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County Government Students to Host Walk-A-Thon Fundraiser Event

Olean, NY – November 5, 2020 –

Two-Mile Walk to Benefit the Stop Soldier Suicide Foundation

November 11, 2020

Ellicottville American Legion

10:00 am – 2:00 pm.


Please contact County Government teacher, John Butler, for more information:


The County Government Student Intern program, through CA BOCES, is a hands-on learning experience for high school seniors that exposes them to the processes of county government.  Student meet one day each week with a county government teacher who facilitates their learning through discussions and debates on current events, guest speakers, and county government department presentations. This fall, students from Allegany-Limestone, Cattaraugus-Little Valley, Ellicottville, and Randolph Central are participating in the program.

CA BOCES Administrator Receives State-Wide Leadership Honor

Olean, NY – September 17, 2020 – CA BOCES Assistant Superintendent for Instructional Support Services, Tim Cox, was recently named the 2020 recipient of the Jane Bullowa S/CDN Service and Leadership Award by the New York State Staff/Curriculum Development Network (S/CDN).


Established in 2014, the award recognizes outstanding individuals whose accomplishments have improved the field of education in areas of innovation, quality of services to students, and impact on administrator preparation. Jane Bullowa, the inspiration for the award, was a long-standing member of S/CDN and inspired the educational community in Ulster County for more than 37 years. 

Cox has been serving the regional educational community for the past 23 years. Prior to his Assistant Superintendent role for CA BOCES, he was the Director for Instructional Support Services, Program Manager for Schools Attuned, and a Staff Specialist for Instructional Excellence, all at CA BOCES. He was also a teacher for the Wellsville Central School District. He has been heavily involved in the Advancing STEM science kit program and has acted as a National Schools Attuned Facilitator for All Kinds of Minds. Cox has facilitated professional learning in Neurodevelopmental Understanding, Curriculum Mapping, Technology Integration, NYS Assessment Implementation, Data Analysis, and Differentiated Instruction. He earned his Certificate in Advanced Study in Educational Leadership from SUNY College at Brockport, his M.S in Reading and Literacy from Alfred University, and his B.S. in Elementary Education from Houghton College.

Scott Payne, CA BOCES District Superintendent, said that he is proud of the recent recognition. “On a daily basis, I see the energy and commitment that Tim puts into all tasks – large and small,” he said. “It is a great honor for Tim to be recognized in such a way by colleagues throughout New York State and we are so proud to have him on the CA BOCES team.”

CA BOCES Career & Technical Education Programs Receive National Accreditation

Ellicottville, NY – The CA BOCES Career & Technical Education (CTE) division recently received national recognition and accreditation for two programs – Power Equipment Technology and Heavy Equipment Operations – through the Associated Equipment Distributors Foundation.


Associated Equipment Distributors (AED) is an international trade association representing over 800 construction equipment distributors, manufacturers, and industry-service firms. The AED Foundation focuses on growing the future workforce through professional education and accreditation of programs at both the high school and college levels.


As part of the accreditation process for both programs, a thorough program analysis by an industry task force is required along with an audit of how the work in the program meets the AED Foundation’s National Technical Standards. Local sponsoring equipment dealer, Anderson Equipment, also participated in the program accreditation process.


David Thiel, CA BOCES Power Equipment Technology Instructor, said that he is excited for the benefits that students will receive because of the recognition. “This program recognition lasts for five years and will provide industry credentials for students, available advanced training, along with scholarship opportunities.”


Assistant Superintendent for Career and Technical Education, Jim Schifley, said that the accreditation will be another useful tool for students as they head to future education and/or the workforce. “All of our CTE programs focus on future career opportunities for students,” he said. “A “stamp” of quality and rigor like this only stands to create more opportunities for the students at CA BOCES.”

CA BOCES To Launch Scholastic Esports League to 22 New York School Districts with Support of NASEF

Olean, NY – August 17, 2020 – The Cattaraugus-Allegany BOCES in Olean, NY, is launching a program to leverage the appeal of esports for meaningful career education connected to regional and national video game tournaments. The CA-BOCES Scholastic Esports League (CASEL) will be an affiliate of the North America Scholastic Esports Federation (NASEF).


The esports industry is booming, and students are excited to play in video game tournaments and to pursue related STEM careers. NASEF’s programs, curriculum, and expertise are offered completely free to enable educators tap that student excitement for meaningful learning.


Through NASEF, students learn about possible career pathways, enter Beyond the Game creative and analytic challenges, manage clubs and events and fundraising – and yes, compete in tournaments. There is strong demand from schools to develop an official esports program, and Cattaraugus-Allegany leadership carefully evaluated options to provide students with a meaningful opportunity.


Educational Focus the Key to New Program


“When our component school districts asked us to help them get involved with esports, we weren’t really sure what we were getting into. After a quick search, we found ourselves looking into HSEL and PlayVS. Honestly, if you just want to get involved with organized gaming, those leagues aren’t necessarily a bad choice; however, NASEF is so much more,” said Mary Morris, Program Manager for Student Programs. “Much like our approach at CA BOCES, NASEF is all about the student experience, and scholastic esports is the means. Whether we’re talking about the standards-aligned curriculum, the Beyond the Game challenges, or the organized game play, we couldn’t be more excited about the affiliation between NASEF and the CA BOCES Scholastic Esports League.”


CASEL will kick off its affiliation by sharing NASEF scholastic esports curriculum with its 22 component school districts to help the formation of esports clubs. The Student Programs team will coordinate and schedule scrimmages and regular game matches for each season, and they plan to host regional tournaments in Rocket League and League of Legends and will include “Beyond the Game” challenges as well.


CASEL will support component school districts through an “Esports Coach Forum” with a regional coach provided by NASEF. They will also offer professional development to teachers in the region as they implement this novel esports scholastic curriculum.


“Scholastic esports offers a unique opportunity to reach students in the heart of their interests. Our top-notch staff has helped schools across North America implement scholastic esports. We’re thrilled to extend our philanthropy and offer that same opportunity, at no cost, to students in the Cattaraugus-Allegany region,” said Gerald Solomon, founder of NASEF and executive director of the Samueli Foundation.


