CA BOCES Career & Technical Education Centers Honor Graduates

Olean, NY – June 26, 2024 – On Friday, June 14, 2024, Administration, Faculty, and the Board of Education of Cattaraugus Allegany BOCES honored graduates from all three CTE Centers in Belmont, Ellicottville, and Olean.

BOCES Career and Technical Education Center at Belmont

Award Winners

CTE SCHOLARSHIP: Jayla Crandall – Medical Assisting; Shaelyn Maples – Medical Assisting; Emilya Mejia – New Vision Health Professions; Alexandria Parker – Criminal Justice; McKennah Patten – Natural Resources; Trevor Pforter – Media Communications; Brena Welp – Criminal Justice

NICOLE PANGBURN SCHOLARSHIP: Lillie Griswold – Cosmetology


The following are candidates for graduation who have met the requirements set forth by the BOCES Board of Education and the NYS Department of Education:

Animal Science – Tristen Amidon, Wellsville; Jaiden Bentley, Fillmore; Trilee Blauvelt, Friendship; Anthony Burrell, Wellsville; Shelby Carpenter, Friendship; Mikayla Dodson, Scio; Emma Eck, Scio; Caitlyn Steiner, Bolivar Richburg

Automotive Technology – David Anderson, Wellsville; Breydan Crittenden, Wellsville; Dakota Evingham, Friendship; Camerin Getz, Cuba Rushford; Jaden Green, Bolivar Richburg; Savannah Hosmer, Fillmore; Kayley Putnam-Bacon, Bolivar Richburg; Alden Smith, Whitesville

Carpentry and Construction Trades – Jayden Costello, Wellsville; William Dodge, Wellsville; Riley Edwards, Belfast; Kayden Finch, Wellsville; Damien Gardner, Friendship; Xavier Kozlowski, Wellsville; Emily O’Hara, Wellsville; Tyler Thornton, Friendship; Jonathan Webb-Aylor, Belfast

Collision Repair Technology – Kevin Donlan, Wellsville; Jason Kettler, Bolivar Richburg; Connar Otero, Wellsville

Cosmetology – Lily Ball, Wellsville; Oceana Burleson, Friendship; Lillian Cline, Scio; Hope Fuller, Wellsville; Lillie Griswold, Bolivar Richburg; Debra Gullett, Whitesville; Amya Lee, Fillmore; Alexys Palmatier, Whitesville; Jazzlynn Rizzo, Bolivar Richburg; Lily Robak, Bolivar Richburg; Kayla Wolski, Fillmore

Criminal Justice – Jacob Baker, Cuba Rushford; Brazen Beckwith, Wellsville; Jonathan Bennett, Bolivar Richburg; Luke Brooks, Cuba Rushford; Devlin Bush, Fillmore; Lakoda Champlin, Bolivar Richburg; Thayne Cobb, Belfast; Karlee Cochran, Friendship; Myya Davis, Wellsville; Nathan Deming, Cuba Rushford; Hunter Golish, Wellsville; Skyler Jackson, Wellsville; Karlee Jones, Genesee Valley; Kody Marvin, Friendship; Dustin Murray, Bolivar Richburg; Kory Nurse, Wellsville; Alexandria Parker, Bolivar Richburg; Nevaeh Ross, Friendship; Alivia Thomason, Bolivar Richburg; Brena Walp, Bolivar Richburg; Makayla White, Fillmore; Destiny Workman, Andover; Shayla Zaprowski, Cuba Rushford

Culinary Arts – Aniela Acampora, Wellsville; Kane Adams, Cuba Rushford; Morgan Bentley, Genesee Valley; Ariel Brizzee, Wellsville; Kaitlyn Carpenter, Wellsville; Samual Childs, Wellsville; Madison Cook, Wellsville; Anthony Densmore, Bolivar Richburg; Dylan Franz-Ciszak, Pioneer; Patrick Gorman, Fillmore; Ella Kane, Wellsville; Lillie Kreamer, Bolivar Richburg; Natasha Metz, Bolivar Richburg; Makaila Miess, Wellsville; Aloria Moran, Scio; Claire Pangburn, Bolivar Richburg; Jerrit Pastor, Bolivar Richburg; Hannah Pierce, Friendship; Matthew Reitz, Bolivar Richburg; Arianna Speta, Wellsville

