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Jessica Golley

Director of Information Services


Jeff Babbitt

Public Relations Itinerant
Serving: Bolivar Richburg, Genesee Valley, & West Valley


Melissa Biddle

Public Relations Itinerant
Serving: Olean


Crystal Kling

Public Relations Itinerant
Serving: Franklinville, Randolph, Randolph Academy


Tracy DeRose

Public Relations Itinerant
Serving: Allegany-Limestone, Scio

The Public Relations team provides solutions in areas of communication, marketing, and branding to component school districts. Trained team members will strategically use various capabilities within the Technology & Communication Department to help districts reach their intended goals.

Do you need a Public Relations Specialist in your district?

By joining this CoSer (315), you will benefit from a CA BOCES specialist completing targeted public relations work in your district up to three days per week throughout the school year!

Key Duties of the PR Specialist:

  • Manage and optimize district social media platforms
  • Coordinate print newsletter/calendar content
  • Write press releases/feature stories
  • Assist with creation of communication/social media plans
  • Shoot and edit photos and short videos

National School Public Relations Association Award Winner

Public Relations Award
New York School Public Relations Award Winner
For assistance with Public Relations, call: (716)376-8223opens phone dialer

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