CASEL has an impressive roster of local leaders who will collaborate with NASEF to bring this innovative program to schools and educators in its 22 districts:

Tim Cox, Assistant Superintendent for Instructional Support Services at CA BOCES

Mary Morris, Program Manager for Student Programs

Jean Oliverio, Arts & Extra Curricular Events Coordinator

Mark Beckwith, Professional Development and Curriculum Coordinator

Sara Benjamin, Keyboard Specialist

Maggie Redmond, Keyboard Specialist


To learn more about CA BOCES programs, visit Contact Mary Morris for information on the CASEL:


About the North America Scholastic Esports Federation

The North America Scholastic Esports Federation is working to ensure that ALL students possess the knowledge and skills needed to be society’s game changers: educated, productive, and empathetic individuals. NASEF is on a mission to provide opportunities for ALL students to use esports as a platform to acquire critical communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills needed to thrive in work and in life. The Federation’s core values are intertwined through all aspects of education and play: learning, opportunity, community, diversity, and respect.


Learn more at See matches streamed live on our Twitch channel, and join online conversations on Twitter @NASEFedu, or on Facebook and Instagram.


CA BOCES To Host Virtual Reopening Information Sessions

Olean, NY – CA BOCES will host three Reopening Information Sessions for the community. Each information session will be hosted by CA BOCES Administration and will focus on discussion of Reopening plans across all programs and divisions.

Session Schedule:

Friday, August 14 – 11:00 a.m.

Exceptional Education Reopening Zoom Meeting

Monday, August 17 – 3:30 p.m.

Career and Technical Education Reopening Zoom Meeting

Tuesday, August 18 – 4:00 p.m.

CA BOCES Reopening Community Meeting (In-person and Zoom options available)


Attendees can join the meetings through the events section on the main page of the CA BOCES website at and are encouraged to submit questions prior to the event directly on the event page. All New York State social distancing and health guidelines will be followed.


As the regional leader in education services, CA BOCES offers state-of-the-art programs for learners of all ages and abilities as well as cost-effective shared services for 22 component school districts. CA BOCES empowers students to achieve their maximum potential by offering a wide variety of innovative programs and support that include special education, career and technical education, adult and continuing education, technology support, and instructional support services. To learn more, visit:

CA BOCES Announces New Alumni Outreach Program

Olean, NY – June 29, 2020 – CA BOCES recently launched a new alumni outreach program – Alumni Alliance – aimed at strengthening connections between Career & Technical Education (CTE) Alumni and both existing and potential students.


The new program will focus on increased networking between alumni in different fields and CTE students. Additionally, alumni success stories and events focused on career development will be shared. In the near future, an Alumni Wall of Fame will also be established at each CTE Center.


Assistant Superintendent for Career and Technical Education, Jim Schifley, said that the new program will focus mainly on relationship-building. “We have alumni working successfully in many different fields, locally and beyond, and we feel that their insight and advice can be so beneficial for students deciding on the career path that is best for them. In addition, it will give us a chance to applaud our many alumni who have gone on beyond their CTE training to find career success.


Thomasine Graf, CTE Outreach Coordinator at CA BOCES, said that she is pleased with the initial response to the program. “We almost immediately received responses from our alumni – in many different fields – who are willing to share their stories or participate in mentoring for students. Their commitment to CA BOCES, to our students, and to our programs is wonderful.”


CA BOCES CTE Alumni can register for the Alumni Alliance by visiting the CA BOCES website at the Alumni Alliance web page.


As the regional leader in education services, CA BOCES offers state-of-the-art programs for learners of all ages and abilities as well as cost-effective shared services for 22 component school districts. CA BOCES empowers students to achieve their maximum potential by offering a wide variety of innovative programs and support that include special education, career and technical education, adult and continuing education, technology support, and instructional support services. To learn more, visit:

CA BOCES Celebrates Career & Technical Education Graduates

Olean, NY – June 22, 2020 – CA BOCES recently honored Career and Technical Education (CTE) graduates from the CTE Center at Belmont, the CTE Center at Ellicottville, and the CTE Center at Olean through a Virtual Graduation Ceremony on Friday, June 19, 2020.


CA BOCES Career and Technical Education Center at Belmont


2020 Award Winners


Career and Technical Education Scholarship – Tayler Bedow, Cosmetology, Fillmore; Madison Graham, Culinary Arts, Andover; Allison Goodrich, Early Childhood, Scio; Teagin Brandes, Natural Resources, Wellsville


Memorial Welding Scholarship – Mason Rose, Fillmore


Nicole Pangburn Scholarship – Margaret Schiralli, Culinary Arts, Bolivar Richburg


Ian G. Bole Memorial Scholarship – Reanna Plyler, Pre-Engineering, Wellsville


Kolby Geffers Memorial Scholarship – Dennis Deck, Welding, Bolivar Richburg


Ted Hopkins CTE Scholarship – Teagin Brandes, Natural Resources, Wellsville


Diploma Presentations


Animal Science – Hailie Cantrell, Bolivar Richburg; Deann Evens, Wellsville; Makayla Kreamer, Bolivar Richburg; Elise Petrichick, Genesee Valley; Stephanie Rouse, Wellsville; Junelle Shaw, Belfast; Ashley Taylor, Cuba Rushford; Alyssa Theodore, Friendship; Ashley Ordway, Wellsville


Automotive Technology – Seth Bowen, Wellsville; Chase Buchholz, Cuba Rushford; Carl Finnemore, Scio; Nathanial Johnson, Cuba Rushford; Robert Turybury, Bolivar Richburg


Carpentry and Construction Trades – Preston Chapman, Wellsville; Brennan Dontje, Genesee Valley;

Jakobe Gordon, Friendship; Philip Hess, Fillmore; Blake Hewitt, Friendship; Dakota Mattern, Bolivar Richburg; Melissa McStraw, Adult; Zach Olver, Fillmore; Ethan Peet, Fillmore; Tyler Reynolds, Andover; Barbara White, Adult


Collision Repair Technology – Brandon Bestine, Wellsville; Alexander Brandes, Wellsville; Jennifer Button, Whitesville; Riley Cummings, Friendship; Tyler Curcio, Belfast; Tyler Dreibelbis, Wellsville; Joel Hutchison, Cuba Rushford; Owen Neudeck, Bolivar Richburg;  Gaven Thompson, Fillmore; William Valentine IV, Fillmore


Cosmetology – Tayler Bedow, Fillmore; Addison Cavanaugh, Bolivar Richburg; Jessica Holmes, Fillmore; Jordon McDonald, Bolivar Richburg; Taylor Shaw, Portville; Erin Spicer,  Wellsville; Sarah Tarby, Bolivar Richburg