Early Childhood – Alexis Cavagna, Andover; Audrianna Eveland, Andover; Kyleigh Morris, Wellsville; Hannah Neal, Andover; Haylee Peet, Wellsville; Meagan Riley, Wellsville; Lawrence Smith,Wellsville; Morgan Spicer, Wellsville; Ashley Trebik, Scio

Heavy Equipment Operations – Scott Anderson, Wellsville; Clayton Babbitt, Genesee Valley; BW Davis, Wellsville; Dakota Hess, Bolivar Richburg; Braden Lewis, Bolivar Richburg; Aiden Meyers, Wellsville; Jacob Mickle, Wellsville; Gabrielle Mitchell, Bolivar Richburg; Donald Ormsby, Wellsville; Gavin Slingerland, Wellsville; Dylan Winchell, Bolivar Richburg

Media Communications Tech – Kimimela Ball, Genesee Valley; Reece Brantley, Wellsville; Sarah Crawford, Bolivar Richburg; Ryan Gaby, Fillmore; William Grant, Andover; Emma Hopkins, Fillmore;

Hunter Howard, Bolivar Richburg; Derek Huey, Fillmore; Alexander Johnson, Cuba Rushford; Roman Johnston, Bolivar Richburg; Brian Learn, Bolivar Richburg; Destiny Learn, Bolivar Richburg; Kira Morley, Fillmore; Bailey Ordway, Wellsville; Alexander Osborn, Genesee Valley; Trevor Pforter, Bolivar Richburg; Lillian Rehler, Friendship; Brianna Santiago, Fillmore; Audramoon Smolen, Fillmore; Lance Vohs, Genesee Valley; Landon Wing-Cinque, Wellsville

Medical Assisting – Adreanna Buchholz, Andover; Jayla Crandall, Wellsville; Morgan Culbertson-Hennard, Scio; Maria Hess, Bolivar Richburg; Emily Hills, Andover; Sydney Howard, Cuba Rushford; Shaelyn Maples, Cuba Rushford; Kylie Paddock, Fillmore

Natural Resources – Landon Arnold, Bolivar Richburg; Jude Beardsley, Fillmore; Ethan Cole, Cuba Rushford; Kendra Dewe, Cuba Rushford; Samuel Gertzen, Andover; Wade Hutchison, Cuba Rushford; Nash Jordan, Friendship; Nolan Krzeminski, Fillmore; Parker LaBenne, Wellsville; Austin Layman, Cuba Rushford; Caleb Miller, Bolivar Richburg; Kolton Moore, Wellsville; McKennah Patten, Cuba Rushford; Donavon Patterson, Bolivar Richburg; Cash Ritchie, Friendship; Nicholas Sortore, Friendship; David Stilson II, Scio; Jackson Stout, Belfast; Noah Strickland, Fillmore; Alexandria Thur, Fillmore; Jacob Wagner, Andover; Christopher Weaver, Belfast; Kyle Witter, Cuba Rushford

New Vision Health Professions -Caden Allen, Bolivar Richburg; Madelyn Baldwin, Bolivar Richburg; Julie Bichler, Cuba Rushford; Jacie Carney, Cuba Rushford; Elizabeth Drum, Cuba Rushford; Kylee Ellsworth, Fillmore; Grace Fry, Whitesville; Ava Grice, Andover; Molly Hannon, Genesee Valley; Hailey Lanphier, Wellsville; Emilya Mejia, Genesee Valley; Allison Mills, Fillmore; Hailey Robbins, Cuba Rushford; Jade Rounds, Genesee Valley; Layton Sanasith, Fillmore

Pre Engineering CADD 2 Brody Carlin, Andover; Wyatt Hamilton, Whitesville; Dakota Hemphill, Genesee Valley; Raddin Plyler, Wellsville; Levi Williams, Bolivar Richburg

