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Deputy Devine Leacock

Devine Leacock
Deputy Sheriff, Cattaraugus County Sheriff’s Office
School Resource Officer, CA BOCES Alternative Education.
I have served with the department since 2006.

So, how did I get in the position I am currently in? Well, it wasn’t easy! At a young age, I always wanted to get into law enforcement for personal reasons, but in my teenage years I was very insecure on whether I had what it takes to become an officer. My junior year, I went to the CTE Center for Criminal Justice and I met Todd McLaughlin (Instructor for the Criminal Justice class). He was able to bring out the best in me! You’re probably asking yourself what is that? Mr. McLaughlin was able to build my confidence by continually encouraging me, even when I believed my work was not good enough! He never gave up on me! Mr. McLaughlins’ delivery in the Criminal Justice class appealed to me, which in turn encouraged me to continue with the dream of one day becoming an officer. Upon graduation, I stayed in contact with Mr. McLaughlin while in college. He encouraged me to get my NY State Security License. Upon completion, I was hired full-time by Wilmorite Security at a Mall in Henrietta, NY. As a security guard, I was happy to feel that I belonged, and I was able to make a difference in the lives of many. In a short time, I became a supervisor. In my new role, I met Deputy Carl Johantgen of the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office. We definitely connected, and worked well together. One day while he was processing an individual for a petit larceny from a store, he said “Devine why are you still here?”I told him, “…the job was not done until the individual was off the property.” Deputy Johangten, smiled and said ” Devine, you didn’t answer my question. Why are you still here?” I said to make a difference? Deputy Johangten said “Devine you’re very smart and you could do more to make a difference….” A few months later, I took 2 different civil service tests.
One day, while chasing a shoplifter, I received a call from the Cattaraugus County Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Whitcomb requested I come to his office to have a meeting for the possibility to enter the police academy. The meeting went very well. In 2005, I entered the academy and graduated in the spring of 2006. As for my experience, I began my career as the SRO at the Pioneer Central School District. I was reassigned to the casino division in 2010 due to funding. During my five years assigned to the casino division, my assignment was to patrol the Seneca Allegany Reservation. In June 2015, I was selected by the Allegany-Limestone Central School District to become the SRO. In July of 2018, I was reassigned to be the SRO for CA BOCES Alternative Education. So, here I am now, Deputy Sheriff with the Cattaraugus County Sheriff’s Office and the School Resource Officer for CA-BOCES. Mr.Todd McLauglin planted the seed of encouragement to help me believe in myself when I did not! Todd McLaughlin, thank you for your continued support in my life! BOCES CTE thank you, for providing a wide range of job skills to young adults to be successful!