CA BOCES Career & Technical Education Centers Honor Graduates

Olean, NY – June 28, 2022 – On Friday, June 17, 2022, Administration, Faculty, and the Board of Education of Cattaraugus Allegany BOCES honored graduates from all three CTE Centers in Belmont, Ellicottville, and Olean.

BOCES Career and Technical Education Center at Belmont

2022 Award Winners

CTE Scholarship Award Winners: Jeremiah Haven, Welding Metal Fabrication, Wellsville; Addison Herring, Animal Science, Genesee Valley; Stephanie Oswald, Cosmetology, Wellsville; Jaedyn Shields, Media Communications Tech, Friendship; Brooklyn Stisser, New Vision, Wellsville; Zayne Sturdevant, Criminal Justice, Wellsville

Ian G. Bole Memorial Scholarship: Jeremiah Havens, Welding Metal Fabrication; Wellsville

Kolby Geffers Memorial Scholarship: Ian Smith, Welding Metal Fabrication, Belfast

Memorial Welding Scholarship: Benson MCumiskey, Cuba-Rushford

Nicole Pangburn Memorial Scholarship: Breanna Militello, New Vision, Bolivar-Richburg

Ted Hopkins Memorial Scholarship: Kirra Childs, Animal Science, Wellsville

Wellsville Business and Professional Women’s Club Scholarship: Quinn Rahr, New Vision, Wellsville; Maddox Smith, Carpentry and Construction Trades, Wellsville

Western Steuben /Allegany Association of Realtors Scholarship: Ean Brant, Carpentry and Construction Trades, Wellsville; Jeremiah Havens, Welding Metal Fabrication; Wellsville


The following are candidates for graduation who have met the requirements set forth by the BOCES Board of Education and the NYS Department of Education:

Animal Science – Brooke Budinger, Scio; Kirra Childs, Wellsville; Paige Cochran, Genesee Valley; Kylie Fanton-Acker, Wellsville; Addison Herring, Genesee Valley; Abagayl Jackson, Wellsville; Carina Kling, Wellsville; Grace Morehouse, Wellsville; Kathryn O’Neill, Wellsville; Jenna Shaw, Bolivar-Richburg; Daniel Sutton, Wellsville

Automotive Technology – Noah Campbell, Cuba-Rushford; Ethan Childs, Bolivar-Richburg; Jessie Cook, Scio; Harley Haas, Belfast; Ethan Lewis, Andover; Tyler Male, Belfast; Michael McCumiskey, Fillmore; Elizabeth Nugent, Fillmore; Zachary Rizzo, Andover; Micheal Truax, Genesee Valley; Hunter Wilson, Cuba-Rushford

Carpentry and Construction Trades – Dylan Acor, Whitesville; Ean Brant, Wellsville; Wyatt Cox, Cuba-Rushford; Austin Davenport, Andover; Briar Dye, Wellsville; Lucas Erdmann, Whitesville; Matthew Freeman, Fillmore; Amos Gertzen, Andover; Tyler Hackett, Andover; Jacob Holmes, Cuba-Rushford; Ashton Jennings, Scio; Ella Price, Fillmore; Reikin Reynolds, Cuba-Rushford; Maddox Smith, Wellsville; Morgan Torrey, Genesee Valley; Caleb Webster, Genesee Valley; Richard York, Andover

Collision Repair Technology – Duane Bliss, Fillmore; Joshua Brizzee, Wellsville; John Harrington, Scio; Dennis Rhodes, Bolivar-Richburg

Cosmetology – Natalie Billings, Wellsville; Leah Bisig, Cuba-Rushford; Destiny Cantrell, Bolivar-Richburg; Nevaeh Caton, Cuba-Rushford; Kendra Giboo, Belfast; Braeden Jennings, Scio; Selena Leonard, Fillmore; Grace McCollumn, Andover; Cayla Mura, Belfast; Stephanie Oswald, Wellsville; Katlin Sadler, Belfast; Keely Sisson, Friendship; Payton Walsh, Scio