Welding Metal Fabrication – Johnathon Baker, Genesee Valley; Garrett Cooper, Cuba Rushford; Dalton Davis, Wellsville; Marissa Emerling, Pioneer; Gavin Faulkner, Scio; Fisher Herdman, Genesee Valley; Erin McIntyre, Genesee Valley; Kaiden Miller, Andover; Evan Perry, Wellsville; Benjamin Pratt, Wellsville; Wyatt Stebbins, Scio; Jamie Szalay, Genesee Valley; Olivia Tronetti, Wellsville; Austin Vancuren, Andover;

BOCES Career and Technical Education Center at Ellicottville

2024 Award Winners

American Red Cross Award – Zoe Goode, Ellicottville Central School

Ellicottville Area Rotary Club Scholarship – Reese Benjamin, Ellicottville Central School

Emerling Ford Award – Andrew Bieber, Pioneer Central School

Emilene Scurr Memorial Scholarship – Karolina Mireles-Crouse, Salamanca City Central

Greater Olean Hospitality “Wall of Fame” Scholarship – Audrey Hurlburt, Ellicottville Central

JCC College Connection Student of the Year – Madalyn West, Cattaraugus-Little Valley Central

Kirk Rowland Memorial – Devin Smith, Pioneer Central School

Lilienstein Family Scholarship – Gavin Lacy, Pioneer Central School

Matthew McGuiness Memorial – Colton Boser, Allegany-Limestone Central School

Randy Bradley – Most Outstanding Student – Adam Weaver, Cattaraugus-Little Valley Central

SRG Industry Scholarship – Jesse Harber – Big Picture / Ellicottville Central School

UBTA Teachers Association Outstanding Student Awards:

Animal Science – Ryanna Herrick, Franklinville Central School

Automotive Technology – Thomas Bonin, Cattaraugus – Little Valley Central School

Carpentry & Construction Trades – Madison Potter, Ellicottville Central School

Collision Repair Technology – Adam Weaver, Cattaraugus – Little Valley Central School

Cosmetology – Paige Veroba, Franklinville Central School

Criminal Justice – Benjamin Hogenmiller, Ellicottville Central School

Culinary Arts – Adrynn Dederick, Ellicottville Central School

Early Childhood – Madeline Koziol, Pioneer Central School

Heavy Equipment – Zakary Linza, Allegany-Limestone Central School

Media Communications Technology – Rashad Neal, Cattaraugus-Little Valley Central School

Medical Assisting – Madalyn West, Cattaraugus-Little Valley Central School

Natural Resources – Gavin Lacy, Pioneer Central School

Power Equipment Technology – Jase Curtis, Ellicottville Central School

Welding – Timothy Sonner, Pioneer Central School

UDig NY’s 2024 Jump Start Award – Zakary Linza, Allegany-Limestone Central School

Perfect Attendance:

Zakary Linza –Heavy Equipment – Junior Year – Allegany-Limestone Central

Joseph Murphy – Welding – Junior Year- Cattaraugus-Little Valley Central

Madeline Koziol – Early Childhood – 2 years – Pioneer Central School


Animal Science: Shealyn Crooks, Salamanca; Shawn Fontaine, Pioneer; Abigail Goode, Salamanca; Sierra Green, Randolph; Ryanna Herrick, Franklinville; Carolyn Kaiser, Pioneer; Georgia Letson, Salamanca; Loren Maguda, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Kayla Manganiello, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Alena Murphy, Franklinville; Samara Printup, Salamanca; Shawnee Szyper, Cattaraugus-Little Valley.

Automotive Technology – Thomas Bonin, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Ace Fisher, Pioneer; Logan Liebler, Springville G.I.; Cameron McGraw, Salamanca; Alexander Newark, Big Picture/Ellicottville; Archer Newark, Salamanca; Mersadies Nichols, Randolph; Derek Opferbeck, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Jason Provorse, Salamanca; Kalib Rader, Randolph; Skylar Schroeder, Ellicottville; Johnathon Schwartz, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Jonathon Sheldon, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Seth Stahlman, Salamanca; Cody Stevens, Big Picture/Salamanca; Alexander Strauch, Salamanca.