Criminal Justice – Harold Bennett, Bolivar Richburg; Nicholas Billings, Whitesville; Hunter Brodman, Genesee Valley; Amber Bucher, Bolivar Richburg; Robert Burkhard, Cuba Rushford; Caleb Caiazza, Belfast; Skylar Coleman, Cuba Rushford; Madison Cowles, Bolivar Richburg; Edward Dakins, Bolivar Richburg; Kayla Day, Wellsville; Hunter Enders, Belfast; Meagan Gaylord, Wellsville; Jeffery Gore, Cuba Rushford; Noah Greene, Andover; Ryan Hall, Wellsville; Gabriel Halsey, Andover; Nathaniel Hurd, Belfast; Wyatt Hyer, Wellsville; Daniel Kane, Wellsville; Foster Latner, Wellsville; Nathan Miller, Friendship; Megan Murray, Scio; Isabelle Ordway, Genesee Valley; Paiden Price, Whitesville; Cynthia Shipman, Genesee Valley; Derek Tronetti, Scio; Dominic Tronetti, Scio; Caleb Webster, Scio

Culinary Arts – Dale Ableidinger, Wellsville; Rhiannon Brown, Andover; Kelsie Donnelly, Andover; Mackenzie Fimbel, Bolivar Richburg; Carissa Finnemore, Bolivar Richburg; Moses Gertzen, Andover; Madison Graham, Andover; Shana Harrington, Andover; Khayla Joy, Cuba Rushford; Barbara Palmer, Adult; Margaret Schiralli, Bolivar Richburg; Micah Whitehouse, Wellsville; Tyrone Fields-Johnson, Wellsville


Early Childhood – Seth Bogart, Friendship; Allison Goodrich, Scio; Taylor M Hale, Friendship; Cloey Kranock, Cuba Rushford; Cecelia Reitnauer, Andover; Dimitria Shepherd, Wellsville


Media Communications Tech – Cotie Austin, Belfast; Greyson Bean, Bolivar Richburg; Devin Beckwith, Scio; Ethan Burke, Genesee Valley; Trevor Clark, Genesee Valley; Daniel Colter, Fillmore; McKayla Cross, Belfast; Jared Emmons, Fillmore; Catherine Farrell, Bolivar Richburg; Jacob Ford, Bolivar Richburg; Ford Hamilton, Fillmore; Kyle Howell, Scio; Taylor Jackson, Canisteo Greenwood; Denver Johnson, Bolivar Richburg; Brandon Klatt, Fillmore; Adam  MacLeod, Wellsville; Jacob McDonald, Bolivar Richburg; Braden McKinley, Portville; Sebastian Merrill, Fillmore; Grace Musingo, Genesee Valley; Fiona Pope, Bolivar Richburg; Maylynn Skinner, Friendship; Kendra Stebbins, Whitesville;

Grady Terhune, Andover


Medical Assisting – Caileigh Bump, Genesee Valley; Makayla Cabeza, Wellsville; Michaela Edmister, Genesee Valley; Makayla Edwards, Wellsville; Mehgan Force, Scio; Hailey Herring, Genesee Valley; Trinity Hinckley, Cuba Rushford; Taylor Hunt, Andover; Kimberly Johnson,  Genesee Valley; Paige Johnson, Fillmore; Zoey McMichael, Andover; Hayleigh Niedermaier, Andover; Taylor Prentice, Genesee Valley; Nicole Spohn, Friendship


Natural Resources – Teagin Brandes, Wellsville; Garrett Button, Wellsville; Easton Cahill, Fillmore; MacKinze Delill, Whitesville; Joshua Fugatt, Whitesville; Paiton Golish, Wellsville; Joshua Gordon, Cuba Rushford; Camden Graves, Bolivar Richburg; Nathan Hardy, Cuba Rushford; Kameron Mills, Fillmore; Cayden Nickerson, Scio; Jonathan Perry, Cuba Rushford; Cannon Phillips, Genesee Valley; James Piscitelli, Wellsville; Tyler Smith, Bolivar Richburg; Nathaniel Sortore, Friendship; Ethen Stoll, Wellsville;Tyler Thompson, Wellsville; Ayden Wilson, Belfast; Evan Windus, Genesee Valley


New Vision Health Professions – Analiese Babbitt, Scio; Loralai Crawford,  Wellsville; Alexandra Howe, Cuba Rushford; Elijah Legacy, Friendship; Keara Ludu, Wellsville; Griffin Majewski, Wellsville; Bailey Rouse, Cuba Rushford; Charis Ruxton, Friendship; Averi Saulter, Cuba Rushford; Renee Schoonover, Scio; Jesse Slocum, Wellsville; Grace Stolberg, Cuba Rushford; Emily Wahl, Andover; Makayla Whitesell, Andover; Danielle Wolcott, Fillmore


Pre Engineering CADD – Nicolas Freeman II, Fillmore; Gabriel Grossman, Andover; Andrew Hotchkiss, Fillmore; Reanna Plyler, Wellsville


Welding Metal Fabrication – Addison Babbitt, Bolivar Richburg; Chase Bernard, Fillmore; Colten Buck, Wellsville; Brandon Burdick, Friendship; Cristian Burnell, Genesee Valley; Gabriel Coats, Bolivar Richburg; Austin Davis, Bolivar Richburg; Dennis Deck, Bolivar Richburg; Dustin Gleason, Genesee Valley; Dustin Krygier, Cuba Rushford; Gavyn Neudeck, Bolivar Richburg; Austin Ritchie, Friendship; Mason Rose, Fillmore; Gabriel Snyder, Genesee Valley; Parker Stuck, Wellsville; Joseph Sweet, Genesee Valley; Riley Vohs, Genesee Valley; Robert Whitesell, Whitesville.



CA BOCES Career and Technical Education Center at Ellicottville


2020 Award Winners


UBTA Award for Outstanding Student in their Vocational Class

Animal Science – Heidi Estabrook, Pioneer; Automotive Technology – Daniel Palmateer, Pioneer; Carpentry & Construction Trades – Joshua Hunt, Central Baptist Christian School; Collision Repair Technology – Cody Harvey, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Cosmetology – Brooke Wagatha, Big Picture/Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Criminal Justice – Olivia Smith, Franklinville; Culinary Arts – Julia Sanders, Pioneer; Early Childhood Education – Abigail Papke, Pioneer; Heavy Equipment Operations – Samuel Giardini, Allegany-Limestone; Media Communications – Sandra Hebdon, West Valley; Medical Assisting – McKenzie Martin, Franklinville; Natural Resources – John Giardini, Allegany-Limestone; Power Equipment Technology – Joshua Beres, Springville G.I.; Welding & Metal Fabrication – Chandler Miles, Pioneer.

