Vendor Agreements

BOCES Only Agreements

American Welding Society  DPA – 12.31.2025opens PDF file

Apple, Inc. Apple, Inc. New York Addendumopens PDF file

Arbordale Publishing  DPA – 06.30.2025opens PDF file

Buffalo Southtowns Music Therapy  DPA – 08.30.2024opens PDF file

Canva  DPA – 03.03.2025opens PDF file

Class Dojo  DPA – 06.30.2026opens PDF file

Classcraft Studios Inc.  DPA – 6.30.2024opens PDF file  DPA – 06.30.2024opens PDF file

CommonLit, Inc    DPA – 12.31.2025opens PDF file

Comprehensive Medicine, PLLC   DPA – 06.30.2024opens PDF file

Desmos, Inc.  DPA – 06.30.2024opens PDF file

Digital Teaching Tools  DPA – 06.30.2024opens PDF file

EHR Go  DPA – 04.08.2025opens PDF file

Epic Creations  DPA – 06.30.2026opens PDF file

EverFi  DPA – 06.30.2024opens PDF file

Frontline Technologies Group, LLC.   DPA – 06.30.2026opens PDF file

Home Speech Home, PLLC  DPA – 09.30.2030opens PDF file

IXL Learning, Inc.  DPA – 08.31.2025opens PDF file

Khan Academy  DPA – 06.30.2024opens PDF file

Little Bee Speech   DPA – 06.30.2025opens PDF file

MIND Research Institute   DPA – 09.30.2025opens PDF file

Mosaic Network, Inc.   DPA – 06.30.2025opens PDF file

The New England Center for Children, Inc.   DPA – 08.30.2025opens PDF file

NOCTI  DPA – 06.30.2023opens PDF file

Performance Learning Systems   DPA – 12.31.2026opens PDF file

Poodll, Inc.   DPA – 11.30.2025opens PDF file

ReadWorks    DPA – 09.30.2025opens PDF file

ReadSpeaker, LLC  DPA – 06.30.2026opens PDF file

Skillstrader, Inc    DPA – 09.30.2025opens PDF file

Suntex International, Inc.   DPA – 06.30.2024opens PDF file

Synapse Apps, LLC  DPA – 06.30.2025opens PDF file

Tangible Play (Osmos)    DPA – 01.18.2026opens PDF file

Tools for Schools   DPA – 06.30.2024opens PDF file

Wakelet, LTD  DPA – 08.31.2024opens PDF file

Wyoming County  DPA – 06.30.2027opens PDF file

Zaner-Bloser, Inc.   DPA – 06.30.2025opens PDF file



BOCES and District Agreements

3P Learning, Inc.  DPA – 06.30.2027 opens PDF file

BrainPop, LLC  DPA – 06.30.2026opens PDF file

Breakout EDU  DPA – 06.30.2025opens PDF file

Castle Software, Inc.  DPA – 06.30.2025opens PDF file

ClickView  DREAM Consortium

Code Monkey Studios DPA – 06.30.2026opens PDF file

Discovery Education, Inc.  DPA – 06.30.2025opens PDF file

EdClub, Inc.  DPA – 06.30.2027opens PDF file

Edmentum, Inc. NYSDL Consortium

Kids Discover Online  DREAM Consortium

NoodleTools, Inc.  DREAM Consortium

QuaverEd, Inc.  DPA – 06.30.2025opens PDF file

RocketLit  DPA – 06.08.2025opens PDF file

Streamable Learning  DREAM Consortium, LLC  DREAM Consortium

TumbleWeed Press, Inc.  DREAM Consortium

Virtual Field Trips, LTD  DPA – 06.30.2026opens PDF file

Wooclap  DPA – 06.30.2025opens PDF file

Zoom  DPA – 06.30.2025opens PDF file



BOCES and with District Purchase through BOCES Agreements

A+ Virtual Learning   DPA – 06.30.2025opens PDF file

Agile Sports Technologies, Inc. (Hudl)  DPA – 06.30.2025opens PDF file

ASU Prep Global  DPA – 06.30.2025opens PDF file

Beyond Maps LLC  DREAM Consortium

Cengage Learning, Inc. DREAM Consortium

Coughlan Companies LLC (Capstone)  DREAM Consortium

D2L, Ltd   NYSDL Consortium

EBSCO Industries, Inc.  DREAM Consortium

eDoctrina  NYSDL Consortium

EDpuzzle  DREAM Consortium

Educational Vistas   DPA – 06.30.2027opens PDF file

Educere, LLC  NYSDL Consortium

eDynamic Learning  DPA – 06.30.2025opens PDF file

Encyclopedia Britannica  DREAM Consortium

FEV Tutor  NYSDL Consortium

Follett School Solutions, Inc. DREAM Consortium

Fuel Education  NYSDL Consortium

Gimkit   DPA – 06.30.2027opens PDF file

Houghton University   DPA – 01.01.2026opens PDF file

Imagine Learning   NYSDL Consortium

Infobase Holdings, Inc. DREAM Consortium

Insignia Software DREAM Consortium

Instructure (Canvas)  NYSDL Consortium

iTutor  NYSDL Consortium

JASON Learning   DPA – 06.30.2025opens PDF file

Kahoot!  DPA – 06.30.2025opens PDF file

Kaltura, Inc  NYSDL Consortium

Kids Discover, LLC. DREAM Consortium

Learning A-Z  DREAM Consortium

Learning Without Tears  DPA – 06.30.2025opens PDF file

Lincoln Library Press, Inc. DREAM Consortium

MyVRSpot  NYSDL Consortium

Nearpod  DPA – 06.30.2025opens PDF file

Newsela, Inc. DREAM Consortium

Newsbank, Inc.  DREAM Consortium

North American Scholastic eSports Federation (NASEF) DPA – 12.31.2026opens PDF file

Omega Labs, Inc.  DPA – 06.30.2025opens PDF file

OPALS  DREAM Consortium

Otus LLD  NYSDL Consortium

OverDrive, Inc. DREAM Consortium

Panopto, Inc.  NYSDL Consortium

PBS Learning Media  DREAM Consortium

Pearson Virtual Schools (Connexus)  NYSDL Consortium

ProQuest  DREAM Consortium

Pickup Patrol, LLC  DPA – 06.30.2025opens PDF file

PowerSchool  NYSDL Consortium

Quizizz, Inc.  DPA – 09.01.2025opens PDF file

Remind 101, Inc.  DPA – 06.30.2025opens PDF file

Right Reason Technologies   NYSDL Consortium

Rosen Publishing Group, Inc.   DREAM Consortium

Sage Publications DREAM Consortium

Scholastic Library Publishing, Inc. DREAM Consortium

SeeSaw Learning, Inc.  DPA – 08.31.2025opens PDF file

Skooler  NYSDL Consortium

Soundzabound DREAM Consortium

Spider Learning  NYSDL Consortium

Swank Movie Licensing USA  DREAM Consortium

Thumbs Up Video  DPA – 06.30.2025opens PDF file

Turnitin, LLC DREAM Consortium

Tutor Me Education  NYSDL Consortium

World Book, Inc  DREAM Consortium

Xello, Inc   DPA – 06.30.2027opens PDF file

Zearn  DPA – 06.30.2027opens PDF file