Carpentry & Construction Trades – Mason Baire, Allegany-Limestone; Ethan Brewer, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Spencer Chamberlain, Allegany-Limestone; Owen Chudy, Ellicottville; Caleb Dewald, Randolph; Logan Halladay, Pioneer; Chad Holland, Pioneer; Javyn Holland, Salamanca; Emmett Jacobson-Coolidge, Ellicottville; Marley Konarski, Ellicottville; Daisy Mathews, Pioneer; Isaiah Ploetz, Ellicottville; Madison Potter, Ellicottville; Hunter Smith, Ellicottville.

Collision Repair Technology – Andrew Bieber, Pioneer; Trent Borden, Franklinville; Jaida Mendell, Ellicottville; Dalton Morgan, Pioneer; Nicholas Peters, West Valley; Elton Philbrick, Pioneer; Adam Weaver, Cattaraugus-Little Valley.

Cosmetology – Riley Bliss, Pioneer; Kendra Dashnaw, Pioneer; Megan Fuller, Randolph; Joslyn Harris, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Dylan Herron, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Delia Jimerson, Salamanca; Morgyn Kaitanowski, Pioneer; Mackenzie Larimer, Pioneer; Athena Lounsbury, Salamanca; Tia Luke, Salamanca; Karolina Mireles-Crouse, Salamanca; Victoria Nelligan, Pioneer; Julia Phiansouri, Pioneer; Jenny Rockwell, Salamanca; Nadia Tucker, West Valley; Paige Veroba, Franklinville.

Criminal Justice – Angel Delgado, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Devin Herman, Franklinville; Benjamin Hogenmiller, Ellicottville; Christian Horn, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Levi Jennings, Franklinville; Carson Mohr, Salamanca; Jadon Schoepflin, West Valley.

Culinary Arts – Lily Allard, Pioneer; Maddison Costello, Salamanca; Adrynn Dederick, Ellicottville; Calan Gumhalter, Randolph; Caterina Huff, Salamanca; Cole Hughes, Salamanca; Audrey Hurlburt, Ellicottville; Sophia Ludwig, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; James Mohr, Salamanca; Trinity Nevares, Salamanca; Anthony Schifano, Pioneer.

Early Childhood – Melanee Abrams, Salamanca; Jocalyn Bigham, Pioneer; Emily Chapman, Randolph; Ronni DuFrane, West Valley; Madison Finch, Randolph; Lilliana Haggerty, Franklinville; Lillianna Kittle, Franklinville, Madeline Koziol, Pioneer; Jessica Nomes, Randolph; Ceceilia Prouty, Springville G.I.; Emma Smith, West Valley; Christine Stover, Pioneer; Summer Wilkins, Franklinville.

Early Entry – Rebecca Nagel, Allegany-Limestone; Nicholas Rimbey, Pioneer, Jonathan Wiltsie, Salamanca.

Heavy Equipment Operations – Devon Bish, Allegany-Limestone; Hayden Datzler, Pioneer; Travis Delude II, Fillmore/Franklinville Central; James DePasquale, Springville G.I.; Kodee Dillenburg, Pioneer; Cole Duncan, Pioneer; Eli George, Salamanca; Wyatt Grimmelt, Pioneer; Gavin Haley, Pioneer; Tyler Kinmartin, Pioneer; Jacob Kopinski, Pioneer; Evan Leonard, Franklinville; Zakary Linza, Allegany-Limestone; Vincent Migliore, Randolph; Bejamin Payne, Franklinville; Kellie Phair, Pioneer; Glenn Priest, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Joshua Rhow, Allegany-Limeston; Karsen Schoening, Salamanca; Calvin Straub, Allegany-Limestone; Michael Taylor, Salamanca; Carter Voit, Pioneer.