American Red Cross Award – Carol Pilling, Medical Assisting, Pioneer.

BOCES Educational Support Personnel Association (BESPA) Scholarship – Aaron George, Heavy Equipment Operations, Salamanca.

CCSE Federal Credit Union/Lauri Urbanski Scholarship – Justin Seltzer, Power Equipment Technology, West Valley.

Emiline Scurr Memorial Scholarship (Cosmetology) – Carmen Mason, Salamanca.

Jamestown Business College Entrepreneurial Award – Brooke Wagatha, Cosmetology, Big Picture/Cattaraugus-Little Valley.

Kirk Rowland Memorial Award – Davis Mesch, Power Equipment Technology, Springville G.I.; Gabriel Hauri, Power Equipment Technology, Ellicottville.

Matthew McGuinness Memorial Award – Hunter Barber, Power Equipment Technology, Randolph.

Randolph Auto Supply Outstanding Student of the Year (Tools) – Christian Andrews, Collision Repair, Randolph.

Perfect Attendance for 1 Year – Dennis Butinski, Carpentry & Construction Trades, Adult; Samuel Giardini, Heavy Equipment Operations, Allegany-Limestone; Carson Roth, Heavy Equipment Technology, Pioneer; Brianna Gasper, Media Communications, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Joseph Bugary, Power Equipment Technology, Springville G.I.; Hunter Carr, Power Equipment Technology, Springville G.I.; Nathaniel Ploetz, Power Equipment Technology, Ellicottville.

Future Farmers of America Members – Cheyenne Cummings, Pioneer; Kay Dechow, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Ila Decker, Pioneer; Stephen Delano, Adult; Heidi Estabrook, Pioneer; Samantha Frasso, Randolph; Elsie Harvey, Randolph; Hudson Hoag, Salamanca; Kyle Hunt, Salamanca; Katlynn Johnson, Randolph; Johanna Molik, Pioneer; Allison Sharp, Randolph; Kawliga Stahlman, Salamanca; Erin Yocum, Pioneer.

National Technical Honor Society 2019 Members – Amanda Graham, Cosmetology, Randoloph; Olivia Smith, Criminal Justice, Franklinville; Abigail Papke, Early Childhood, Pioneer; Megan Stuve, Early Childhood, Ellicottville; Brianna Gasper, Media  Communications, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Sandra Hebdon, Media Communications, West Valley; Cyrene Moore, Media Communications, Ellicottville; Olivia Harder, Medical Assisting, Pioneer; McKenzie Martin, Medical Assisting, Franklinville; Audra Perkins, Medical Assisting, Ellicottville.

Skills USA Members – Elsie Harvey, Animal Science, Randolph; Katlynn Johnson, Animal Science, Randolph; Daniel Briggs, Automotive Technology, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Daniel Palmateer, Automotive Technology, Pioneer; Cody Harvey, Collision Repair, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Paige White, Collision Repair, Pioneer; Amanda Graham, Cosmetology, Randolph; Brianna Hackett, Cosmetology, Pioneer; Kaytelynn Hackett, Cosmetology, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Jenna Hitchcock, Cosmetology, Pioneer; Donovan Logan, Cosmetology, Pioneer; Madison Marsh, Cosmetology, Pioneer; Carmen Mason, Cosmetology, Salamanca; Brianna Stutzman, Cosmetology, Pioneer; Brooke Wagatha, Cosmetology, Big Picture/Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Olivia Smith, Criminal Justice, Franklinville; Aiden Spencer, Criminal Justice, Pioneer; Haylee Coulter, Early Childhood, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Abigail Papke, Early Childhood, Pioneer; Megan Stuve, Early Childhood, Ellicottville; Samuel Giardini, Heavy Equipment Operations, Allegany-Limestone; Timothy Jedrosko, Heavy Equipment Operations, Allegany-Limestone; Megan Steward, Medical Assisting, Ellicottville; Hunter Barber, Power Equipment Technology, Randolph; Kaleb Bowers-Seekins, Power Equipment Technology, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Gabriel Hauri, Power Equipment Technology, Ellicottville; Nathaniel Ploetz, Power Equipment Technology, Ellicottville; Justin Seltzer, Power Equipment Technology, West Valley; Dyllan Barber, Welding/Metal Fabrications, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Jacob Freer, Welding/Metal Fabrications, Franklinville; Chandler Miles, Welding/Metal Fabrications, Pioneer; Michael Riggle, Welding/Metal Fabrications, Cattaraugus-Little Valley.

Skills USA Regional Winners at Alfred – Amanda Graham, 1st place Nail Tech Randolph (contestant) and Madison Marsh Pioneer (model); Brooke Wagatha, 1st place Esthetics Big Picture/Cattaraugus-Little Valley (contestant) and Carmen Mason Salamanca (model); Abigail Papke, 2nd place Early Childhood Pioneer; Samuel Giardini, 1st place Heavy Equipment Operations Allegany-Limestone; Hunter Barber, 1st place Job Demo Randolph (Power Equipment Technology student); Gabriel Hauri, 2nd place Power Equipment Ellicottville.


Diploma Presentations


Animal Science – Cheyenne Cummings, Pioneer; Kay Dechow, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Ila Decker, Pioneer; Stephen Delano, Adult; Heidi Estabrook, Pioneer; Samantha Frasso, Randolph; Elsie Harvey, Randolph; Hudson Hoag, Salamanca; Kyle Hunt, Salamanca; Katlynn Johnson, Randolph; Johanna Molik, Pioneer; Allison Sharp, Randolph; Kawliga Stahlman, Salamanca; Erin Yocum, Pioneer.

Automotive Technology – Joseph Abbinanti, Pioneer; Daniel Briggs, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; MacKenzie Dashnaw, Pioneer; Travis Demond, Salamanca; Tyler Ely, Pioneer; Kevin Harrington, Franklinville; Dylan Muntz, Randolph; Daniel Palmateer, Pioneer; Trent Strauch, Salamanca; Makayla Tarr, Big Picture/Ellicottville.

Carpentry and Construction Trades – Dennis Butinski, Adult; Austin Guy, Randolph; Hunter Halgas, Franklinville; Gabriel Holland, Central Baptist Christian School; Joshua Hunt, Central Baptist Christian School; Chloe Martinek, Randolph; Korbyn Potts, Franklinville; Skyler Taylor, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Jacob Virga, Central Baptist Christian School.

