Integrated Academics and Early Entry CTE

Do I take math, science, and ELA at CTE? …YES!

High-quality CTE programs ensure that coursework is simultaneously aligned to rigorous academic standards and postsecondary expectations. CTE programs use applied, contextual learning to help students see the relevance of what they are learning and its connection to career opportunities and life goals. These programs also provide innovative options for supporting students with different learning styles.

CTE programs have a fundamental advantage because they are modeled closely after real careers students may one day enter. The students can readily demonstrate the answer to questions such as “How am I ever going to use this?” and “Why should I learn this?”. Reading, written communications, listening, speaking and mathematical reasoning (with problem solving) are embedded in careers.

Academic and CTE teachers work together to parallel their coursework and jointly teach cross-disciplinary projects that tackle real-world problems.

Examples of Integrated Academics:

  • Science – Biology, Chemistry (some for college credit), and Physics concepts are learned and utilized in many of the CTE areas. Anatomy and Physiology are extensively covered as well. The students are using scanning electron microscope, AFM (Atomic Force Microscope) and nanotechnology concepts to discover more about their specific tech areas.
  • Math – Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Algebra 2, and Pre-calculus concepts, are taught and integrated into the lessons and hands on applications.
  • ELA – The students use various technologies to create presentations, portfolios, and inventories. The students create a viable professional portfolio that includes a cover letter, resume, references, examples of their work-based learning experiences both in and out of the center.
  • Students are also taught technical writing, customer communication skills, professional vocabulary, grammar and editing skills.

Getting ready for the world – Early Entry CTE

Early Entry CTE is designed to reinforce employability and academic skills. This program provides students the opportunity to develop the skills and work habits they will need to succeed in work and life after high school. This program supports the needs of students who are having difficulty connecting traditional academic instruction to practical application and process. Content is structured around CTE skills and activities, which are used to teach and reinforce CDOS and academic skills, including ELA, Math, Science, and Technology. This program focuses on preparing students for CTE programs or entry level employment. Students enrolled in Early Entry CTE will have the option to earn a .5 health credit along with a 1.0 math credit as determined by the District.