Media Communication s Technology – Rickey Armstrong III, Salamanca; Ridley Bergman, Randolph; Jackson Bridenbaker, Franklinville; Gwendolyn DeChane, Ellicottville; Jomar Diaz, Salamanca; Zachary Fetterman, Franklinville; Lennon Halloran, Ellicottville; Calvin Holland, Pioneer; Derek Howland, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Jonathan Langworthy, Salamanca; Connor Leiser, Pioneer; Holden Mills, Fillmore/Pioneer; Rashad Neal, Cattaraugus-Little Valley.

Medical Assisting – Ray-Quan Flaherty-Fantaske, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Zoe Goode, Ellicottville; Jordan Green, Salamanca; Evelyn Janora, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; MacKenzy Meacham, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Nathan Nicholas, Franklinville; Alison Nottingham, Randolph; Kayden O’Neil, Randolph; Morgan Rosario, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Madalyn West, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Isabelle Woodmancy, Ellicottville.

Natural Resources: Reese Benjamin, Ellicottville; Kaylie Bish, Franklinville; Michael Clark, Pioneer; Kyler Colton, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Sean Crowley, Ellicottville; Braeden Delahoy, Randolph; Stephen Doner Jr., Salamanca; Clayton Franze, Randolph; Riley Gebauer-Allen, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Elizabeth Hayden, Franklinville; Carter Jones, Pioneer; Gavin Lacy, Pioneer; Destiny McCracken McKay, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Daniel Olson III, Pioneer; Zachary Rimbey, Pioneer.

Power Equipment Technology – Jacob Atwater, Ellicottville, Matthew Benzel, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Colton Boser, Allegany-Limestone; Jase Curtis, Ellicottville; Jesse Harber, Big Picture/Ellicottville; Corbin Hesse, Big Picture/Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Richard Irish, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Clayton Nixon, Central Baptist; Devin Smith, Pioneer; Dylan Timblin, Ellicottville; Hayden Washington, Big Picture/Allegany-Limestone; Lillian Weinman, Allegany-Limestone; Braden Winship, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Brayden Young, Cattaraugus-Little Valley.

Welding – Nathan Andrews, Ellicottville; Arianna Bapst, Central Baptist; Oakley Bradley, Ellicottville; Ted Conhiser, Pioneer; Jacob Dahlke, Franklinville; Tyler Dinse-Hammond, Springville G.I.; Dylan Emerling, Springville G.I.; Bryce Harvey, Randolph; Peyton Hiller, Pioneer; Caleb Mersmann, Central Baptist; Jacob Miller, Springville, G.I.; Nathon Minor, Springville G.I.; Derek Morlock, Pioneer; Joseph Murphy, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Teagan Nolan, Springville G.I.; Clint Prial, Franklinville; Connor Sawicki, Pioneer; Alexis Sevenish, Randolph; Timothy Sonner, Pioneer.

BOCES Career and Technical Education Center at Olean

2024 Award Winners

ACTEA Outstanding CTE Student Award: Noah James Kinnaird, Olean HS.

Bryant & Stratton College Entrepreneurship Award: Hallie Ashton Kirtz, Allegany-Limestone CS.

Deputy Wayne Krieger & Carol Krieger Memorial Scholarship: Preston Paul Conner, Olean HS.

Outstanding Students by the Home School: Allegany/Limestone CS – Zachary James Hagle; Hinsdale CS – Jacob Robert Elliott; Olean HS – Tyler Matthew Cross; Portville CS – Aryanna Marie Hatch.

Rotary Scholarship: Megan Emily Fisher, Allegany-Limestone.

Nicholas J. Pecone Memorial Award: Allison J. Smith, Portville CS.

SkillsUSA Scholarship: Tyler Alan Slocum, Allegany-Limestone CS.

