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Enjoy low and high elements and the learning experiences that come with it. Plan a day or several days of team building, cooperation, trust, communication, problem solving and fun while enjoying the outdoors. Help create an environment where students, staff, employees, or anyone can reach out of their comfort zone and into their creative, learning, stretch zone, with facilitators who help them reach personal and group goals in a safe and enjoyable environment.


Nestled in the hills outside Ellicottville, the CTE Adventure Course and Outdoor Recreational area is the perfect place for your group or organization to have fun while developing group dynamics and individual growth. Built into all of our programs, participants find adventure for the body, mind, and spirit as they balance, climb, lift, puzzle, swing, jump, and think through solutions in a variety of situations and events. Your employees and staff may learn to become facilitators during summer training sessions.

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Some questions to consider:

  • How many participants will you have?
  • What are your specific group goals?
  • Are participants interested in high elements?
  • How many days/topics/challenges are you interested in?
  • Do you need extra accommodations, (will you have a meeting, staying overnight, food, etc.)?
  • What are your travel considerations?


All pricing is per district group or organization, but you may combine participants to meet minimum participation requirements. Course fee: $250.00 per use plus facilitator fee PER DAY. Bringing your own, trained facilitator will save the price of one facilitator.

  • Up to 12 participants (1 facilitator): $200.00
  • 13-24 participants (2 facilitators): $400.00
  • 25-36 participants (3 facilitators): $600.00

For more information, contact Jennifer Ricketts-Swales


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