Criminal Justice – Dylan Bassett, Cuba-Rushford; Anastasia Belcer, Cuba-Rushford; Xander Carmona, Cuba-Rushford; Jacob Claus, Cuba-Rushford; Jessica Dyche, Cuba-Rushford; Connor Ferguson, Wellsville; Morgan Golish, Wellsville; Olivia Hanks, Andover; Haylee Holmes, Fillmore; Kaylee Keiser, Bolivar-Richburg; Gabrielle Marong, Cuba-Rushford; Joseph Pascale, Bolivar-Richburg; Deborah Periannan, Cuba-Rushford; Jayden Reed, Andover; Zayne Sturdevant, Wellsville; Elysa Tylor, Cuba-Rushford

Culinary Arts – Robert Boehl, Wellsville; Alyshia Chandler, Scio; Matthew Ferraloro, Wellsville; Lawrence Walinski, Fillmore

Early Childhood/Human Services – Karrie Bish, Bolivar-Richburg; Kennedy Butler, Genesee Valley; McKayla Ellwood, Fillmore; Rebecca Gaylord, Wellsville; Linny Heim, Cuba-Rushford; Erin Johnson, Wellsville; Hannah Taggart, Wellsville

Heavy Equipment Operations – Jesse Babbitt, Genesee Valley; Elijah Button, Genesee Valley; Evan Green, Andover; Tyler Lewis, Whitesville; Dillian Middaugh, Genesee Valley; Brandon Roulo, Wellsville; Gavin Szalay, Genesee Valley; Saralyn Szucs, Bolivar-Richburg; Nicholas Wallens, Cuba-Rushford; Devin Worthington, Cuba-Rushford

Media Communications Tech – Serena Ainsworth, Whitesville; Brianna Brewer, Friendship; Jacob Buchholz, Belfast; Lacie Bulkley, Friendship; Jarrett Campbell, Cuba-Rushford; Hayden Freeman, Fillmore; Zechariah Grimes, Cuba-Rushford; Haley Hall, Fillmore; Christianna Hansgen, Belfast; William Haxton, Wellsville; James Hosmer, Fillmore; Anthony Logue, Belfast; Matthew Mansfield, Cuba-Rushford; Rhiannon Miller, Fillmore; Landan Mooney, Cuba-Rushford; Christopher Outman, Cuba-Rushford; Sebastian Pope, Bolivar-Richburg; Ethan Rehler, Friendship; Nathaniel Rogers, Belfast; Jaedyn Shields, Friendship; Samantha Simmons, Fillmore; Anastasia Sortore, Friendship

Medical Assisting – Rylie Bryan, Andover; Kendra Gleason, Friendship; Charity Gross , Bolivar-Richburg; Madison Jefferies, Cuba-Rushford; Lillian Johnson, Bolivar-Richburg; Leila Knight, Bolivar-Richburg; Brooklyn Long, Fillmore; Addison Morgan, Andover; Samantha Snyder, Friendship

Natural Resources – Neil Branning, Genesee Valley; Ethan Brant, Wellsville; Jonathan Cahill, Fillmore; Chase Cook, Bolivar-Richburg; Dylan Culver, Wellsville; Dylon Day, Wellsville; Skylee Demun, Wellsville; Noah Dietz, Cuba-Rushford; Alexander Ellsworth, Fillmore; Ethan Erwin, Cuba-Rushford; Brockton Hadfield, Wellsville; Hayden Niedermaier, Andover; Austin Parker, Bolivar-Richburg; Cohen Slocum, Wellsville; Logan Ungermann, Cuba-Rushford; Rebecca Van Buskirk, Wellsville; Skyler Vancuren, Andover; Owen Vennard, Bolivar-Richburg; Joseph Ward, Genesee Valley

New Vision Health Professions – Lily Babbitt, Scio; Emily Costello, Wellsville; Yanely Cristino, Fillmore; Macie Demick, Cuba-Rushford; Rachel Dyche, Cuba-Rushford; Cameron Gordon , Wellsville; Rachel Jackson, Whitesville; MacKenzie Keiser, Cuba-Rushford; Zoey Lee, Whitesville; Breanna Militello, Bolivar-Richburg; Mason Parks, Wellsville; Quinn Rahr, Wellsville; Brooklyn Stisser, Wellsville; Benjamin Weimer, Scio

