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CA BOCES Animation Program Impacting Regional School Districts

Rochester, NY – January 26, 2022 – Since Fall 2021, school districts in the Cattaraugus-Allegany BOCES (CA BOCES) region have been seeing world-class animations come to life in their school hallways thanks to new programming offered through the Information Technology Department at CA BOCES.

Through a unique partnership with Rochester Institute of Technology’s MAGIC Spell Studios, the team at CA BOCES has been offering customized animation offerings to component school districts in the region.

CA BOCES Information Technology Director, Michael Graf, said he has been pleased with program development. “Our newly-created animation department and our partnership with MAGIC Spell Studios has allowed us to offer animation on a broader scale to our component districts at a reasonable price through existing CoSer structures.”

MAGIC Spell Studios, LLC, is the entrepreneurial and commercial heart of MAGIC at RIT. Encompassing a fully functional film sound stage, sound mix and color correction post-production studios, a 4K Dolby Atmos theater, and several working media laboratories, MAGIC Spell Studios, and their student and faculty talent, have been working on various projects in local districts.

CA BOCES is currently working with several regional school districts on various projects that  include animated versions of administrators and mascots, character education animated story lines, 2D/3D creations for use in sensory rooms and hallways, and custom athletic animations for digital score boards.

Allegany-Limestone Central School District is one district that has utilized animation programming this year. Superintendent, Tony Giannicchi, said that he has been most pleased with the opportunity to include staff and students in the process. “With project storylines and scripts created by staff and students, it was a great opportunity to include them in the animation process. This increased overall engagement.”

Belfast Central School District has used animation to promote relationship-building between staff and students. Superintendent, Wendy Butler, said that students and the community have responded well to these new messages. “Our animated pieces have been a nice way to encourage students and bring positivity to our building – which is so important, especially now.”

Randolph Central School District has also seen increased engagement with the inclusion of animation pieces. Superintendent, Kaine Kelly, said that the animated messages they created were aimed to help in student comprehension for a variety of messages. “In today’s environment, our students are asked to understand so many messages and instructions,” he said. “Our animations featuring familiar administrators and staff, and even our service dog, has helped soften messaging and bring a new sort of energy and understanding to those messages.”

For more information on the animation programming at CA BOCES contact Michael Graf at 716-376-8218.

As the regional leader in education services, CA BOCES offers state-of-the-art programs for learners of all ages and abilities as well as cost-effective shared services for 22 component school districts. CA BOCES empowers students to achieve their maximum potential by offering a wide variety of innovative programs and support that include special education, career and technical education, adult and continuing education, technology support, and instructional support services.

CA BOCES Announces CTE High Honor and Honor Roll

Olean, NY – December 8, 2021 – Cattaraugus Allegany BOCES recently announced its Career and Technical Education High Honor and Honor Roll students for the first quarter from CTE Centers in Belmont, Ellicottville, and Olean.


CTE Center at Belmont

First Quarter High Honor Roll


Animal Science – Paige Cochran, Genesee Valley; Addison Herring, Genesee Valley; Kathryn O’Neill, Wellsville

Automotive Technology – Thomas Horning, BP ESA; Elizabeth Nugent, Fillmore; Anthony Stamey, Wellsville; Mason Tyler, Wellsville; Shaun Willis, Cuba Rushford

Carpentry and Construction Trades –Matthew Freeman, Fillmore; Chelsey Horton, Wellsville; Dakota Illerbrun, Fillmore; Zane Killingbeck, Scio; Chase Kinnicutt, Scio; Mikael Mendiola, Cuba Rushford; Layton Miller, Andover; Andrew Mulryan, Hinsdale; Reikin Reynolds, Cuba Rushford; Maddox Smith, Wellsville; Richard York, Andover

Collision Repair Technology – Duane Bliss, Fillmore; Joshua Brizzee, Wellsville; Johnathan Fountain, Wellsville; Austin Harrison, BP ESA; Aidan Meehan, Andover

Cosmetology –Zoey Heisel, Wellsville; Stephanie Oswald, Wellsville; Ceira Schmidt, Fillmore;

Criminal Justice – Jayson Armstrong, Cuba Rushford; Aria Barnes, Genesee Valley; Anastasia Belcer, Cuba Rushford; Jada Braley, Cuba Rushford; Luke Colombo, Fillmore; Zoe Dieter, Friendship; Jessica Dyche, Cuba Rushford; Olivia Hanks, Andover; Jacob Lindo, Belfast; Logan Lopez, Belfast; Gabrielle Marong, Cuba Rushford; Mary Pascale, Bolivar Richburg; Zayne Sturdevant, Wellsville; Elysa Tylor, Cuba Rushford

Culinary Arts – Alyshia Chandler, Scio; Sarah Cook, Wellsville; Matthew Ferraloro, Wellsville; Katey Fowler, Bolivar Richburg; Brianna Morton, Belfast; Emma Nelson, Whitesville; Gabrielle Terhune, Andover; Lawrence Walinski, Fillmore;

Early Childhood – Guinevere Coats, Bolivar Richburg; Mia Laclair, Scio

Early Entry CTE – Levi Coats, Scio; Kevin Morgan, Fillmore

Heavy Equipment Operations – Jesse Babbitt, Genesee Valley; Payton Grantier, Genesee Valley

Media Communications Tech – Tyler Austin, BP ESA, Lacie Bulkley, Friendship; Hayden Burnell, Genesee Valley; Quentin Case, Wellsville; Gavan Dickerson, Wellsville; Isabella Gravitte, Scio; Haley Hall, Fillmore; Christianna Hansgen, Belfast; Nathaniel Howe, Wellsville; Gavin Kenyon, Belfast; Sebastian Pope, Bolivar Richburg; Ethan Rehler, Elm Street Academy; Jaedyn Shields, Friendship; Samantha Simmons, Fillmore; Anastasia Sortore, Friendship; Benjamin Waltenburgh, Bolivar Richburg; Mayleigh Whiting, Cuba Rushford

