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Shared Professional Development (COSER 507)

COSER 507 is for administrators or teachers supporting collaborative and consortium learning. This COSER also supports elements of implementation. Districts use this COSER to share professional development and related contracts when two or more schools districts are involved in joint professional development. Matching districts must prove cost savings in sharing the contract beyond receiving BOCES aid.

The following COSER rules will apply:

  • Two or more districts must share the same professional development events within the same professional development contract.
  • The professional development contract must be shared by at least two paying districts. BOCES will invoice each district by the number of staff members attending the professional development by the vendor of the contract. Sign-in sheets are required for all dates the vendor delivers professional development and must be submitted to BOCES.
  • Activities must be less that 15 days in length.
  • Activities may not generate college credit or a certificate of any kind.
  • Participant expenses such as meals, lodging, and transportation are not eligible for BOCES aid.
  • District expenses for stipends or substitutes are not eligible for BOCES aid.
  • The shared professional development contract must be pre-approved by the BOCES Board of Education. The BOCES Board of Education generally meets on the first Wednesday of each month.  All elements of a shared professional development contract and share commitments from superintendents must be in place no later than one week before the meeting of the Board of Education. The BOCES Board of Education will not allow post-dated work or contracts. Only future contracts and work will be submitted for approval.
  • CTLE credits may be offered for some shared professional development events.  If CTLE credits are requested, sign-in (and out) sheets, session evaluations, and curriculum vitas of presenters must be submitted to BOCES at the conclusion of the session.

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