UBTA Teachers Association Outstanding Student Awards:

Animal Science – Skye Harmony Anderson-Lunn; Audio Visual Production – Tyler Matthew Cross; Automotive Technology – Logan John Zwack; Collision Repair & Auto Body Technology – Dayton Robert Shaw; Cosmetology – Aubrey Helena Stout Peters; Criminal Justice – Lucas Shea Peterson-Volz; Culinary Arts – Cameron Lee Duncan; Early Childhood Education/Human Services – Demi Jade Chudy; Fundamental Building Systems – Joshua Michael Nolder; Media Communications Technology – Alina Christine Jiang; Medical Assisting – Aryanna Marie Hatch; New Vision-Educational Careers – Abigail M. Sullivan; New Vision-Health Professions – Alexandria H. Goodyear; Product Design and Manufacturing – Ryan James Swartwout; Welding and Metal Fabrication – Jacob Robert Elliott.

Ed Zalwsky Memorial Award: Brennen Michael Burroughs, Olean HS.

Recognized at Graduation

Future Farmers of America – Animal Science: Isaiah Anthony Adams, Hinsdale; Christine Alaimo, Hinsdale; Skye Harmony Anderson-Lunn, Portville; Adrienne Balcerzak, Hinsdale; Gracie Marie Carter, Portville; Sera Casey, Olean; Caidyn Mykel Gilroy, Portville; Jarod Patrick Kiel, Allegany-Limestone; Jeremy Nugent, Hinsdale; Nicholas Michael Anthony Snyder, Allegany-Limestone.

National Technical Honor Society: Cosmetology – Lexi Katherine Benjamin – President, Olean; Aubrey Helena Stout Peters, Allegany-Limestone; Criminal Justice – Dayton Robert Shaw – Secretary, Portville; Criminal Justice – Lucas Shea Peterson-Volz – Treasurer, Olean; Fundamental Building Systems – Joshua Michael Nolder, Allegany-Limestone; Media Communications – Zachary James Hagle, Allegany-Limestone; Medical Assisting – Aryanne Marie Hatch, Portville; Zoey Elizabeth Hoak, Portville; Emily Ann Miller, Portville; Allison J. Smith, Portville; Welding – Jacob Robert Elliott, Hinsdale.

SkillsUSA Recognition: Animal Science – Jeremy Nugent, Hinsdale; Audio Visual Production – Hannah Marie Buck – Secretary, Allegany-Limestone; Tyler Matthew Cross – Reporter, Olean; Trinity Jade DiStrola, Allegany-Limestone; Jamie M. Jimerson, Jr. – Vice President, Hinsdale; Nicholas Christopher Jones, Olean; Keaton Andrew Noller, Portville; Ryan Scott Osborne, Olean; Alexis Anne Smith, Allegany-Limestone; Collision Repair and Auto Body Technology – Dayton Robert Shaw, Portville; Konner Nathaniel Zajicek, Portville; Cosmetology – Lexi Katherine Benjamin – President, Olean; Jayna Serenity Griffin, Olean; Criminal Justice – Noah Alexander Brown, Portville; Preston Paul Conner – Treasurer, Olean; Hayden Deane Emley, Portville; Lucas Shea Peterson-Volz, Olean; Henry William Schwartz, Hinsdale; Shawn Anthony VanBrunt, Parliamentarian, Olean; Media Communications Technology – Zachary James Hagle, Allegany-Limestone; Alina Christine Jiang, Olean; Medical Assisting – Zoey Elizabeth Hoak, Portville; Ryleigh Christine Peterson, Allegany-Limestone; Welding and Metal

Fabrication – Jacob Robert Elliott, Hinsdale; Noah Alexander Greenawalt, Hinsdale; Tyler Alan Slocum, Allegany-Limestone.

Perfect Attendance: Senior Year – Jillian Renee Balcerzak, Hinsdale; Evan Bauer, Ellicottville; Aubrey Helena Stout Peters, Allegany-Limestone.


Animal Science – Instructor – Ms. Teresa DiSarno – Isaiah Anthony Adams, Hinsdale; Christine Alaimo, Hinsdale; Skye Harmony Anderson-Lunn, Portville; Adrienne Balcerzak, Hinsdale; Gracie Marie Carter, Portville; Sera Joy Casey, Olean; Caidyn Mykel Gilroy, Portville; Jarod Patrick Kiel, Allegany-Limestone; Jeremy Nugent, Hinsdale; Nicholas Michael Anthony Snyder, Allegany-Limestone.