Collision Repair Technology – Nicholas Ainsworth, Franklinville; Christian Andrews, Randolph; Karlee Gagnon, Pioneer; Cody Harvey, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Kyle Ludwig, Pioneer; Paige White, Pioneer; Abraham Wilson, Salamanca.

Cosmetology – Camryn Earley, Ellicottville; Amanda Graham, Randolph; Brianna Hackett, Pioneer; Kaytelynn Hackett, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Jenna Hitchcock, Pioneer; Donovan Logan, Pioneer; Madison Marsh, Salamanca; Brianna Stutzman, Pioneer; Brooke Wagatha, Big Picture/Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Amber Wick, Cattaraugus/Little Valley.

Criminal Justice – Dominic Biscaro, Pioneer; Dakota Brown, Pioneer; Shane Cope, Central Baptist Christian School; Sierra Folts, West Valley; Sully Higgins, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Christian Hudzinski, Pioneer; Blake Milks, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Oliva Smith, Franklinville; Aiden Spencer, Pioneer.

Culinary Arts – James Bogue, Ellicottville; Anastacia Miller, Randolph; Julia Sanders, Pioneer; Jasmine Smith, Salamanca.

Early Childhood and Human Services – Star Cappiello, Pioneer; Haylee Coulter, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Kaylee Craumer, Salamanca; Abigail Papke, Pioneer; Alexis Stockwell, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Megan Stuve, Ellicottville; McKenzie Welch, Franklinville.

Early Entry CTE – Raeanne Dayton, Pioneer; Kayleen Kidd, Pioneer; Michael Polek, Pioneer.

Heavy Equipment Operations – William Boon, Salamanca; Carter Crane, Salamanca; Hunter Ercolani, Salamanca; Alex Finch, Randolph; Aaron George, Salamanca; Samuel Giardini, Allegany/Limestone; Keith Herbst,  West Valley; Patrick Ireland, Allegany/Limestone; Timothy Jedrosko, Allegany/Limestone; Mitchell Landphair, Pioneer; Jacob Letson, Salamanca; Devin Neamon, Franklinville; Korey Rak, Pioneer; Carson Roth, Pioneer; Vincent Sluga, Randolph; Jared Stewart, Pioneer; Hunter Stoltz, Salamanca.

Media Communications – Dakota Bates, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Alex Bennett, Salamanca; Logan Fuller, Ellicottville; Christopher Galey, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Brianna Gasper, Cattaraugus; Ethan Gilbert, West Valley; Braeden Gorog, Pioneer; Jordan Grinols, Ellicottville; Lucas Harder, Pioneer; Sandra Hebdon, West Valley; Damien Kraft, Franklinville; Cyrene Moore, Ellicottville; Aliyah Mormile, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Lucas Rattigan, Franklinville; Adriana Roblee, West Valley; Reena Stuve, Ellicottville; Jacob Tonello, Springville G.I.; John Vail, Pioneer.

Medical Assisting – Wolfgang Brauen, Pioneer; Faith Fridman, Pioneer; Olivia Harder, Pioneer; Renee Harvey, Randolph; Amy Lawrence, Pioneer; Lauren Lowe, Big Picture/Salamanca; McKenzie Martin, Franklinville; Alexandria Murphy, Randolph; Audra Perkins, Ellicottville; Carol Pilling, Pioneer; Megan Steward, Randolph; Hailey Vickman, Pioneer.

Natural Resources – Brandon Barniak, Springville G.I.; Kristen Brown, Springville G.I.; Nicholas Burroughs, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Jacob Cieszynski, Springville G.I.; Ryan Dixon, Allegany/Limestone; Hunter Furl, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; John Giardini, Allegany/Limestone; Charles Jennings, Franklinville; Caiden Kittle, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Nicholas Mangano, Springville G.I.; Brock Moshier, Allegany/Limestone; Alex Priest, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Peter Priester, Springville G.I.; Amanda Schroeder, Springville G.I.; Thomas Vanderbosch, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Nicholas Williams, Cattaraugus/Little Valley.

Power Equipment Technology – Hunter Barber, Randolph; Joshua Beres, Springville G.I.; Kaleb Bowers-Seekins, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Joseph Bugary, Springville G.I.; Hunter Carr, Springville G.I.; Aaron Doyle, Pioneer; Gabriel Hauri, Ellicottville; Davis Mesch, Springville G.I.; Vincent Pascarella, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Nathaniel Ploetz, Ellicottville; Wesley Quattrone, Allegany/Limestone; Justin Seltzer, West Valley; Seth Weinman, Allegany/Limestone.

Welding and Metal Fabrication – Caleb Adamic, Ellicottville; Dyllan Barber, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Elijah Cook, Salamanca; Jacob Freer, Franklinville; Robert Gebhard, Randolph; Michael Guerin, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Chandler Miles, Pioneer; Jayden Nelson, Franklinville; Jordan Peplinski, Ellicottville; Michael Riggle, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Jacob Rust, Ellicottville; Richard Slaugenhaupt II, Adult.



CA BOCES Career and Technical Education Center at Olean


2020 Award Winners


UBTA Teachers Association Outstanding Student Awards:

Animal Science – Cecilia Ruszkowski, Olean

Audio Visual Production – Kyle Griffin, Allegany-Limestone

Automotive Technology– Derek Mikolajczyk, Portville

Collision Repair Technology – Thomas Whittacker, Hinsdale

Cosmetology – Corissa Cousins, Portville

Criminal Justice – Dylan Booker, Allegany-Limestone

Culinary Arts – Eric Perkins, Portville

Early Childhood Education/Human Services– Amelia Mascioni, Allegany-Limestone

Media Communications Technology– Tyler Burkett, Portville

Medical Professions– Makayla Perez-Morales, Hinsdale

New Vision-Health Professions – Kaitlyn Higby, Allegany-Limestone

Product Design and Manufacturing – Nolan Hurlburt, Olean

Welding and Metal Fabrication– Zayne Tarr, Portville


Outstanding Students by the Home School:

Allegany Limestone – Katelynn Miller

Hinsdale– Charles Struble

Olean – Madison Kirby

Portville– Kirsten Burton


Nicholas J. Pecone Memorial Award:   Savanna Wilson, Hinsdale



Diploma Presentations


* Signifies students graduating with Technical Endorsement


Animal Science – Instructor – Mrs. Lynn Telaak – *Kirsten, Burton, Portville; *Garrett Chase, Olean;  *Lydia Hendrix, Olean;  *Allen Kenjockety, Hinsdale; *Cecilia Ruszkowski, Olean; *Maggie Swartwout, Portville; *Savanna, Wilson, Hinsdale