Medical Assisting – Gracieanne Gaylord, Andover; Kendra Gleason, Friendship; Brianna Green, Cuba Rushford; Austin Greenman, Wellsville; Audrey Hugar,  Wellsville; Madison Jefferies, Cuba Rushford; Jaslynn Shipman, Genesee Valley; Samantha Snyder, Genesee Valley; Cali Thomas, Wellsville; Ashley Whitney, Wellsville; Annika Wiltsey, Fillmore

Natural Resources – David Baldwin, Bolivar Richburg; Preston Bilotta, Cuba Rushford; Braiden Black, Wellsville; Neil Branning, Genesee Valley; Ethan Brant, Wellsville; Jadon Bromley, Bolivar Richburg; Dylon Day, Wellsville; Alexander Ellsworth, Fillmore; Cole Hadfield, Wellsville; Kendall Hoffer, Andover; Cayden Joy, Cuba Rushford; Hayden Niedermaier, Andover; Austin Parker, Bolivar Richburg; Evan Pinney, Bolivar Richburg; Wyatt Shoff, Cuba Rushford; Cohen Slocum, Wellsville; Jaeger Turybury, Bolivar Richburg; Logan Ungermann, Cuba Rushford; Rebecca Van Buskirk, Wellsville; Owen Vennard, Bolivar Richburg

New Vision Health Professions – Lily Babbitt, Scio; Emily Costello, Wellsville; Macie Demick, Cuba Rushford; Rachel Dyche, Cuba Rushford; Rachel Jackson, Whitesville; MacKenzie Keiser, Cuba Rushford; Zoey Lee, Whitesville; Breanna Militello, Bolivar Richburg; Mason Parks, Wellsville; Quinn Rahr, Wellsville; Brooklyn Stisser, Wellsville; Benjamin Weimer, Scio

Pre Engineering CADD – Gavin Cutler, Whitesville; Henry Decker, Fillmore; Lloyd Kinnicutt, Bolivar Richburg; Connor Landcastle, Fillmore; Aidan Prentice, Bolivar Richburg; Aiden Wagner, Fillmore; Brent Zubikowski, Fillmore

Welding Metal Fabrication – Jayson Dietz, Cuba Rushford; Jeremiah Havens, Wellsville; Benson McCumiskey, Cuba Rushford; Michael Swimline, Cuba Rushford



First Quarter Honor Roll


Animal Science – Taylor Brokaw, Friendship; Kirra Childs, Wellsville; Kadence Donohue, Friendship; Kylie Fanton-Acker, Wellsville; Carina    Kling, Wellsville; Laney Murphy, Cuba Rushford; Harley Proctor, Belfast

Automotive Technology – Logan Green, Friendship; Harley Haas, Belfast; Connor Hull, Belfast; Ethan Lewis, Andover; Michael McCumiskey, Fillmore; Connor Stork, Belfast

Carpentry and Construction Trades – Dylan Acor, Whitesville; Emma Beardsley, Fillmore; Zachary Bourne, Genesee Valley; Ean Brant, Wellsville; Wyatt Cox, BP ESA; Briar Dye, Wellsville; Lucas Erdmann, Whitesville; Austin Gowdy, Scio; Tyler Hackett, Andover; Ella Price, Fillmore; Tyson Tigner, Andover; Timothy Washburn, Fillmore

Collision Repair Technology – Troy Cogar, Whitesville; John Harrington, Scio; Teyton Olejniczak, BP ESA; Travis Outman, Whitesville; Dennis Rhodes, Bolivar Richburg

Cosmetology – Nevaeh Caton, Cuba Rushford; Kaitlyn Foster, Adult; Lillian Prince, Fillmore; Isabella Sparatta, Wellsville

Criminal Justice – Dylan Bassett, Cuba Rushford; Ashley Burrows, Genesee Valley; Ryder Easton, Bolivar Richburg; Connor Ferguson, Wellsville; Kyla Gayton, Bolivar Richburg; Haylee Holmes, Fillmore; Ethan Jones, Bolivar Richburg; Haven Kellogg, Cuba Rushford; Deborah Periannan, Cuba Rushford; Aidan Riley, Wellsville; Logan Roberts, Friendship; Madalynn Thompson, Friendship

Culinary Arts – Benjamin Beardsley, Fillmore; Camron   Blouvet, Friendship; Robert Boehl, Wellsville; Logan Burch, Cuba Rushford; Carlos Burdick, Wellsville; Jennifer Homuth, BP ESA; Zane Pangburn, Bolivar Richburg; Marshall Preen, Cuba Rushford; Yulonda Willow, Whitesville

Early Childhood – Karrie Bish, Bolivar Richburg; Abigail Elias, Wellsville; Emily Elliott, Belfast; McKayla Ellwood, Fillmore; Rebecca Gaylord, Wellsville; Linny Heim, Cuba Rushford; Kaylee Kozlowski, Genesee Valley; Aleacia Makeley, Andover; Anna Mercier, Wellsville; Hannah Taggart, Wellsville

Heavy Equipment Operations – Elden Aquila, Genesee Valley; Alexander Baker, Andover; Coltin Brown, Genesee Valley; Noah Button, Genesee Valley; Owen Emery, BP ESA; Karmen Frazier, Fillmore; Daniel Fuller III, Scio; Evan Green, Andover; Luke Hint, Friendship; Tyler Lewis, Whitesville; Dawson Little, Bolivar Richburg; Dillian Middaugh, Genesee Valley; Garrett Miller, Belfast; Kohler Niedermaier, Andover; Devon Ross, Friendship; Gavin Szalay, Genesee Valley; Saralyn Szucs, Bolivar Richburg; Frank White III, Scio; Devin Worthington, BP ESA.

