and present real-world challenges that encourage students to explore multiple ways to solve a problem in diverse fields of engineering
Engineering is Elementary

  • PreK
  • Kindergarten
  • Grade 1
  • Grade 2
  • Grade 3
  • Grade 4
  • Grade 5

Engineering Everywhere

    • Grades 6-8


Engineering is Elementary

Legacy Kits

Legacy Kits (including Health Kits) are titles aligned to the 1997 NYS Science Learning Standards. Some of these are being phased out and may require notifying staff to reserve.

  • Kindergarten
  • Grade 1
  • Grade 2
  • Grade 3
  • Grade 4
  • Grade 5