Bus Driver Courses

Bus Driver Training (COSER 613)

School Bus Driver training is coordinated through Instructional Support Services. This service provides bus driver programs in other areas such as discipline, safety, drug and alcohol testing program and physical performance testing management. Required bus driver courses include:

3-hour Pre-Service, 2-hour Refresher courses and a 10-hour Advanced course.

Also included in this coser is the new Bus Monitor/Attendant Basic Course, pre-service/refresher as well as the Physical Performance Testing for both bus drivers and bus monitors/attendants.

Please contact opens in a new windowMary Gilbert for more information: mary_gilbert@caboces.orgcreate new email or (716) 376-8227opens phone dialer.

Driver Basic Course (30 Hour)TBA
Attendant/Monitor Basic Course (10 Hour)TBA
Driver & Attendant/Monitor Refreshers Dates: 9/2, 9/3, 9/8, 9/9, 9/10, 9/14, 9/15
Location: Varies by date

IMPORTANT: Please forward a copy of your current 19A Roster of Drivers (as filed with DMV-BDCU by July 1st) directly to Pete James. This will help him to have current attendance rosters for drivers/monitors to sign. Please mail them to: Chautaugua Transportation Services, PO BOX 1100, Chautaugua NY 14722

**Any districts that need physical performance testing for new hires, please contact CTS directly at (716) 269-7383opens phone dialer to schedule.

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