Media Communications Tech – Serena Ainsworth, Whitesville; Brianna Brewer, Friendship; Jacob Buchholz, Belfast; Jarrett Campbell, Cuba Rushford; Emma Farrell, Bolivar Richburg; Hayden Freeman, Fillmore; Castity Gowdy, Bolivar Richburg; Zechariah Grimes, Cuba Rushford; William Haxton, Wellsville; Colin Keech, Bolivar Richburg; Brady Ketchner, Wellsville; Brockton Kostun, Wellsville; Zane Lehman, BP ESA; Matthew Mansfield, Cuba Rushford; Rhiannon Miller, Fillmore; Landan Mooney, Cuba Rushford; Christopher Outman, Cuba Rushford; Beronica Rogers, BP ESA; Brandon Studley, Cuba Rushford; Carissa Tejera, BP ESA.

Medical Assisting – Brynne Adams, Bolivar Richburg; Nathan Blake, Wellsville; Lillian Johnson, Bolivar Richburg; Job Layfield, Wellsville; Brooklyn Long, Fillmore; Addison Morgan, Andover; Kristina Wilcox, Fillmore; Haley Windus, Scio

Natural Resources – Dominic Bello, Cuba Rushford; Jonathan Cahill, Fillmore; Madison Carney, Bolivar Richburg; Landon Cook, Andover; Chase Cook, Bolivar Richburg; Colton Cowburn, Genesee Valley; Dylan Culver, Wellsville; Skylee Demun, Wellsville; Gerald Diel, Wellsville; Ethan Erwin, Cuba Rushford; Tyler Farrow, Wellsville; Jack Frank, Cuba Rushford; David Green, Andover; Samuel Grover, Cuba Rushford; Brockton Hadfield, Wellsville; Andrew Pratt, Wellsville; Benjamin Preston, Belfast; Finnian Stevens, Wellsville; Ian Unfus, Bolivar Richburg; Skyler Vancuren, Andover; Joseph Ward, Genesee Valley; Damon Wood, Fillmore

New Vision Health Professions – Yanely Cristino, Fillmore; Caine Wilson, Bolivar-Richburg

Pre Engineering CADD – Paige Crandall, Wellsville; Caine Wilson BP ESA

Welding Metal Fabrication

Ethan Babbitt, Belfast; Jason Becker Jr, Genesee Valley; Asher Billings, Wellsville; Cormac Vincent Brown, Andover; Lexi Burrows, Genesee Valley; Justin Button, Whitesville; Dakota Clark, Wellsville; Devon Dodson, Scio; Christopher Estep, Whitesville; Jonathan Ford, Genesee Valley; Joseph Grooms, Friendship; Raina Haight, Wellsville; Hunter Hill, Friendship; Maegan Lefort, Friendship; Alaric Magnani, Friendship; Gavin Magnani, Friendship; Spencer Mattison, Whitesville; Killian McKnight, Genesee Valley; Ethan McRae, Andover; Kyle O’Connor, Scio; Destiny Outman, Andover; Carli Powell, Fillmore; Justin Waters, Whitesville; Rhyan Whitham, Scio; Mary Jo Willmart, Fillmore


CTE Center at Ellicottville

First Quarter High Honor Roll


Animal Science – Erika Conhiser, Pioneer; Evan Martonis, Randolph; Kayla Romero, Ellicottville; Erica Schine, Franklinville; Haven Sevenish, Randolph

Automotive Technology – Xevid Butman, Franklinville; Gabriel Greene, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Devin Henderson, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Maysen Jimerson, Salamanca; Gabriel Lavelle, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Brandon Light, Salamanca; Dominic Martinez, Cattaraugus/Little Valley.

Carpentry and Construction Trades – Mason Fisher, Allegany/Limestone; Connor Matheis, Pioneer; Lucas O’Dell, Allegany/Limestone; Caleb Ploetz, Ellicottville; Ryan Roulo, Allegany/Limestone; Zander Smith, West Valley.

Cosmetology – Alissa Atwater, Pioneer; Keira Barber, Pioneer; Nicole Blackwell, West Valley; Rilyn Briggs, Franklinville; Jordan Henderson, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Gabrielle Hickey, West Valley; Chloe Knab, Ellicottville; Olivia Payne, Franklinville; MacKenzie Rogan, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Kelsea Tingue, Pioneer.

Criminal Justice – Joshua Coolidge, Ellicottville.

Culinary Arts – Christian Austin, Springville G.I.; Kessia Belec, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Brooklyn Cotter, Salamanca; Cruz Otero, Salamanca; Lorelle Schmeltz, Randolph; Caliana Wheeler, Randolph.

Early Childhood and Human Services – Kyleigh Dimpfl, Ellicottville; Rebecca Foster, Randolph; Mandy Hurlburt, Ellicottville; Carley Learn, Franklinville; Emilee Ruiz, Ellicottville; Sydney Schrock, Pioneer; Brynley Spencer, Springville G.I.; Elizabeth Weaver, Salamanca.

Heavy Equipment Operations – Preston Burrows, Randolph; Shawn Clancy, Ellicottville; Kent Janora, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Marcus Wilson, Randolph

Media Communications Technology – Nicholas Connors, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Dylan Raub, Randolph; Kaleb Ronan, Pioneer.

Medical Assisting – Hailey Andrews, Pioneer; Riley Eaton, Randolph; Kyra Gonzalez, Franklinville; Hannah Lecceardone, Randolph; Addison McCord, Salamanca; Kendell O’Neill, Randolph; Marissa Rose, Franklinville; MacKenzie Slisz, Pioneer; Grace Zalwsky, Cattaraugus/Little Valley.

Natural Resources – Hailee Williams, Pioneer.

Power Equipment Technology – Brien Funke, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Jack Quattrone, Allegany/Limestone.