Pre Engineering CADD – Paige Crandall, Wellsville; Lloyd Kinnicutt, Bolivar-Richburg; Connor Landcastle, Fillmore

Welding Metal Fabrication – Ethan Babbitt, Belfast; Jason Becker Jr, Genesee Valley; Cormac Vincent Brown, Andover; Lexi Burrows, Genesee Valley; Jayson Dietz, Cuba-Rushford; Carson Frungillo, Andover; Joseph Grooms, Friendship; Jeremiah Havens, Wellsville; Alaric Magnani, Friendship; Gavin Magnani, Friendship; Spencer Mattison, Whitesville; Benson McCumiskey, Cuba-Rushford; Kyle O’Connor, Scio; Ian Smith, Belfast; Takoda Stephens, Genesee Valley; Michael Swimline , Cuba-Rushford; Kadin Tompkins, Bolivar-Richburg; Justin Waters, Whitesville; Liam White, Friendship;Tierney White, Scio

BOCES Career and Technical Education Center at Ellicottville

2022 Award Winners

UBTA Award for Outstanding Student in their Vocational Class

Animal Science – Erika Conhiser, Pioneer; Auto Technology – Kolton Deliman, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Carpentry & Construction – Mason Fisher, Allegany-Limestone; Collision Repair Technology – Ethan Chapman, Franklinville; Criminal Justice – Lana Bieber, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Culinary Arts – Kessia Belec, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Early Childhood – Mandy Ellen Hurlburt, Ellicottville; Cosmetology – Olivia Payne, Franklinville; Media Communication – Nick Connors, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Medical Assisting – Hailie Covell, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Natural Resources – Wyatt Taylor, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Power Equipment Technology – Trenton Emke, Randolph; Welding Metal Fabrication – Ryan Harper, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Heavy Equipment Operations – Colton Jacoby, Allegany-Limestone.

UBTA Outstanding Student Award – Erika Conhiser, Animal Science; Pioneer.

Emiline Scurr Memorial Scholarship (Cosmetology) – Layla Baker, Cattaraugus-Little Valley.

Kirk Rowland Memorial Award – Gaige Osgood, Power Equipment Technology, CattaraugusLittle Valley; Seth Howland, Power Equipment Technology, Cattaraugus-Little Valley.

Randolph Auto Supply Outstanding Student of the Year (Tools) – Kayla Chapman, Collision Repair; Pioneer, Bobby France, Collision Repair, Randolph.

Randy Bradley Memorial Award – Branden Clayton, Collision Repair, Pioneer.

SGR Industries Scholarship – Kasey Kraft, Collision Repair, Pioneer.

Matthew McGuiness Memorial Scholarship – Jack Quattrone, Power Equipment Technology, Allegany-Limestone; Konnor Martin, Power Equipment Technology, Franklinville.

American Red Cross Award in Medical Assisting – Grace Zalwsky, Cattaraugus-Little Valley.

CSEA LOCAL 526 Annual Scholarship – Carley Learn, Early Childhood, Franklinville; Kyleigh Dimpfl, Early Childhood, Ellicottville.

Recognized at Graduation

Future Farmers of America Members – Erika Conhiser, Animal Science, Pioneer; Lillian Hansen, Animal Science, Franklinville; Samantha Parsell, Animal Science, Pioneer; Kaylee Fuchs, Animal Science, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Meredith Lake, Animal Science, Pioneer; Emma Reumann, Animal Science, Randolph; Anna Galley, Animal Science, Salamanca; Evan Martonis, Animal Science, Randolph; Alexzandra Ricketts, Animal Science, Salamanca; Karry Geleta, Animal Science, Franklinville; Kobe Oakes, Animal Science, Salamanca; Kaylee Sibley, Animal Science, Salamanca; Brielee Green, Animal Science, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Jasper Yarbour, Animal Science, Salamanca.

National Technical Honor Society 2022 Members – Layla Baker, Cosmetology, CattaraugusLittle Valley; Kessia Belec, Culinary Arts, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Erika Conhiser, Animal Science, Pioneer; Kyleigh Dimpfl, Early Childhood, Ellicottville; Trenton Emke, Power Equipment Technology, Randolph; Ryan Harper, Welding, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Olivia Payne, Cosmetology, Franklinville; Grace Zalwsky, Medical Assisting, Cattaraugus-Little Valley.