Audio Visual Production – Instructor – Mr. Cory NedellSayber Cashimer, Olean; *Dustyn Green, Allegany-Limestone; *Kyle Griffin, Allegany-Limestone; *Charles Struble, Hinsdale; *Emma Valentin, Olean; *Sylvan Withey, Olean

Automotive Technology –  Instructor – Mr. Joshua WilcoxJeremiah Crivelli, Olean; Ethan Cross, Allegany-Limestone; Blaze Harrison, Allegany-Limestone; William Kelley, Olean; Dillan Leavitt, Olean; Nathaniel McClain, Olean; *Derek Mikolajczyk, Portville; Bradey Moore, Olean; *Jaret Shearer, Olean; Vincent Sterner, Olean; Justin Warner, Olean

Collision Repair and Auto Body Technology – Instructor – Mr. Max Gross Thomas Whittaker, Hinsdale

Cosmetology – Instructor – Mrs. Janet Filips *Corissa Cousins, Portville; *Katelynn Miller, Allegany-Limestone; *Jordyn Wiley, Allegany-Limestone

Criminal Justice – Instructor – Mr. Jordan Abdo – Jeremy App II, Olean; *Dylan Booker, Allegany-Limestone; *Chad Carlson, Allegany-Limestone; *Trinity Cramer, Allegany-Limestone; *Jermiah Decker, Hinsdale; *Cyrus Edwards, Allegany-Limestone; *Nicholas Jones, Allegany-Limestone; *Kaitlynn Roberson, Hinsdale; *Kailey Rowland, Hinsdale; *Tyler Rung, Portville; *Brendan Thurston, Olean; *Joshua Tuttle, Hinsdale; *Austin Vitaro, Olean; *Neleha Wiedemann, Portville

Culinary Arts – Instructor – Mr. Edward Waddell – Anthony Barksdale, Adult; Victoria Irons, Adult; Robin Merritt, Adult; *Eric Perkins, Portville; Deborah Scott, Adult; *Brayen Tascone, Olean; Denise Turner, Adult

Early Childhood Education and Human Services – Instructor – Mrs. June O’Connell –  *Gabriella Carmona, Allegany-Limestone; Jake Carpenter, Olean; *Sydnie Ellman, Olean; *Ainslie Gardner, Portville; *Cassandra Hurd, Allegany-Limestone; *Julie Kuhn, Portville; *Amelia Mascioni, Allegany-Limestone; *Parker Page, Portville; *Rieley Scott, Olean; *Arielle Vaughn, Olean

Media Communication Technology – Instructor – Mrs. Amber Christensen –   Gavin Babb, Hinsdale; Jerimiah Billingsly, Olean; *Tyler Burkett, Portville; Ryan Byrne, Olean; *Thomas Dorenkamper, Allegany-Limestone; *Bradic Gilman, Allegany-Limestone; *Natalie Karnuth, Portville; Belladara Mondo, Olean; *Makenzie Rossman, Olean;  *Christopher Selph, Hinsdale; *Cheyenne Smith, Olean; *Aaron Vandamme, Allegany-Limestone;  *Ethan Woolston, Hinsdale

Medical Professions –  Instructor – Mrs. Susan Searl – *Damani Crolle II, Olean; *Kaitlen Darcy, Hinsdale; *Kaitlynn Ensell, Olean; *Gage Gardner, Olean; *Harlee Howard, Portville; *Kelly Karnuth, Portville;  Madison Kirby, Olean; *Dylan Main, Portville; *Magnus Mason, Allegany-Limestone; *Gabrielle Pasquale, Portville; *Makayla Perez-Morales, Hinsdale; *Keegan Rowland, Hinsdale; *Shannen Stein, Portville;  *Michael Stillman, Portville; *Paige Tomljenovich, Hinsdale

New Vision – Health Professions Instructor – Mrs. Jennifer Militello Tawnie Bowers, Franklinville; Brookelinn Garey, Olean; Benjamin Giardini, Allegany-Limestone; Megan Hartsell, Ellicottville; Danielle Haskell, Franklinville; Kaitlyn Higby, Allegany-Limestone; Madelyn Hoffman, Olean; Mikayla King, Allegany-Limestone; Daniel Klein, Olean; Emmy Li, Allegany-Limestone; Arhum Rabbani, Olean; Gabrielle Schulze, Olean; Alyssa Spring, Allegany-Limestone; Jillian Stevens, Olean; Shilpa Thandla, Allegany-Limestone

Product Design and Manufacturing – Instructor – Mr. James Hilyer – Sabin Barber, Olean; *Malachi Cleveland, Allegany-Limestone; *Nolan Hurlburt, Olean; *Jason Karroach, Allegany-Limestone; *Jonah Meacham, Allegany-Limestone; Alek Shubert, Olean

Welding and Metal Fabrication – Instructor – Mr. Richard Phinney – *Austin Beaver, Portville;  William Burton, Olean; *Dylan George, Allegany-Limestone; Tyler Morris, Portville; Hunter Saltsman, Portville; Zayne Tarr, Portville; Dalton Tobola, Portville; Izayah  Wilber, Hinsdale

CA BOCES To Host Virtual CTE Graduation Ceremony

Olean, NY – June 15, 2020 – CA BOCES will honor Career and Technical Education (CTE) graduates through a Virtual Graduation Ceremony on Friday, June 19, 2020 starting at 7 p.m.


Students, parents, and the community are invited to view the Virtual Graduation Ceremony by visiting the graduation links on or by visiting the official CA BOCES Facebook page. Videos will be available starting at 7:00 p.m. on June 19 with availability continuing until June 30. Ceremonies for all three centers – Belmont, Ellicottville, and Olean – will be available for individual viewing. All official graduation materials and diplomas will be sent to each student’s home address or will be delivered by CA BOCES staff.


As the regional leader in education services, CA BOCES offers state-of-the-art programs for learners of all ages and abilities as well as cost-effective shared services for 22 component school districts. CA BOCES empowers students to achieve their maximum potential by offering a wide variety of innovative programs and support that include special education, career and technical education, adult and continuing education, technology support, and instructional support services. To learn more, visit

CA BOCES Named Cleveland Clinic 2019-2020 Banner School

Olean, NY – May 21, 2020 – CA BOCES was recently named a Cleveland Clinic 2019-2020 Banner School for programming and innovation in its New Vision-Health Professions program.