Welding/Metal Fabrication – Ryan Harper, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Eion Quigley, Salamanca; Louis Seward, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Caleb Zimmerman, Pioneer.


First Quarter Honor Roll     


Animal Science – Amber Chapman, Pioneer; Kaylee Fuchs, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Karry Geleta, Franklinville; Mia Hudson, Salamanca; Midnight London, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Abbigail Neamon, Pioneer; Samantha Parsell, Pioneer; Katherine Prial, Franklinville; Trinity Shultz, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Kaylene Wardner, Franklinville; Katherine Winsor, Cattaraugus/Little Valley.

Automotive Technology – Dakota Bocharski, Pioneer; Kolton Deliman, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Dalton Gonzalez, Ellicottville; Jesse James, Pioneer; Ryan Ludwig, Pioneer; Jason McGraw, Salamanca; Kaden Pequeen, Franklinville; Colin Pixley, Pioneer; Austin Schweickert, Pioneer; Malaki Tatko, Pioneer; Danny Wright, BP EVL.

Carpentry and Construction Trades – Lucas Barber, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Joseph Freundschuh, Ellicottville; Drew Goss, Franlinville; Zander Grafton, BP EVL; Walker Green, Allegany/Limeston; Logan Grinols, Ellicottville; Jordan Ground, Salamanca; Kameryn Hilliman-Britton, Salamanca; Jack Langdon, Allegany/Limestone; Meredie Lemk, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Carmen Marchese, Franklinville; Kyara Nugent, Franklinville; Quentin Shultz, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; MickeyWozniak, Franklinville.

Collision Repair Technology – Gavin Baxter, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Holden Bruyere, Randolph; Kayla Chapman, Pioneer; Brenden Clayton, Pioneer; Malaki Green, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Courtney Parmenter, Salamanca; Benjamin Roosa, Randolph, Hunter Sanfilippo, Pioneer, Preston Sills, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Nathaniel Tagliarino, Randolph; Xavier Wilson, Cattaraugus/Little Valley.

Cosmetology – Joshua Bush, Randolph; Corissa Cousins, Adult; Taylor Fuller, Salamanca; Hana Halterman-Gerstenzang, Salamanca; Ellinor Kless, Pioneer; Emily McChesney, Pioneer; Ella Mozes, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Shayla Murphy, Pioneer; Lindsey Neudeck, Central Baptist Christian School; Annika Pagett, Salamanca; Madison Ray, BP EVL; Krystal Reyes, Salamanca; Hayden Schreckengost, Randolph; Magnolia Wilson, Franklinville

Criminal Justice – Lana Bieber, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Hannah Booth, Randolph; K’Lonnie Davis, Franklinville; Janay Ghani, West Valley; Aiden Hoover, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Angelica Kopp, Franklinville; Riley Lorkowski, Pioneer; Haley Madigan, Pioneer; Justin Seamon, Franklinville.

Culinary Arts – Aston Chapman, Pioneer; Keagan Chapman, Salamanca; Megan Charles, Central Baptist Christian School; Haley Hahn, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Hailey Maybee, Salamanca; Steven Plewa, Pioneer; Seth Putt, Franklinville; Christian Snyder, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Courtney Venturin, Ellicottville.

Early Childhood – Kyra Frentz, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Hannah Giordano, Springville G.I.; Alivia Graham; Randolph; Emilee Langdon, Franklinville; Cheyanne Rydzyk, Pioneer; NatalieVassar, Ellicottville; Alexia Wierzbic, Pioneer.

Early Entry CTE – Devon Bish, Allegany/Limestone; Robert Richardson III, Allegany/Limestone; Nadia Shreve, Allegany/Limestone.

Heavy Equipment Operations – Joshua Brown, Pioneer; Daytona Cirbus, Pioneer; Koda Curtis, Ellicottville; Charles George, Pioneer; James Hobson, Pioneer; Colton Jacoby, Allegany/Limestone; Dylan King, Pioneer; Kaylee Marek, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Ryan Smith, Salamanca; Austin Williams, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Ian Zeher, Ellicottville.

Media Communications Technology – Amarris Ball, Salamanca; Jason Bapst, Central Baptist Christian School; Liam Conroy, Franklinville; Alina Cook, Salamananca; Kayden Cunningham, Salamanca; Morgan Davenport, Pioneer; Logan Green, Franklinville; Taylor Luke, Salamanca; Jordan Parson, Randolph; Phillip Snyder, Randolph; Nicholas Thalheimer, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Kimberly Weaver, Ellicottville; Cody Wickham, Ellicottville; Erica Wilber, Ellicottville; Wesley Yocum, Pioneer.

Medical Assisting – Hailie Covell, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Kenneth Eckhart, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Taylor Foster, Randolph; Sessa George, Salamanca; Natalie Kelley, Randolph; Madison Marcheson, Pioneer; Jayme Newberry, Franklinville; Lucas Wig, Cattaraugus/Little Valley.

Natural Resources – Benjamin Brol, Franklinville; Zachary Clark, Ellicottville; Damin Crowley, Allegany/Limestone; Dakota Gebauer-Allen, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Errol Moore, Ellicottville; Wyatt Taylor, Cattaraugus/Little Valley.

Power Equipment Technology – Toby Conner, Ellicottville; Nathan Cope, Central Baptist Christian School; Mark Drennan, Pioneer; Trenton Emke, Randolph; Damon Fischer, Randolph; Seth Howland, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Alec Siperek, Cattaraugus/Little Valley.

Welding Metal Fabrication – Nicholas Barber, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Jason Buczek, Springville G.I.; Piper Dineen, Salamanca; Gage Furl, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Janette Grizer, Pioneer; Nathaniel Hunt, Central Baptist Christian School; Matthew Ives, Ellicottville; Patrick Marsh, Pioneer; Wyatt Nowak, Pioneer; Christopher Stiles, Central Baptist Christian.