Skills USA Members – Kayla Chapman, Collision Repair, Pioneer; Daytona Cirbus, Heavy Equipment Operator, Pioneer; Elliott Fisher, Heavy Equipment Operator, Allegany-Limestone; James Hobson, Heavy Equipment Operator, Pioneer; Dylan King, Heavy Equipment Operator, Pioneer; Megan Charles, Culinary Arts, Central Baptist Christian School; Hailie Covell, Medical Assisting, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Grace Zalwsky, Medical Assisting, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Lucan Wig, Medical Assisting, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Rilyn Briggs, Cosmetology, Franklinville; Taylor Fuller, Cosmetology, Salamanca; Star Light, Cosmetology, Franklinville; Shayla Murphy, Cosmetology, Pioneer; Annika Pagett, Cosmetology, Salamanca; Olivia Payne, Cosmetology, Franklinville.

Perfect Attendance – Erika Conhiser, Animal Science, Pioneer; Ethan Chapman, Collision Repair, Franklinville; Josh Bush, Cosmetology (JR Year), Randolph.

Certified Medical Assistants – Hailie Covell, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Lucas Wig, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Kaley Dugan, Pioneer; Grace Zalwsky, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Riley Eaton, Randolph.


Animal Science – Erika Conhiser, Pioneer; Kaylee Fuchs, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Anna Galley, Sprinvgille G.I.; Karry Geleta, Franklinville; Brielee Green, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Lillian Hansen, Franklinville; Meredith Lake, Pioneer; Evan Martonis, Randolph; Kobe Oakes, Big Picture / Salamanca; Samantha Parsell, Pioneer; Emma Reumann, Randolph; Alexzandra Ricketts, Salamanca; Kaylee Sibley, Salamanca ; Jasper Yarbour, Salamanca.

Automotive Technology – Kolton Deliman, Cattaraugus – Little Valley; Dalton Gonzalez, Ellicottville; Gage Green, Big Picture / Salamanca; Malachi Green, Pioneer; Gabriel Greene, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Troy Hawaj, Salamanca; Jesse James, Pioneer; Derrick Kibler, Pioneer; Kaidenn Larmineau, Big Picture / Allegany-Limestone; Kade Pequeen, Franklinville; Jason Scrivani, Pioneer; Ivan Solat, Salamanca; Malaki Tatko, Pioneer; Kaylynn Williams, West Valley.

Carpentry and Construction Trades – Lucas Barber, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Mason Fisher, Allegany-Limestone: Joseph Freundschuh, Ellicottville; Logan Grinols, Ellicottville; Michael Hayes, Allegany-Limestone; Jack Langdon, Allegany-Limestone; Joshua Meacham, Allegany Limestone; Kyara Nugent, Franklinville; Caleb Ploetz, Ellicottville; Bob Shearer, Randolph.

Collision Repair Technology – Ethan Chapman, Franklinville; Kayla Chapman, Pioneer; Brenden Clayton, Pioneer; Bobby Frank Jr, Pioneer; Kasey Kraft, Pioneer; Brandon Loomis, Randolph; Larry Snyder, Big Picture / Allegany-Limestone; Thomas Westfall, Pioneer.

Cosmetology – Layla Baker, Cattaraugus-Little Valley, Rilyn Briggs, Franklinville; Joshua Bush, Randolph; Allison Farnham, Big Picture / Allegany-Limestone; Taylor Fuller, Salamanca; Judy Jimerson, Franklinville; Ellinor Kless, Pioneer; Star Light, Franklinville; Shayla Murphy, Pioneer; Lindsey Neudeck, Central Baptist Christian School; Annika Pagett, Salamanca; Olivia Payne, Franklinville; Krystal Reyes, Salamanca; Hayden Schreckengost, Randolph; Kelsea Tingue, Pioneer; Magnolia Wilson, Franklinville.

Criminal Justice – Lana Bieber, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Hannah Booth, Randolph; Joshua Coolidge, Ellicottville; Colton Crooks, Salamanca; Mitchell Horn, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Angelica Kopp, Franklinville; Riley Lorkowski, Pioneer.

