December 9, 2020

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Wednesday, December 09, 2020

I hope you all enjoyed a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday!

Just like all organizations in today’s climate, we are laser-focused on maintaining a safe environment for students and staff members. While this is surely our priority, I am pleased to still see true progress and innovation occurring in all departments throughout the CA BOCES organization.

For example:

– The CA BOCES Instructional Support Services (ISS) team planned and executed another successful Virtual Scholastic Challenge for students in our region. The interactive competition that tests students’ knowledge of academic trivia and current events, is typically held as a face-to-face tournament. For the second installment, in response to COVID-19 regulations throughout the region, the competition was held virtually. Twenty-one teams participated with a group of dedicated coaches from their districts to lead the way. Congratulations to our own ISS team members who spent countless hours organizing this event that ultimately united and energized students in a time when they need it most. Great work!

– Our Workforce Development & Community Learning team has been busy fine-tuning their Spring course schedule. From Dental Assisting to Welding to Phlebotomy to Heavy Equipment Operation — we are safely offering great educational and career options for our community in this time of change, and I am glad that we are able to help fill that essential need.

These are just two examples, of many, that illustrate the focus and dedication of our team at CA BOCES. In the midst of constant change, I see so much good happening.

As always, please know that you can call me at any time should you have questions or concerns at 716-376-8254.