CTE Center at Olean

First Quarter High Honor Roll


Animal Science – Damion Brown-Morin, Hinsdale; Danni Chudy, Portville; Jazmyan Clark, Hinsdale; Kagome Cleveland, Allegany/Limestone; Rylee Ehrensberger, Allegany/Limestone; Emily Ensell, Allegany/Limestone; Adrianna Frederick, Portville; Kaleigh Greeley, Hinsdale; Emma Hall, Allegany/Limestone; Steven Hayman, Hinsdale; Chloe Kimball, Olean; Jared Morgan, Olean; Hannah Nelson, Olean; Alexis Peters, Allegany/Limestone; Madelyn Sakala, Olean; Adriana Skillman, Portville; Sarah Tuttle, Hinsdale; Hannah, Woodard, Olean.

Audio Visual Production – Quintin Allen, Olean; Kilee Bearfield, Olean; Allie Boser, Allegany/Limestone; Kadyn Cassidy, Hinsdale; Chloe Gilliland, Olean; Cruise Hastings, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Ehren Heary, Olean; Kent Little, Portville; Noah Randall, Hinsdale; Jace Sullivan, Olean; Dominic Wright, Allegany/Limestone; Landen Wyant, Hinsdale.

Automotive Technology – Ellison Ash-West, Olean; Ethan Kayes, Olean; Ryan Perkins, Portville; Thomas Stayer, Hinsdale.

Collision Repair and Auto Body Technology –Maddison Collins, Portville; Aaron Fitzimmons, Adult; Braden Layton, Hinsdale.

Cosmetology – Noah Easterly, Hinsdale; Madison Ferry, Olean; Mickelle Green, Portville; Hannah Raineri, Adult; Scarlet Sorvillo, Portville; Kylee St. Clair; Allegany/Limestone; Rain Stives, Adult; Cameron Tanner, Allegany/Limestone; Kyah Williams, Olean.

Criminal Justice – Christopher Cassford, Olean; Dylan Dirosa, Olean; Tyler Fortuna, Hinsdale; Sierra Goodwill, Olean; Myka Grayson, Olean; Jenna Margeson, Allegany/Limestone; Shaun Sanders, Portville; Emily St. Clair, Olean; Christopher Stebbins, Portville; Noah Wilkinson, Olean; Roy Wilson, Jr., Olean.

Culinary Arts – Christopher Hryb, Portville; Skylor Green, Portville; Hunter Miles, Allegany/Limestone; Maris Parmelee, Allegany/Limestone; Lilianna Peters, Allegany/Limestone; Benjamin Wolfe, Allegany/Limestone; Sarah Youngs, Portville.

Media Communications Technology – Marissa Adams, Hinsdale; Samantha Balcerzak, Allegany/Limestone; Alicia Crimmins, Allegany/Limestone.

Medical Assisting – Breanna DeYoe-Vanscoter, Portville; Joshua Lea, Allegany/Limestone; Jaden Sands, Hinsdale; Jordyn Sickels, Portville.

New Vision Educational Careers – Emalee Dedrick, Allegany/Limestone; Kearstin Foster, Allegany/Limestone; Ellie LaBenne, Wellsville; Kinsey McAfee, Allegany/Limestone; Margaret McAuley, Franklinville; Alexander Perkins, Wellsville; Hannah Sturm, Wellsville; Kendall Tucker, Hinsdale; Caleigh Zollinger, Portville.

New Vision Health Professions – John Charles, Allegany/Limestone; Christy Childs, Hinsdale; Morgan Dowdell, Olean; Stella Gonzalez, Olean; Madison Jones, Olean; Courtney Lyle, Portville; Amelie Metzger, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Maryam Mirza, Olean; Brooke Pecorella, Allegany/Limestone; Delaney Pfeiffer, Franklinville; Madeline Straub, Allegany/Limestone; Sara Thomas, Olean; Alexis Trietley, Olean; Elsa Woodarek, Ellicottville; Jocelyn Wyatt, Ellicottville.

Product Design and Manufacturing – Christopher Bargy, Olean; Leah Faulkner, Portville; Cayden Hatch, Franklinville; Benjamin Isaman, Portville; Parker Keenan, Hinsdale; Gavin Kwiatkowski, Allegany/Limestone; Gage Lisek, Portville; Jordan Rodgers-Bonnell, Olean; Brandon Skinner, Allegany/Limestone; Paul Tackentien, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Noah Trudeau, Olean; Kevin Voegelin, Allegany/Limestone.


First Quarter Honor Roll


Animal Science – Landen Amore, Allegany/Limestone; Xaiver Attwell, Olean; Zachary Byrne, Olean; Ashley Doxey, Olean; Kalene Marsh, RISE Academy; Landon Page, Allegany/Limestone; Dominic Smith, Allegany/Limestone.

Audio Visual Production – Ethan Burdick, Olean; Jaimee Chastain, Olean; Allayna Comstock, Allegany/Limestone; Felicia DeGolier, Allegany/Limestone; Prince Foster, Olean; Malachi Galmer, Olean; Courtney Hathaway, Portville; Jacob Herbert, Allegany/Limestone; Chloe Hirt, Olean; Rileigh Martin, Allegany/Limestone; Caelyn Mett, Olean; Xander Pascucci, Hinsdale; Kaiden Scott, Olean.

Automotive Technology – Dominick Aderman, Allegany/Limestone; Jaelyn Bennett, Portville; Trystan Buck, Allegany/Limestone; Gaven Darcy, Hinsdale; Mason Deming, Allegany/Limestone; Drew Johnson, Olean; Devin Kayes, Olean; Adam Larrabee, Hinsdale; George Schreiber, Olean; Austin Stout Peters, Allegany/Limestone; Maddox Windus, Olean.

Collision Repair and Auto Body Technology – Christopher Austin, Portville; Harley Hathaway, Portville.