Culinary Arts – Kessia Belec, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Megan Charles, Central Baptist Christian School; Tamara Crawford, Salamanca; Haley Hahn, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Zoey Levine, Big Picture / Salamanca; Steven Plewa, Pioneer; Christian Snyder, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Courtney Venturin, Ellicottville; Caliana Wheeler, Randolph; John Zwick, Salamanca.

Early Childhood and Human Services – Hanna Jacobson-Coolidge, Ellicottville; Kyleigh Dimpfl, Ellicottville; Heather Doner, Salamanca; Trynity Folts, Pioneer; Rebecca Foster, Randolph; Kyra Frentz, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Mandy Hurlburt, Ellicottville; Emilee Langdon, Franklinville; Carley Learn, Franklinville; Emilee Ruiz, Ellicottville; Qwynn Vancise, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Alexia Wierzbic, Pioneer.

Heavy Equipment Operations – Donnald Brown, Rise Academy / Salamanca; Jason Brumagin, Big Picture / Salamanca; Daytona Cirbus, Pioneer; Shawn Clancy, Ellicottville; Shane Clark, Salamanca; Hunter Cotter-Brown, Salamanca; Richard Courtney, Franklinville; Elliott Fisher, Allegany-Limestone; Cody Guthrie, Allegany-Limestone; James Hobson, Pioneer; Colton Jacoby, Allegany-Limestone; Dylan King, Pioneer; Kaylee Marek, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Morgan McClune, Randolph; Joseph Moore, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Tanner Roth, Pioneer; Kody Shinners, Salamanca; Ryan Smith, Salamanca.

Media Communications – Isaac Alexander, Ellicottville; Amarris Ball, Salamanca; Jason Bapst, Central Baptist Christian School; Nicholas Connors, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Liam Conroy, Franklinville; Kayden Cunningham, Salamanca; Logan Green, Franklinville; Phillip Snyder, Randolph; Nicholas Thalheimer, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Kimberly Weaver, Ellicottville; Erica Wilber, Ellicottville; Zoey Will, Pioneer; Wesley Yocum, Pioneer.

Medical Assisting – Hailey Andrews, Pioneer; Janette Calkins, West Valley; Hailie Covell, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Kaley Dugan, Pioneer; Riley Eaton, Randolph; Taylor Foster, Randolph; Sessa George, Salamanca; Madison Marcheson, Pioneer; Justice Spruce, Big Picture / Salamanca; Lucas Wig, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Grace Zalwsky, Cattaraugus-Little Valley.

Natural Resources – Damion Bish, Allegany-Limestone; Damin Crowley, Allegany-Limestone; Dakota Gebauer-Allen, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Matthew Kellogg, Allegany-Limestone; Tayla Keyes, Randolph; Max Milbrand, Springville G.I.; Daniel Pfeffer, Ellicottville; Wyatt Taylor, Cattaraugus-Little Valley.

Power Equipment Technology – Adam Ashworth, Pioneer; Connor Boser, Big Picture/AlleganyLimestone; Jonathon Dahlke, Franklinville; Jason Degenfelder, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Mark Drennan, Pioneer; Trenton Emke, Randolph; Seth Howland, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Konnor Martin, Franklinville; Gaige Osgood, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Jaggar Pascucci, Allegany-Limestone; Jack Quattrone, Allegany-Limestone; Alec Siperek, Cattaraugus-Little Valley.

Welding and Metal Fabrication – Nicholas Barber, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Jason Buczek, Springville G.I.; Justin Buczek, Springville G.I.; Evan Ciesynski, Springville G.I.; Gage Furl, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Janette Grizer, Pioneer ; Ryan Harper, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Nathaniel Hunt, Central Baptist Christian School; Matthew Ives, Ellicottville; Patrick Marsh, Pioneer; Wyatt Nowak, Pioneer; Eion Quigley, Salamanca; Michael Reese, Springville G.I.; Louis Seward, Cattaraugus-Little Valley.

