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Technology Coordination (COSER 518)

Technology Coordinators and Inegrators play such a critical role in today’s highly technical learning environments. This bi-monthly meeting during the school year provides collaboration and new learning on effective technology integration, software, hardware, mobile device management, etc. The meeting features presentations from classroom teachers and students and how they have used technology in their classrooms and in their learning. Forum attendees are also connected to key information through the TCIF+TS Listserv. Please contact Tim Clarke, Program Manager for Professional Development, with questions and comments: tim_clarke@caboces.orgcreate new email or (716) 376-8321opens phone dialer. Please contact Laurie Sledge, Data Integration Specialist, to register for any TCIF+TS sessions or to be added to the TCIF+TS Listserv: laurie_sledge@caboces.orgcreate new email or (716) 376-8357opens phone dialer.

For meeting information, please find the TCIF+TS meetings at our registration page.