Cosmetology – Isabelle Bailey, Allegany/Limestone; Quinn Bishop, Allegany/Limestone; Jenna Blanchard, BP ESA; Kaitlynn Clune, Adult; Katie Forrester, Allegany/Limestone; Mariyah Jackson, Allegany/Limestone; Kenzington Wesley, Hinsdale.

Criminal Justice – Aiden Dobson, Olean; Matthew Gilman, Allegany/Limestone; Janelle Havers, Olean; Griffin Kinnaird, Portville; Izabella Provorse, Allegany/Limestone; Dusty Ray, Olean; Justin Richardson, Olean; Samantha Steadman, Portville.

Culinary Arts – Renee Brown, Olean; Patrick Elliott, Portville; Madalynn Graves, Olean; Mia Guo, Portville; Dalton Pilon, Portville.

Early Childhood Education and Human Services – Kelsey Bradford, Portville; Taylor Chamberlain, Portville; Kaylee Dann, Olean; Danielle Lundfelt, Portville; Sara Neal, Allegany/Limestone; Roxanne Padlo, Olean; Jaedyn Riehle, Olean; Allie Shoup, Olean; Tori Unverdorben, Portville; Myha Wilson, Portville.

Media Communications Technology – Anthony Bates, Allegany/Limestone; Alana Beeson, Olean; Zachary Buckner, Portville; Ariyana Burrows, Olean; MacKenzie Cowburn, Allegany/Limestone; Erika Ensell, Portville; Maria Fox, Olean; Destany Hough, Olean; Dylan Miller, Hinsdale; Lauren Ralston, Allegany/Limestone; Alex Redeye, Allegany/Limestone.

Medical Assisting – Bryanne Cowles, Olean; Alisha Dickerson, Portville; Jemini Fayson, Olean; Kaidence Kinnaird, Portville; Abigail Pullins, Portville; Tori Safford, Franklinville; Briana Shields, Portville.

Product Design and Manufacturing – Andrew Klos, RISE Acdemy; Charles Smith, Adult; Dakota Wilber, Olean.

Welding and Metal Fabrication – Zander Keim, Portville; Adam Yehl, Hinsdale.

CTE Center at Ellicottville Students Receive Advanced Training Through College, Local Partners

Ellicottville, NY – November 9, 2021 – On November 3, students from the CA BOCES CTE Center at Ellicottville Power Equipment Technology program received a day of advanced agricultural & construction equipment hydraulic systems training.

Sponsored by SUNY Cobleskill’s Workforce Development Outreach Project, the students participated in hands-on training to reinforce hydraulic system fundamentals.  Some of the training included using a hydraulic flow-meter to measure machine hydraulic oil flow and testing a tractor’s 3-point hitch hydraulic pump relief valve setting.  The students also learned about many types of hydraulic system components, such as pumps, motors, control valves and cylinders.

Outreach Instructors from SUNY Cobleskill’s Agricultural Engineering Department led the training. Industry representatives from Anderson Equipment, LandPro Equipment and the NYS Department of Transportation also participated in the training. The Outreach Project also donated the use of a brand new, state of the art Mini Track Loader and Compact Tractor for the day.  This Mini Track Loader was “bugged” with faults, which the students had to correctly troubleshoot and identify. The main goal of the SUNY Cobleskill Workforce Development Outreach Project is to foster and build connections between students, educators, and industry.  The driving force behind this project is to educate and encourage young adults to enter the agricultural / construction equipment repair fields, as a shortage currently exists and is projected to increase in the near future.

As the regional leader in education services, CA BOCES offers state-of-the-art programs for learners of all ages and abilities as well as cost-effective shared services for 22 component school districts. CA BOCES empowers students to achieve their maximum potential by offering a wide variety of innovative programs and support that include special education, career and technical education, adult and continuing education, technology support, and instructional support services. To learn more, visit

CA BOCES Honored with State Public Relations & Design Awards

Olean, NY – October 28, 2021 – Each year, the New York School Public Relations Association (NYSPRA) recognizes exemplary work in school public relations, marketing, graphic design, and digital media in their annual Communications Contest. The Cattaraugus-Allegany BOCES Public Relations/Graphic Design/Print Shop team recently received recognition in two categories in the 2021 competition.
CA BOCES was awarded recognition in the “Special Publication” category in the 2021 competition for work on catalogs in the Instructional Support Services Division and in the Career & Technical Education division.
CA BOCES Director of Technology, Michael Graf, said that he is proud of the team and the consistency that comes with their work: “These recent awards highlight how our public relations department, graphic designers, print shop, and developers all work together to create high quality solutions for our internal and external customers.”
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Cuba-Rushford Educator named State Education Teacher of the Year

Olean, NY – September 15, 2021 – High school teacher Carly Santangelo’s favorite thing about her job is her students and the exciting new things she can share with them in the classroom.

The last thing she expected was to be recognized on a statewide level for just doing what she loves every day.

Santangelo, an agriculture teacher at Cuba-Rushford Central School, has been named Teacher of the Year by the New York State Education Department.

“I am very honored and very excited for the opportunity to help other teachers and our students,” Santangelo told the Olean Times Herald. “I’m really humbled to have been chosen.”

Santangelo began her career teaching animal science at the CA BOCES center in Belmont. After coming to the Cuba-Rushford district in 2018, she has taught several science and technology classes including agriscience, welding and small engines, career and finance and farm to table.

In addition to her work in the classroom, Santangelo’s love of farm life continues in her volunteering with the Allegany County 4-H and as an FFA member.

Santangelo was nominated by her principal, Katie Ralston. She said she appreciated that Ralston thought of them for the contest and proceeded with filling out the application.

“Mrs. Santangelo has a vision and a direction that allows her impact to expand beyond her own classroom, with benefits of her work riveting through the district, our local community and the educational region,” Ralston wrote in her nominee letter.

