Vendor Agreements

BOCES Only Agreements

American Welding Society  DPA – 12.31.2025opens PDF file

Apple, Inc. Apple, Inc. New York Addendumopens PDF file

Arbordale Publishing  DPA – 06.30.2025opens PDF file

Buffalo Southtowns Music Therapy  DPA – 08.30.2023opens PDF file

Canva  DPA – 03.03.2025opens PDF file

Class Dojo  DPA – 06.30.2026opens PDF file

Classcraft Studios Inc.  DPA – 6.30.2024opens PDF file  DPA – 06.30.2024opens PDF file

CommonLit, Inc    DPA – 12.31.2025opens PDF file

Comprehensive Medicine, PLLC   DPA – 06.30.2024opens PDF file

Cypher Learning    DPA – 09.01.2023opens PDF file

Desmos, Inc.  DPA – 06.30.2024opens PDF file

Devore, Cynthia, M.D.  DPA – 06.30.2023opens PDF file

Digital Teaching Tools  DPA – 06.30.2024opens PDF file

Epic Creations  DPA – 06.30.2026opens PDF file

EverFi  DPA – 06.30.2024opens PDF file

Frontline Technologies Group, LLC.   DPA –

Home Speech Home, PLLC  DPA – 09.30.2030opens PDF file

IXL Learning, Inc.  DPA – 08.31.2025opens PDF file

Jones, Donna, N.P.  DPA – 06.30.2023opens PDF file

Khan Academy  DPA – 06.30.2024opens PDF file

Little Bee Speech   DPA – 06.30.2025opens PDF file

MIND Research Institute   DPA – 09.30.2025opens PDF file

Mosaic Network, Inc.  DPA – 06.30.2024opens PDF file

NOCTI  DPA – 06.30.2023opens PDF file

Performance Learning Systems   DPA – 12.31.2026opens PDF file

Poodll, Inc.   DPA – 11.30.2025opens PDF file

ReadWorks    DPA – 09.30.2025opens PDF file

ReadSpeaker, LLC  DPA – 06.30.2026opens PDF file

Skillstrader, Inc    DPA – 09.30.2025opens PDF file

Steuben County  DPA – 06.30.2023opens PDF file

Strivven Media, LLC  DPA – 02.07.2023opens PDF file

Suntex International, Inc.   DPA – 06.30.2024opens PDF file

Synapse Apps, LLC  DPA – 06.30.2025opens PDF file

Tools for Schools   DPA – 06.30.2024opens PDF file

Wakelet, LTD  DPA – 09.16.2022opens PDF file

XtraMath  DPA – 08.31.2023opens PDF file

Zaner-Bloser, Inc.   DPA – 06.30.2025opens PDF file



BOCES and District Agreements

3P Learning, Inc.  DPA – 03.2024opens PDF file

BrainPop, LLC  DPA – 06.30.2026opens PDF file

Breakout EDU  DPA – 06.30.2025opens PDF file

Castle Software, Inc.  DPA – 06.30.2025opens PDF file

Code Monkey Studios DPA – 06.30.2026opens PDF file

Discovery Education, Inc.  DPA – 06.30.2025opens PDF file

Edmentum, Inc.  DPA – 06.30.2025opens PDF file

NoodleTools, Inc.  DPA – 06.30.2023opens PDF file

QuaverEd, Inc.  DPA – 06.30.2025opens PDF file

RocketLit  DPA – 06.08.2025opens PDF file, LLC  DREAM Consortium

TumbleWeed Press, Inc.  DREAM Consortium

Virtual Field Trips, LTD  DPA – 06.30.2026opens PDF file

Wooclap   DPA  – 06.30.2024opens PDF file



BOCES and with District Purchase through BOCES Agreements

A+ Virtual Learning   DPA – 06.30.2025opens PDF file

Agile Sports Technologies, Inc. (Hudl)  DPA – 06.30.2025opens PDF file

ASU Prep Global  DPA – 06.30.2025opens PDF file

Beyond Maps LLC  DREAM Consortium

Cengage Learning, Inc. DREAM Consortium

Coughlan Companies LLC (Capstone)  DREAM Consortium

EBSCO Industries, Inc.  DREAM Consortium

EDpuzzle  DREAM Consortium

eDynamic Learning  DPA – 06.30.2025opens PDF file

Encyclopedia Britannica  DREAM Consortium

Follett School Solutions, Inc. DREAM Consortium

Gimkit  DPA – 04.21.2024opens PDF file

Houghton University   DPA – 01.01.2026opens PDF file

Imagine Learning  DPA – 06.30.2025opens PDF file

Infobase Holdings, Inc. DREAM Consortium

Insignia Software DREAM Consortium

JASON Learning   DPA – 06.30.2025opens PDF file

Kahoot!  DPA – 06.30.2025opens PDF file

Kids Discover, LLC. DREAM Consortium

Learning A-Z  DREAM Consortium

Learning Without Tears  DPA – 06.30.2025opens PDF file

Lincoln Library Press, Inc. DREAM Consortium

Nearpod  DPA – 06.30.2025opens PDF file

Newsela, Inc. DREAM Consortium

Newsbank, Inc.  DREAM Consortium

North American Scholastic eSports Federation (NASEF) DPA – 12.31.2026opens PDF file

Omega Labs, Inc.  DPA – 06.30.2025opens PDF file

OPALS  DREAM Consortium

OverDrive, Inc. DREAM Consortium

PBS Learning Media  DREAM Consortium

ProQuest  DREAM Consortium

Pickup Patrol, LLC  DPA – 06.30.2025opens PDF file

PowerSchool  DPA – 06.30.2025opens PDF file

Quizizz, Inc.  DPA – 09.01.2025opens PDF file

Remind 101, Inc.  DPA – 06.30.2025opens PDF file

Right Reason Technologies  DPA – 06.30.2023opens PDF file

Rosen Publishing Group, Inc.   DREAM Consortium

Sage Publications DREAM Consortium

Scholastic Library Publishing, Inc. DREAM Consortium

SeeSaw Learning, Inc.  DPA – 08.31.2025opens PDF file

Soundzabound DREAM Consortium

Spider Learning, Inc.  DPA – 06.30.2023opens PDF file

Swank Movie Licensing USA  DREAM Consortium

Thumbs Up Video  DPA – 06.30.2025opens PDF file

Turnitin, LLC DREAM Consortium

World Book, Inc  DREAM Consortium

Xello, Inc   DREAM Consortium

Zearn DPA – 06.30.2024opens PDF file