Audio Visual Production – Instructor – Mr. Cory Nedell – Matthew Stark Blazejewski, Olean; Hannah Marie Buck, Allegany-Limestone; Tyler Matthew Cross, Olean; Trinity Jade DiStrola, Allegany-Limestone; Jamie M. Jimerson, Hinsdale; Nicholas Christopher Jones, Olean; DaShon Jaemere Martin, Olean; Riley Music, RISE Academy; Keaton Andrew Noller, Portville; Ryan Scott Osborne, Olean; Alexis Anne Smith, Allegany-Limestone.

Automotive Technology – Instructor – Mr. Richard Ives – Brannon Andrew Dickerson, Portville; David Joseph Ford, Allegany-Limestone; Austin Budd Greinert, Portville; Justin Michael Howard, Portville; Hallie Ashton Kirtz, Allegany-Limestone; Logan John Zwack, Portville.

Collision Repair and Auto Body Technology – Instructor – Mr. Max Gross – Noah James Kinnaird, Olean; Dayton Robert Shaw, Portville; Konner Nathaniel Zajicek, Portville.

Cosmetology – Instructor – Mrs. Jessica Gates – Jillian Balcerzak, Hinsdale; Chloe Ann Baxter, Adult; Lexi Katherine Benjamin, Olean; Francesca M. Cummins, Adult; Ashley Ann Edwards, Portville; Nyasia Love-Alianna Gadley, Olean; Jayna S. Griffin, Olean; Emma Rose Hagen, Allegany-Limestone; Savannah Miller, Adult; Emma Elizabeth Rose Oliphant, Olean; Emily Taylor Proctor, Portville; Trinity Faith Richardson, Portville; Aubrey Stout Peters, Allegany-Limestone; Elise Jillian Trudeau, Olean.

Criminal Justice – Instructor – Mr. Timothy Emley – Cody Michael Barton, Hinsdale; Noah Patrick Bowser, Hinsdale; Noah Alexander Brown, Portville; Austin Shawn Burdick, Olean; Danté L. Cleveland, Allegany-Limestone; Preston Paul Conner, Olean; Angela M. Elling, Hinsdale; Hayden Deane Emley, Portville; Nikalaus John Manroe, Portville; Camden Edwin Pancio, Olean; Lucas shea Peterson-Volz, Olean; Brysen Nicholas Riehle, Olean; Henry William Schwartz, Hinsdale; Tyler Nicholas Stives, Portville; Shawn Anthony VanBrunt, Olean; Cal Robert Vogtli, Olean; Tyler Jason Witzigman.

Culinary Arts – Instructor – Mr. Edward Waddell – Pierre Anthony Gerraj Byrd, Allegany-Limestone; Cameron Lee Duncan, Olean; Daniel Grisewood, Adult; Dennis McRae, Adult; Layla Lee Lynn Nelson, Olean; Isabelle Violet Phearsdorf, Hinsdale; Larry J. Rosenthal, Adult; Aaron James Wolfe, Allegany-Limestone; Nathan Andrew Wolfe, Allegany-Limestone.

Early Childhood Education and Human Services – Instructor – Mrs. Charli Wiley – Zackary M. Button, Olean; Demi Jade Chudy, Portville; Marcus E. Cleveland, Olean; Alaina M. Elliott, Portville; Tyler Justin Griffin, Allegany-Limestone; Amyra R. Shaffer, Olean.

Fundamental Building Systems – Instructor – Mr. Scott Hillman – Taylor Michael Blue, Olean; Thomas Robert Buckvich, Portville; Brock Adam George, Portville; Jackson Lee George, Allegany-Limestone; Xackery William Grover, Allegany-Limestone; Danny James-Hoffman Havers, Olean; Ryan Scott Isenberg, Olean; Andrew Miller, Adult; Donavin Allen Morrison, Allegany-Limestone; Joshua Michael Nolder, Allegany-Limestone; Tiernan Alan Powley, Olean; Melanie Smith, Adult.

