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  • Component District Technology Committee
  • Members:
  • Tony Giannicchi
  • Allegany-Limestone
  • Wendy Butler
  • Belfast
  • Mike Dodge
  • Fillmore


  • Location:
  • 5001
  • Route 417,
  • Allegany,
  • NY 14706

All team members in the Technology & Communication division at CA BOCES are dedicated to creating solutions for internal audiences and for external partners in our component school districts. This division offers creative, multi-approach solutions in the following areas: Printing & Graphic Design, Public Relations, Software Development, Animation, and Technical Support.

The Technology and Communication division offers creative, multi-approach solutions in the following areas:


National School Public Relations Association Award Winner

Team Highlights:

  • Over 18 months, caboces Techs ran 149,000 feet or 28.2 miles of cable (same as from Olean BOCES Center to Ellicottville BOCES Center) of wire to keep our districts connected
  • Developed critical applications such as professional development registration and book ordering online
  • In conjunction with Instructional Support Services and CoSer 420, our technicians have been responsible for technical specifications and content for numerous grants since 2004
  • Our Graphic Design/Print Shop produces over 30 million pages of printed material per year
  • Featured as the pilot program for the Mitel Revolution communication and security system technology
  • Multiple cross contracts with numerous BOCES organizations and other schools throughout New York State on tech and printing projects