The Cleveland Clinic Banner Schools program recognizes schools that have gone “above and beyond” in leveraging community resources to advance student learning. To achieve this distinction, the New Vision-Health Professions program had to meet a series of “stringent implementation and participation criteria” that maximizes the student experience. These criteria included student assessments, stakeholder surveys, and program participation in a number of exercises, lessons, and challenges that are a part of the Cleveland Clinic curriculum.


The New Vision-Health Professions program at CA BOCES is a one-year, senior-level, highly academic program that allows students to explore the health care field while gaining high school and college credits. The program provides students the opportunity to learn basic medical concepts and provides exposure to many medical careers and settings. The program also provides accumulation of up to 150 clinical hours in local hospitals/health care facilities. The Banner Schools curriculum and benchmarks was completed in addition to regular student programming.


Jennifer Militello, New Vision-Health Professions teacher, said the Cleveland Clinic programming creates an additional opportunity for student participants. “Our students learn so much about the health care field through the college-level courses that we teach, along with the clinical experiences they see through the local hospitals and various offices they visit. The Cleveland Clinic Worldwide classroom adds so much to their experience by offering them additional opportunities like watching a kidney transplant or a heart valve transplant…and the chance to communicate with these surgeons about their careers and education.”


Bryan Pflaum, Cleveland Clinic Director of School Programs, said: “This year has posed unprecedented challenges to educational organizations across the country and around the world. The resolve, ingenuity, and adaptability you have shown in response to COVID-19 were evident long before this pandemic, however, and have distinguished Cattaraugus Allegany BOCES as a 2019–2020 Cleveland Clinic Banner School. This award recognizes your noteworthy success in leveraging community resources to advance student learning.”


Scott Payne, CA BOCES District Superintendent, said that the recent award is a testament to the quality of the program. “Our New Vision-Health Professions program prepares students for a variety of careers in the medical arena and to have a stamp of quality from an organization like the Cleveland Clinic is truly outstanding. In addition, we are the only educational system representing New York State in this designation, so we take pride in our program success.”


Jim Schifley, CA BOCES Assistant Superintendent for Career and Technical Education Programs said that he is proud of CA BOCES program staff and the level of professionalism that they bring to the program.  “Andrea Hlasnick and Jennifer Militello (from New Vision) are outstanding teachers and I am glad to see their hard work and innovation recognized.”


The Cleveland Clinic is a non-profit academic medical center that provides clinical and hospital care and is a leader in research, education, and health information.


As the regional leader in education services, CA BOCES offers state-of-the-art programs for learners of all ages and abilities as well as cost-effective shared services for 22 component school districts. CA BOCES empowers students to achieve their maximum potential by offering a wide variety of innovative programs and support that include special education, career and technical education, adult and continuing education, technology support, and instructional support services. To learn more, visit

CA BOCES Hosts Virtual Scholastic Challenge

Olean, NY – May 5, 2020 – What do you get when you connect over 80 students, 23 teachers and administrators, 24 CABOCES Instructional Support Services (ISS) staff members, who are miles apart, each safely in their own homes, across 2 counties?

The first ever regional Virtual Scholastic Challenge.


On May 1, twenty teams from twelve area school districts met, virtually, to participate in the Virtual Scholastic Challenge. The Scholastic Challenge is an annual event that is hosted by Cattaraugus-Allegany BOCES. The regional competition that tests students’ knowledge of academic trivia and current events, is typically held as a face-to-face tournament. This year, in response to extended school building closures throughout the region, the competition was held virtually.


42 matches took place over the course of the day, with nearly 1000 questions read aloud.  Teams, made up of 3-4 students each, mastered using an online buzzer system that created fast paced and exciting matches. ISS Digital Resources & Technology Coordinator, Alex Freer, one of the match readers, said that there was such a positive energy amongst all participants: “What a joy to be a part of today!”


Shannon Wood, Franklinville Central School’s coach added, “Please extend our thanks to all of the CA BOCES staff that participated in pulling off the VSC! It was really a great change of pace for the kids!  They look forward to this and you accomplished the new format very smoothly! Thank you for all of your hard work!”


Thank you to the 12 school districts that participated:

  • Belfast Central School, coached by Aran Heaney
  • Cuba-Rushford Central School, coached by Tom Kenyon
  • Ellicottville Central School, coached by Ann Chamberlain and Blair Wood
  • Fillmore Central School, coached by Bill Kelley
  • Franklinville Central School, coached by Shannon Wood
  • Genesee Valley Central School, coached by Sarah Horne, Kim Douglas, Cynthia Emrich
  • Hinsdale Central School, coached by Sara Centanni
  • Olean City Schools, coached by Mike Martel and Cait Butler
  • Portville Central School, coached by Gene Rogers
  • Scio Central School, coached by Tammy Straight
  • Wellsville Central School, coached by Diane Willard and Hope Gilfert
  • Whitesville Central School, coached by Alex Lipnicki


Congratulations to the 4 teams that scored the highest number of points at the end of 4 matches:

  • Junior (grades 6-9) Finals match: Whitesville (1st place) and Wellsville (2nd place)
  • Senior (grades 9-12) Finals match: Ellicottville (1st place) and Fillmore (2nd place)


Virtual scrimmages for were held for three weeks prior to the May 1 competition.


Tim Cox, Assistant Superintendent for ISS said he was pleased with the event and felt that it helped unify both students and staff. “It’s events like this that really bring our region together…especially now.”


As the regional leader in education services, CA BOCES offers state-of-the-art programs for learners of all ages and abilities as well as cost-effective shared services for 22 component school districts. CA BOCES empowers students to achieve their maximum potential by offering a wide variety of innovative programs and support that include special education, career and technical education, adult and continuing education, technology support, and instructional support services. To learn more, visit


CA BOCES Technology: The Essential Link for Rural School Districts

Olean, NY – April 30, 2020 –

Back in late February, before regional school closings and executive orders had been issued and before social distancing was a household phrase, Cattaraugus-Allegany BOCES District Superintendent, Scott Payne, started running scenarios and planning – a difficult task when you are not totally sure of the scale of what you will be planning for. As he watched more and more reports of the impact of COVID-19 throughout New York State and throughout the country, he could sense that something unique and powerful was heading our way. As he, and all school directors and administrators soon learned, it was not only heading our way, but would soon change the face of education, technology, and services provided by the CA BOCES organization and the education sector as a whole.