BOCES Career and Technical Education Center at Olean

2022 Award Winners

Connect Life Scholarship: Ericka S. Ensell, Media Communications Technology, Portville

Jamestown Business College Entrepreneurship Award: Chloe J. Gilliland, Audio Visual Production, Olean; Noah J. Trudeau, Product Design and Manufacturing, Olean

Outstanding Students by the Home School:

Allegany/Limestone CS – Maris K. Parmelee, Culinary Arts;

Franklinville CS – Cayden R. Hatch, Product Design and Manufacturing;

Hinsdale CS – Braden Layton, Collision Repair and Auto Body Technology;

Olean HS – Maria J. Fox, Media Communications Technology;

Portville CS – Ryan H. Perkins, Automotive Technology

Nicholas J. Pecone Memorial Award: Parker S. Keenan, Product Design and Manufacturing, Hinsdale

Rotary Scholarship: Brooke E. Pecorella, New Vision – Health Professions, Allegany/Limestone

SkillsUSA Scholarships: Zachary T. Buckner, Media Communications Technology, Portville; Alec M. Silluzio, Audio Visual Production, Allegany/Limestone

UBTA Teachers Association Outstanding Student Awards:

Animal Science – Emma G. Hall, Allegany-Limestone; Audio Visual Production – Ethan J. Burdick, Olean; Automotive Technology- Ellison M. Ash-West, Olean; Collision Repair & Auto Body Technology –Braden Layton, Hinsdale; Cosmetology – Madison R. Ferry, Olean; Criminal Justice – Christopher R. Stebbins – Portville; Culinary Arts – Madalynn J. Graves, Olean; Early Childhood Education/Human Services – Roxanne E. Padlo, Olean; Media Communications Technology – Everitt G. Mix, Portville;

Medical Assisting – Jaden R. Sands, Hinsdale; New Vision-Educational Careers – Ellie LaBenne, Wellsville; New Vision-Health Professions – Christy Childs, Hinsdale; Product Design and Manufacturing– Parker S. Keenan, Hinsdale; Welding and Metal Fabrication – Jared M. George, Portville

Ed Zalwsky Memorial Award: Seth C. Bellamy, Welding and Metal Fabrication, Olean

Recognized at Graduation

Future Farmers of America – Animal Science: Xaiver D. Attwell, Olean; Zachary M. Byrne, Olean; Ashley A. Doxey, Olean; Kaleigh J. Greeley; Emma G. Hall, Allegany/Limestone; Chloe M. Kimball, Olean; Braydon A. Mandel, Olean; Hannah G. Nelson, Olean; Alexis L. Peters, Allegany/Limestone; Elliott D. Wilber, Olean; Tasha Winans-Brownell, Portville

National Technical Honor Society: Chloe J. Gilliland, Audio Visual Production, Olean; Ellison M. Ash-West, Automotive Technology, Olean; Ethan T. Kayes, Automotive Technology, Olean; Ryan H. Perkins, Automotive Technology, Portville; Madison R. Ferry, Cosmetology, Olean; Christopher R. Stebbins, Criminal Justice, Portville; Zachary T. Buckner, Media Communications Technology, Portville; Erika S. Ensel, Media Communications Technology, Portville; Jaden R. Sands, Medical Assisting, Hinsdale; Jordyn E. Sickels, Medical Assisting, Portville

SkillsUSA Recognition: Animal Science – Zachary Byrne-Vice President, Olean; Braydon A. Mandel, Olean; Hannah G. Nelson-Treasurer, Olean; Alexis L. Peters, Allegany/Limestone; Elliott D. WilberPresident; Audio Visual Production – Ethan J. Burdick, Olean; Jaimee L. Chastain, Olean; Courtney L. Hathaway, Portville; Caelyn M. Mett, Olean; Alec M. Silluzio, Allegany/Limestone; Dominic Wright,Allegany/Limestone; Kyrell A-M. Yowell, Portville; Collision Repair and Auto Body Technology – Harley A. Hathaway, Portville; Trinity Snyder-Miller, Portville; Criminal Justice – Sierra GoodwillParliamentarian, Olean; Roy R. Wilson, Jr. Olean; Media Communications Technology – Zachary T. Buckner-Reporter, Portville; Erika S. Ensell-Secretary, Portville; Abbagayle C. Wolsky, Portville; Product Design and Manufacturing – Parker S. Keenan, Hinsdale; Jordan D. Rodgers-Bonnell, Olean; Welding and Metal Fabrication – Parker J. Cummins, Hinsdale

