Curriculum Forum

Curriculum Coordination (COSER 524)

Curriculum Coordinators, Principals, Superintendents, and designated teacher leaders are invited to attend the regional Curriculum Forum hosted and facilitated by CA BOCES. The Curriculum Forms aims to provide updates from the State Education Department, share curriculum resources, and provide professional development to educational experts in local districts. The Forum convenes quarterly, with monthly online sessions. The Curriculum Listserv also connects members with eachother, as well as with the State Educatioin Department, and CA BOCES Curriculum Experts.

Please contact Tim Clarke, Program Manager for Professional Development, with questions and comments: or (716) 376-8321. Please contact Laurie Sledge, Data Management Specialist, to register for any Curriculum Forum sessions or to be added to the Curriculum Listserv: or (716) 376-8357.

Meeting dates for 2018-2019 School Year

October 5, 2018Face to Face Meeting
November 6, 2018Online Meeting
December 18, 2018Face to Face Meeting
January 28, 2019Online Meeting
February 19, 2019Online Meeting
March 14, 2019Face to Face Meeting
April 9, 2019Online Meeting
June 3, 2019Face to Face Meeting