Welcome to CoSer 402: Enrichment and CoSer 403: Arts in Education app!

We shifted to an online app and tracking system due to the requirement of district sharing events/experiences in CoSer 402: Enrichment Guidelines from NYS that we started getting aligned to in the spring of 2022.

Please navigate as needed to either of the next two tabs: Upcoming Trip list and CoSer paperwork to complete as you need to. A brief description of each is below. If you have any questions, please contact Karen Insley, Program Manager for Student Programs: karen_insley@caboces.org or (716)376-8284 OR Joan Haynes, Keyboard Specialist for Student Programs: joan_haynes@caboces.org or (716)376-8208.

On the second link: List of Upcoming Trips, you can track the progress of 402 and look to see if any other district is also participating with that location/event/vendor

On the third link: CoSer Paperwork to Complete, we have an updated, fillable, pdf of the CoSer paperwork. Please use this updated file to submit requests. We hope that having it as a fillable document it will be easier for you in the district.