CABOCES Hosts Animation Classes for Regional School Districts

Olean, NY – December 16, 2022 – Over the past two weeks, students from school districts in the Cattaraugus-Allegany region are one step closer to a potential future in the Animation industry thanks to a new animation course offered through CA BOCES and Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT).

The course, taught by RIT animators, was offered in a live, virtual format and provided an introductory look at animation including a brief history and hands-on lessons and activities. The course was a free offering open to students in all regional, component school districts.

The animation coursework comes as a direct result of a unique partnership between CA BOCES and Rochester Institute of Technology’s MAGIC Spell Studios/School of Film and Animation spanning over the past 2 years. As a part of the partnership, customized animation has been offered to component school districts over the past two years. CA BOCES is currently working with several regional school districts on various projects that include animated versions of administrators and mascots, character education animated story lines, and other custom pieces.


MAGIC Spell Studios, LLC, is the entrepreneurial and commercial heart of MAGIC at RIT. Encompassing a fully functional film sound stage, sound mix and color correction post-production studios, a 4K Dolby Atmos theater, and several working media laboratories, MAGIC Spell Studios, and their student and faculty talent, have been working on various custom projects in local districts.

CA BOCES District Superintendent, Scott Payne, said he continues to hear positive feedback from school districts on the animation programming and class opportunities. “Each time we meet, more and more districts are joining in with an animation project or participation in a class,” he said. “We are pleased to offer this unique programming to our component districts.”


CA BOCES Information Technology Director, Michael Graf, said he has been pleased with program development and with the new course offering. “Over the past two years, our animation department and our partnership with RIT faculty and student teams has allowed us to offer animation on a broader scale to our component districts and to see it grow and expand in this new way is quite exciting.”


CA BOCES Technology Team Member and program coordinator, Jessica Golley, said that the class was developed based on feedback from regional school leaders. “From the beginning, school administrators shared that they would love to see opportunities for students in relation to the industry,” she said. “We are pleased with the participation we have seen from our districts for the first offering and are glad they get to benefit from the expertise of the animators at RIT and our staff at CA BOCES.”

Amongst the participating districts, Randolph Central School District coordinated student groups for the class offering. Superintendent, Kaine Kelly, said that the teachers and students alike in the district were grateful for the opportunity. “An increasing number of students are expressing interest in future education and careers in the animation field,” he said. “We are glad to see this educational opportunity as an added benefit of the animation programming options at CA BOCES.”

RIT Associate Professor and Director of the MAGIC Center/ MAGIC Spell Studios, David Long, said: “Partnering with CA BOCES and the school districts in the region has offered RIT animation students the opportunity to gain real professional experience, producing polished work and showing off their talents.  Having graduate students in the animation program further develop curriculum and lead these new animation courses also gives them the chance to develop teaching skills, a great benefit for many who plan to start teaching careers of their own.”

For more information on the animation programming at CA BOCES contact Jessica Golley 716-376-8223.

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