Like most technology leaders, CA BOCES Director of Information Technology, Michael Graf, knows first-hand that to be successful, you usually need to be a few steps ahead. Along with his team of techs and programmers, Graf immediately had connectivity on his mind. “No matter the scenario, I knew that our own Career and Technical Education (CTE)/Adult Education students and our staff and our component districts would need to be connected online for a good chunk of an extended closure. In all, our service area for our own campuses and 22 school districts encompasses nearly 2,160 square miles, so I knew that would be a challenge all on its own.” Despite the challenge, soon, community Wi-Fi connections were available at CA BOCES campuses in Belmont, Ellicottville, and Olean; districts received guidance and assistance on strengthening their own networks, devices were delivered to staff, students, and component districts, and flash drives were delivered to component districts throughout the region for future student use. “It was a massive undertaking, but our team is very light on its feet, so we were able to accomplish our tasks relatively quickly so students and staff could receive the support they needed.”

In addition to connecting students, CA BOCES staff members were also surveyed for needs, as even larger closures loomed ahead. Graf said, “Making sure students and staff are connected is only one piece of the puzzle. We have many essential staff functions and operations that need to be seamless – both for the CA BOCES organization as a whole and for component districts. So, my team made sure that happened. Again, we are in a predominantly rural area with lots of miles to cover – so maintaining connection and services is of top importance.”

District Superintendent, Payne, maintained constant communication with Superintendents and Administrators from component districts in the days and weeks leading up to and following state-wide closures, to keep a pulse on needs that existed within our wide-spread districts, both in technology and other essential elements of operation. “Leaders at our CA BOCES campuses and in our component districts have been very thoughtful and strategic. They had Emergency Preparedness plans and communication networks already in place – but we focused on providing guidance and support at every turn so all our districts could be as strong as possible. Technology was a big piece of that puzzle.”

While his team was very quickly equipped with the proper tools and connections, Assistant Superintendent for Career and Technical Education Programs (CTE), Jim Schifley, knew a challenge would exist in monitoring and assessing highly technical and “hands-on” projects for CTE students scattered throughout the region. “My team did some brainstorming and while they wanted to focus on gathering information, they also wanted to focus on connection,” he said. “They came up with some really solid ideas that our Tech Team was able to bring to life.” In partnership with the Technology Department Programming staff, a private upload website was created that would allow students to very simply upload all work videos and photos to one central location with CTE staff on the other end. Upon approval, these videos and photos will be shared to CA BOCES social media networks, encouraging further student interaction and connection. Schifley said, “We want to increase that engagement, and adding social media to the mix helps students engage in a way that is meaningful and, quite honestly, most accessible to them.”

Assistant Superintendent for Exceptional Education Programs, Carol Fial, knew for certain that technology would be a key link for connecting her team of hundreds of teachers and specialists to districts and students with varying needs. “We knew that maintaining continuity of instruction, counseling, and specialty services was going to be a challenge, but it was one we knew we had to take on. Our team provides essential services to districts and to our students and making sure they are taken care of is our top priority.” With impending closures, she and her team worked closely with Technology Services to make sure her team was equipped with the devices and connectivity they would need to service rural districts. “We have a wide-spread coverage area and many students to reach,” she said.

In addition to technology in-hand, the CA BOCES Print Shop and the Technology Services team, created an upload app that allowed the entire Exceptional Education staff to load key documents they would need to have in print form to best serve students. From there, the Print Shop team scheduled and executed large-scale print runs and packaging of student resources. Additionally, using another round of software, they routed out the best delivery plan. Michael Graf said that it was a large undertaking, but essential. “This project was massive, but essential for continuation of service and the overall success of students,” he said. “We also had to accomplish this as efficiently as possible and with as few team members as possible to maintain safety; I am highly impressed with our CA BOCES response.”

Another department keenly aware of the role of solid technology integration during the COVID-19 pandemic is Instructional Support Services (ISS) at CA BOCES. Assistant Superintendent for ISS, Tim Cox, and his team, have been a vital training link for CA BOCES instructional staff and for component districts. Immediately upon announcements of closures, his team assembled, ready to provide support. Training on new technology and instructional methods were developed. “We quickly realized that we were not only providing tools – but we also needed to provide support in the skills needed to carry out education in a new environment. We typically have instructional designers spread throughout our communities, but we had to be ready with a new model – and the results have been tremendous.”  In the past weeks, more than 8,000 educators have participated in an ISS training experience. Cox said: “Our training experiences have really helped to close gaps – both in technology expertise and in geographic distance. While we still look for multiple ways to connect, technology has been the thread that has helped hold us all together, whether we are talking about instruction in our CTE programs or in our component districts.”



CA BOCES Donates Supplies to Local Medical Facilities

Olean, NY – April 2, 2020 – With schools closed indefinitely as COVID-19 cases continue to rise in New York, the Cattaraugus-Allegany BOCES (CA BOCES) organization saw an opportunity to help the community, specifically medical facilities in Cattaraugus and Allegany counties, with the donation of a variety of medical supplies.


Currently, many local and state-wide medical facilities are experiencing shortages in protective gear for front-line healthcare workers including masks, gloves, gowns, and cleaning supplies due to the outbreak. Several programs at CA BOCES Career and Technical Education Centers and in the Adult Learning sector focus on the medical or care fields including Animal Science, Medical Assisting, New Visions, Dental Assisting, Practical Nursing, Home Health, and Phlebotomy. With the extended closure, medical supplies normally used in the training of students in these areas was stockpiled.


CA BOCES Assistant Superintendent for Career and Technical Education Programs, James Schifley, said it just made sense to help the community. “These are unprecedented times and we need to be creative,” he said. “We have several training programs that require a wide-range of medical supplies. With CA BOCES CTE locations in Belmont, Ellicottville and Olean, it seemed liked a great way to support our various communities – the communities our students and staff live in – in a very concrete way.”


Both county emergency services departments were contacted and provided an inventory list of available equipment and supplies. Cattaraugus County reached out and needed supplies immediately while Allegany County said they would review the list and contact CABOCES as the need for particular items arrive.The donations included gloves, masks, gowns, cleaning supplies, Tyvex suits, medical instruments, and even hospital beds.


As the regional leader in education services, CA BOCES offers state-of-the-art programs for learners of all ages and abilities as well as cost-effective shared services for 22 component school districts. CA BOCES empowers students to achieve their maximum potential by offering a wide variety of innovative programs and support that include special education, career and technical education, adult and continuing education, technology support, and instructional support services. To learn more, visit