The application process goes in a series of rounds, Santangelo explained. The first round required some recommendation letters from others in the school district, while moving onto the second round asked for more reflection on her part in a series of questions and answers.

In his letter to the Teacher of the Year advisory council, technology teacher Michael Johnson said of Santangelo: “Carly is an enthusiastic and energetic teacher, co-worker and community member, and is an avid promoter of career and technical education. She leaves an indelible mark on the people with whom she meets and works.”

Cassandra Bull, Farm to School coordinator for Cornell Cooperative Extension of Allegany County, wrote, “Carly has gone above and beyond in her position because of her capacity for leadership, natural tendency toward progress and love of hands-on education.”

When filling out the application and updating her resume, Santangelo said she remembered thinking about how her resume reflects her as a teacher.

“I learned through this application process that my voice and my message is what the committee was looking for,” she said. “I train my students to be advocates, and I’m an advocate myself for my profession.”

Santangelo said her students are the reason why she is constantly thinking of new ways to be a better teacher and do a better job connecting with them. She said she wants to give them every opportunity imaginable.

That has been tested during the past 18 months of social distance and virtual teaching due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, Santangelo said because she looks at how she does things with a critical lens, the challenges since March 2020 have helped her look at how she teaches in a new way.

“Yes, it’s different but no different than if I were to evaluate at the beginning of any school year how I would provide content to these kids,” she said.

Santangelo said those she works with who knew about the application process have been supportive throughout, but noted that everyone in the school is supportive of each other all the time, one of the reasons that makes her successful, too.

“They provide me with a ton of inspiration,” she said. “I deeply feel that I’m surrounded and inspired by some really exceptional educators. … We’re better because we’re a community and able to see the practices that work and able to have colleagues that support us on the days that are difficult.”

“Being an educator requires strong resilience in the face of challenges, and Carly exemplifies the resilience that NYSUT members show each and every day in their classrooms,” NYSUT President Andy Pallotta said. “She represents the very best qualities that educators across the state possess: Dedication, mastery of her craft, a sincere belief in the success of the entire school community and that resilience that has been so crucial especially in the last year and a half. We’re proud to call Carly a NYSUT member.”

“Carly’s ability to meet students where they are when they arrive in her classroom and then help them accomplish what she knows they are able to is inspiring,” NYSUT Executive Vice President Jolene T. DiBrango said. “What’s more, her understanding of the importance of learning from her students — her drive to be a better teacher based on their feedback — speaks volumes to her selfless attitude and dedication to creating a welcoming learning environment in which every student can achieve their best.”

“New York’s teachers are critical to the success of students in every corner of our state,” Chancellor Young said.  “The outstanding group of nominees represent what makes this profession so special and are well deserving of this honor. The Board and I extend our most sincere gratitude and recognition to Mrs. Santangelo and each of this year’s nominees for all they do on behalf of New York’s students.”

“To achieve the level of sustained engagement among New York’s students over the past year and a half wouldn’t have been possible without the commitment of our state’s exceptional teachers,” Commissioner Rosa said. “Taking a moment to honor New York’s top teachers is important as we strive to highlight the significant and noble work that they do each and every day.  Congratulations to this year’s nominees and Mrs. Santangelo, our 2022 Teacher of the Year.”

Now that she’s been recognized as Teacher of the Year, Santangello said she hopes she can help other educators learn how to connect with their students and help schools connect with industries so students can be better prepared for life after high school.

“I think every teacher can challenge students to solve authentic problems that are important and valuable to the students,” she said. “In doing that, we connect our students and teachers, we help our teachers build resilience and help empower our students to take ownership of the problem-solving process.”



Olean Times Herald Article Link:

Cuba-Rushford educator named state ed Teacher of the Year | Allegany County |


Sep 14, 2021

CA BOCES High School Equivalency Graduates Share Reflections

Olean, NY – August 5, 2021 – Between January 2020 and June 2021, 147 examinees from our area earned their high school equivalency diploma through testing at Cattaraugus Allegany BOCES.   These examinees are exemplary and completed this despite obstacles including COVID and personal barriers.  Many were students at CA BOCES community sites and worked with our well-trained instructors to achieve this goal.  Employment Preparation Education (EPE) funds classes for adults who are interested in obtaining their diploma.  There was a perfect score in reading of 800 during this time and many other students scored over 600–14 in reading, 10 in writing, 2 in math, 7 in science, and 5 in social studies.  In addition, 5 examinees scored over 3000 total points with the top score being 3231.

We asked two of our top-scoring students what to share their experience as examples of what can be achieved with hard work and perseverance:

“My name is Ping Munzert.  I am from China.  I came to America five years ago when I was 63 years old.  My English was very poor.  I had a difficult time and was very frustrated.  Eventually, I was able to get a job as a cashier at Walmart.  Although working there did improve my English, I realized that I needed more help if I wanted to be successful.  That is when I found BOCES.  With their help, I was able to get my first certification to be a CNA.  My dream is to become a nurse, even though I had attended high school and college in China, I felt it important that I get my high school equivalency here in America.  So that I could further improve my English and attend American College.

I began studying for my GED in February 2019 in Delevan Library.  My husband was very supportive.  He helped me study and drive me back and forth to my class.  My teacher Jody gave me a lot of guidance.  She was very kind and patient with me.  My knowledge of American history was lacking, to say the least.  My limited vocabulary was making it difficult to understand.  She took time to explain things to me and give me study material.  Finally, I passed my math, social study and science.  Also, I got very good score on math and social study.

I really had a hard time with reading and writing.  It took me over a year to prepare for my exam.  During that time, some instruction had to be done over the phone because of the COVID pandemic.  Bethany Ruane spent much time on the phone to help me.  I studied many hours and received help from the staff at BOCES.  I passed my final exam of English in July 2020 and received my equivalency diploma.  Without that assistance and encouragement, I might not have been able to pass the equivalency exam.  Many thanks to the staff at BOCES.