Media Communication Technology – Instructor – Mrs. Amber Christensen – Rudi Sophia Gonzalez, Hinsdale; Zachary James Hagle, Allegany-Limestone; Alina Christine Jiang, Olean; Elliott Jordan Lothridge, Olean; Ethan Marcus Pfeffer, Olean; Robert Shorter, Olean.

Medical Assisting – Instructor – Mrs. Krista Crowley – Nevaeh Ariela-Lynn Carter, Olean; Jillien E. Darcy, Hinsdale; Lylian Leigh DeArmitt, Portville; Caleb J. Duncan, Allegany-Limestone; Samuel Patrick Eaton, Allegany-Limestone; Aryanna Marie Hatch, Portville; Zoey Elizabeth Hoak, Portville; Carlee M. Jacoby, Allegany-Limestone; Riley Savannah Lippert, Hinsdale; Rayleah Anne Magara, Allegany-Limestone; Emily Ann Miller, Portville; Ryleigh Christine Peterson, Allegany-Limestone; Angelina Shay Richter, Hinsdale; Allison Jean Smith, Portville.

New Vision – Educational Careers – Instructor – Mr. John Padlo – William J. Benatovich, Ellicottville; Kendra D. Bigelow, Genesee Valley; Jenna A. Billings, Allegany-Limestone; Samuel Edwards, Ellicottville; Conner J. Ellison, Allegany-Limestone; Cassidy R. Hand, Genesee Valley; Arreil Keesler, Hinsdale; Emma Lafferty, Ellicottville; Ashley M. Oswald, Wellsville; Paige Pecorella, Allegany-Limestone; Abigail M. Sullivan, Belfast; Nora J. Thompson, Scio; Lauren E. Viglietta, Wellsville.

New Vision – Health Professions – Instructor – Mrs. Jennifer Militello – Riti Anumalasetty, Olean; Evan Bauer, Ellicottville; Lilly Coulter, Allegany-Limestone; Katherine Crawford, Allegany-Limestone; Kevin Carl Edwards-Hardy, Allegany-Limestone; Keelin Finn, Ellicottville; Megan Emily Fisher, Allegany-Limestone; Olivia Mae Frank; Franklinville; Alexandria H. Goodyear, Hinsdale; Emma Jo Jankowski, Allegany-Limestone; Sughosh Kondur, Allegany-Limestone; Dekkyn Krantz, Salamanca; Luciana Josephine Marchese, Franklinville; Alaina Mary Quattrone, Allegany-Limestone; Rose Miriam Scordo, Olean.

Product Design and Manufacturing – Instructor – Mr. James Hilyer – Tyler Steven Babb, Allegany-Limestone; Justus Mikeal Bentley, Elm Street Academy; Xavier Edward Cook, Olean; Ryan Anthony Scott Goodsell, Olean; Ethan D. Jones, Allegany-Limestone; Dominic Angelo Lewis, Olean; Dawson William Mallery, Olean; Kyle Jerry North, Portville; Randy John Reece, Hinsdale; Ryan James Swartwout, Portville; Seth Nathanael Vos, Portville; Dominik Virgil Wagoner, Hinsdale.

Welding and Metal Fabrication – Instructor – Mr. Richard Phinney – Jaykob Dylan Brisky, Olean; Thomas Michael Buckles, Hinsdale; Brennen Michael Burroughs, Olean; Katrina Averill DeGroff, Olean; Jacob Robert Elliott, Hinsdale; Kevin Russell Estabrook, Portville; Michael Rodrigo Fahnestock, Portville; Noah Alexander Greenawalt, Hinsdale; McKenzie Rose Kinnaird, Hinsdale; John Martin Kratts, Hinsdale; Jonathan Corbin Lynch, Olean; Todd A. Pyrkos, Jr., Adult; Andrew James Riordan, Allegany-Limestone; Tyler Alan Slocum Allegany-Limestone; Dylan John Studley, Allegany-Limestone.