Perfect Attendance: Junior Year – Tyler Fortuna, Criminal Justice, Hinsdale; Jaden Sands, Medical Assisting, Hinsdale; Senior Year – Ethan J. Burdick, Audio Visual Production, Olean; John F. Charles, New Vision-Health Professions, Allegany/Limestone, Christy Childs, New Vision-Health Professions, Hinsdale, Ashley A. Doxey, Animal Science, Olean


The following are candidates for graduation who have met the requirements set forth by the BOCES Board of Education and the NYS Department of Education:

The following are candidates for graduation who have met the requirements set forth by the BOCES Board of Education and the NYS Department of Education:

* Signifies students graduating with Technical Endorsement

^ Signifies students graduating with Automotive Service Excellence Certification

= Signifies students graduating with OSHA 10 Hour General Industry Certification

# Signifies students graduating with NYS Security Guard Certification

@Signifies students graduating with Basic Life Support and/or First Aid and/or CPR/AED Certification

Animal Science – Instructor – Mrs. Lynn Telaak – *Xaiver D. Attwell, Olean; *Zachary M. Byrne, Olean; *Ashley A. Doxey, Olean; *Kaleigh J. Greeley; *Emma G. Hall, Allegany/Limestone; *Chloe M. Kimball, Olean; *Braydon A. Mandel, Olean; *Hannah G. Nelson, Olean; *Alexis L. Peters, Allegany/Limestone; *Elliott D. Wilber, Olean; *Tasha Winans-Brownell, Portville

Audio Visual Production – Instructor – Mr. Cory Nedell – *Kilee J. Bearfield, Olean; *Ethan J. Burdick, Olean; *Jamie L. Chastain, Olean; *Felicia L. DeGolier, Allegany/Limestone; *Prince J. Foster, Olean; *Chloe J. Gilliland, Olean; *Courtney L. Hathaway, Portville; *Chloe M. Hirt, Olean Caelyn N. Mett, Olean; *Ethan Otero, Big Picture; *Alec M. Silluzio, Allegany/Limestone; *Jace M. Sullivan, Olean; *Dominic Wright, Allegany/Limestone; Kyrell A-M Yowell, Portville

Automotive Technology – Instructor – Mr. Karlton Baker – *^Ellison M. Ash-West, Olean; ^Jaelyn E. Bennett, Portville; ^Gaven M. Darcy, Hinsdale; ^David A. Deckman, Hinsdale; ^Brandon M. Hayman, Hinsdale; ^Devin P. Kayes, Olean; *^Ethan T. Kayes, Olean; Adam Larrabee, Hinsdale; ^Nolan Lippert, Hinsdale; ^Ryan H. Perkins, Portville; Thomas Stayer, Hinsdale; *^Maddox P. Windus, Olean

Collision Repair and Auto Body Technology – Instructor – Mr. Max Gross – *Conner M. Brisky, Portville; Harley A. Hathaway, Portville; *Braden Layton, Hinsdale; Trinity Snyder-Miller, Portville

Cosmetology – Instructor – Mrs. Janet Filips – =Kaitlynn Clune, Adult; =Madison R. Ferry, Olean; Shea L. Giardini, Adult; Karen Huckabaa, Adult; *=Mariyah L. Jackson, Allegany/Limestone; Brynn A. Kasperski, Olean; =Payeton S. Rogers, Olean; =Kendall Trietley, Big Picture; *=Kensington Wesley, Hinsdale; =Kyah M. Williams, Olean

Criminal Justice – Instructor – Mr. Timothy Emley – *#Christopher J. Cassford, Olean; *#Tyler D. Fortuna, Hinsdale; *#Sierra M. Goodwill, Olean; *#Myka C. Grayson, Olean; *#Griffin A. Kinnaird, Portville; *#Jenna E. Margeson, Allegany/Limestone; *#Dusty J. Ray, Olean; *#Shaun D. Sanders, Portville; *#Emily E. St. Clair, Olean; *#Christopher R. Stebbins, Portville; *#Noah E. Wilkinson, Olean; *#Roy R. Wilson, Jr., Olean

