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Jessica Golley

Marketing, Brand &
Communication Coordinator

15 years of experience


Jeff Babbitt

Public Relations Itinerant

Serving: Bolivar Richburg,
Genesee Valley, and West Valley


Melissa Biddle

Public Relations Itinerant

Serving: Hinsdale, Olean, and Randolph

The Public Relations team provides solutions in areas of communication, marketing, and branding to component school districts. Trained team members will strategically use various capabilities within the Technology & Communication Department to help districts reach their intended goals.

Do you need a Public Relations Specialist in your district?

By joining this CoSer (315), you will benefit from a CA BOCES specialist completing targeted public relations work in your district up to three days per week throughout the school year!

Key Duties of the PR Specialist:

  • Manage and optimize district social media platforms
  • Coordinate print newsletter/calendar content
  • Write press releases/feature stories
  • Assist with creation of communication/social media plans
  • Shoot and edit photos and short videos
National School Public Relations Association Award Winner

National School Public Relations Association Award Winner

Public Relations Award
New York School Public Relations Award Winner

For assistance with Public Relations, call: (716)376-8223opens phone dialer

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