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Kody Miller

Marketing Director

My current position is the Marketing Director for The Sports Locker. I also work As a Marketing / SEO specialist for a software development company called The Demski Group. To get to this point I had started at a job right out of highschool for an internet marketing company, where I was able to use the graphic design skills that I learned from Multi-Media communications at CA BOCES to go above and beyond in my role. After 5 great years with that company, I stepped away from that position to take my current role. In my current role, I am responsible for all of the marketing for the Sports Locker. I produce video content, run social media, PR campaigns, and every form of internet marketing. All of this started and my interest and initial skillset from my class at CTE. My class, Multi-Media Communications, taught me a myriad of different skills about advertising, content creation and graphic design. Building the basis of these skills was instrumental in helping me get my first job out of high school. Rather than going to college, I was able to jump right into the workforce thanks to the skills that I was taught, which then allowed me to further my skills even more with actual experience. From the real world experience, hands on learning, internships, and the love and support of an amazing teacher and classmates, the CTE center and BOCES was, again, an absolutely vital and extremely necessary part of my professional career that I have today.