Culinary Arts – Instructor – Mr. Edward Waddell – Renee N. Brown, Olean; *Madalynn J. Graves, Olean; *Christopher F. Hryb, Portville; *Maris K. Parmelee, Allegany/Limestone

Early Childhood Education and Human Services – Instructor – Mrs. June O’Connell – *@Haley R. Best, Hinsdale; *@Roxanne E. Padlo, Olean; Abbigail J. Pettit, Olean

Media Communication Technology – Instructor – Mrs. Amber Christensen – *Searia Babb, Hinsdale; Alana S. Beeson, Olean; *Zachary T. Buckne, Portville; *Ariyana G. Burrows, Olean; *Mackenzie M. Cowburn, Allegany/Limestone; *Erika S. Ensell, Portville; *Maria J. Fox, Olean; *Gracie M. Hasselberg; Allegany/Limestone; *Codi E. Hatch, Portville; *Madison M. Lampack, Portville; *Everett G. Mix, Portville; *Devon J. Nicholas, Hinsdale; Kelsey L. Shea, Allegany/Limestone; *Iris M. Shreve, Olean; *Jaden Nicole Stabb, Olean; *Triston M. Watson, Allegany/Limestone; Abbagayle C. Wolsky, Portville

Medical Assisting – Instructor – Mrs. Krista Crowley – *@Gavin S. Bagliere, Olean; *@Alexander J. J. Bridenbaker, Franklinville; *@Breanna L. DeYoe-Vanscoter, Portville; @Kaidence R. Kinnaird, Portville; *@Joshua L. Lea, Allegany/Limestone; @Hannah M. Lippert, Hinsdale; *@Lynzee S. Nolder, Allegany/Limestone; *@Abigail E. Pullins, Portville; @Tori E. Safford, Franklinville; *@Jaden R. Sands, Hinsdale; Briana A. Shields, Portville; *@Jordyn E. Sickels, Portville

New Vision – Educational Careers – Instructor – Mr. John Padlo – @Emalee J. Dedrick, Allegany/Limestone; @Kearstin B. Foster, Allegany/Limestone; Ellie LaBenne, Wellsville; @Kinsey McAfee, Allegany/Limestone; @Margaret McAuley, Franklinville; @Alexander J. Perkins, Wellsville; @Hannah Sturm, Wellsville; @Kendall Tucker, Hinsdale; @Caleigh J. Zollinger, Portville

New Vision – Health Professions – Instructor – Mrs. Jennifer Militello – @John F. Charles, Allegany/Limestone; @Christy Childs, Hinsdale; @Morgan B. Dowdell, Olean; @Stella S. Gonzalez, Olean; @Madison T. Jones, Olean; @Courtney E. Lyle, Portville; @Amelie Metzger, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; @Maryam M. Mirza, Olean; @Brooke E. Pecorella, Allegany/Limestone; @Delaney M. Pfeiffer, Franklinville; @Madeline C. Straub, Allegany/Limestone; @Sara M. Thomas, Olean; @Alexis C. Trietley, Olean; @Elsa Woodarek, Ellicottville; @Jocelyn Wyatt, Ellicottville

Product Design and Manufacturing – Instructor – Mr. James Hilyer – *Cayden R. Hatch, Franklinville; Parker S. Keenan, Hinsdale; Gavin J. Kwiatkowski, Allegany/Limestone; Gage D. Lisek, Portville; Jordan D. Rodgers-Bonnell, Olean; Charles V. Smith, Adult; Noah J. Trudeau, Olean; *Kevin M. Voegelin, Allegany/Limestone

Welding and Metal Fabrication – Instructor – Mr. Richard Phinney – Seth C. Bellamy, Olean; William L. Bergevin, Olean; =Ethan W. Cashimere, Hinsdale; =Parker J. Cummins, Hinsdale; Steven J. Field, Olean; *=Jared M. George, Portville; David A. Goodsell, Olean; =Caden Jordan, Hinsdale; Keaton E. Merchel, Portville; =Haidon Moran, Hinsdale; =Gunner B. Schwabenbauer, Portville; =Tucker J. Schwartz, Hinsdale; =Ryan M. Stillman, Portville; =Shawna R. Wilcox, Portville; Merrick J. Witherell, Portville