I believe in America anything is possible if you’re willing to work and you have a dream.  Just do it.  It doesn’t matter how old you are, what matters is your attitude and your amount effort.  Study hard, don’t give up.  You can achieve your dream.”

Samantha Barnetson adds this:

“After many years of thinking that having my high school equivalency diploma wouldn’t make a difference in my life, I finally decided to go back and try to earn it. After giving up the first time around, ten years later I finally achieved my goal. I never thought I could do it and ended up doing better than I imagined. I now have so many more opportunities and am currently studying veterinary assisting. I still haven’t chosen my new career, but it feels good to know I’ve opened so many more doors for myself. I’m glad I made the choice to get my diploma.”

These students would have presented these as speeches at our graduation ceremony had we been able to hold one.  Both students are strong examples of the success that can be achieved through high school equivalency classes and successful completion of the high school equivalency diploma.  In New York, the GED test was phased out in 2014 and the TASC is now the test of high school equivalency (HSE) along with options through pathways provided from New York State Education Department including regents credit, college credit, and National External Diploma Program.

Are you ready to get your diploma?  Are you 21 or older?  Call 716-376-8293 and get started today.

CA BOCES Honored with National Public Relations & Design Awards

The Cattaraugus-Allegany BOCES Public Relations/Graphic Design/Print Shop team recently received recognition in several categories in the National School Public Relations Association Annual Communication Awards. From left, Thomasine Graf (CTE Outreach), Kim Survil (Graphic Design), Ashley Gleason (Graphic Design), Jessica Golley (Public Relations), Joe Myers (Programming), and Jeff Babbitt (Public Relations).

Olean, NY – July 9, 2021 – Each year, the National School Public Relations Association (NSPRA) recognizes exemplary work in school public relations, marketing, graphic design, and digital media in their nation-wide Communication Awards competition. The Cattaraugus-Allegany BOCES Public Relations/Graphic Design/Print Shop team recently received recognition in several categories in the 2021 competition.

NSPRA’s mission is to build support and trust through responsible public relations that leads to success for all students. With more than 80 years of experience, NSPRA has a reputation in the field for practical approaches to solving school district and agency communication problems. The NSPRA has honored the best work in school communication for more than 50 years with its annual awards.

CA BOCES was awarded recognition in the following categories in the 2021 competition for work within BOCES and in component school districts: overall program campaign, special publication/book, marketing publication, video/podcast, e-newsletter, and social media campaign.

Scott Payne, CA BOCES District Superintendent, said that he was pleased to learn of the recent recognition. “Our team focuses all year on providing high-quality communication solutions internally and to our component school districts,” he said. “I’m extremely proud of the work being done to increase communication in our communities.”

Dr Ralph Kerr, President of the CA BOCES Board of Education commented, “On behalf of the entire CA BOCES Board of Education I want to congratulate everyone involved in the production of these outstanding award-winning communication pieces. We are so proud of you and are grateful that the National School Public Relations Association recognized the high-quality work that is produced at our BOCES.”

CA BOCES Director of Technology, Michael Graf, said that he is proud of the team approach that contributed to the recent recognition. “Our focus in the Technology & Communication division at CA BOCES is on working together for the best solutions. These recent awards highlight how our public relations department, graphic designers, print shop, and developers all work together to create high quality solutions for our internal and external customers.”

CA BOCES Practical Nursing Program Honors Graduates

Olean, NY – July 7, 2021 – Fourteen students from the Cattaraugus-Allegany BOCES Practical Nursing Programs, based at the BOCES Career and Technical Education Centers at Belmont and Olean, received graduation pins and diplomas during a special ceremony held on June 28, 2021 at the Career and Technical Education Center at Olean.


Matthew Fanton, Principal, Workforce Development and Community Learning, served as master of ceremonies and introduced students who received their graduation pins and diplomas from Joan Weinman, RN, Belmont Instructor and Cheri Stady, BSN, RN, Olean Instructor.

The event commemorated their completion of the two-year program. All the CA BOCES nursing program graduates are now eligible to sit for the Practical Nursing Licensing Examinations.

Graduates receiving special awards included:
Academic Excellence –  Amy Kenyon, Belmont; Alyssa Cliff, Olean


Perfect Attendance – Years 1 and 2 – Kimberly Hatch and Joselyn Lentola, Belmont; Kathleen Baynum, Olean

Perfect Attendance – Year 1 – Sarah Tsepelis, Olean

Perfect Attendance – Year 2 – Sarah Tsepelis, Belmont; Tiffany Ott, Olean

Exceptional Attendance – Year 1 – Emily Bialasziewski and Tiffany Ott, Olean

Exceptional Attendance – Year 2 – Emily Bialaszewski, Miranda Drake and Chelsea Perry, Belmont; Alyssa Cliff, Jordan Ihrig and Ivy Woodruff, Olean


Graduates include:   

Miranda R. Drake, Belmont, NY; Joselyn A. Lentola, Wellsville, NY; Amy M. Kenyon, Belfast, NY; Kathleen V. Baynum, Olean, NY; Katelin R. Young, Belfast, NY; Alyssa K. Cliff, Gifford, PA; Emily M. Bialaszewski, Cuba, NY; Sarah P. Tsepelis, Custer City, PA

Cynthia R. Wahl, Andover, NY; Chelsea M. Perry, Richburg, NY; Kimberly A. Hatch, Rushford, NY; Ivy D. Woodruff, Gifford, PA; Jordan P. Ihrig, Lewis Run, PA; Tiffany M. Ott, Bradford, PA

CABOCES Career & Technical Education Centers Honor Graduates

Olean, NY – June 21, 2020 – Administration, Faculty, and the Board of Education of Cattaraugus Allegany BOCES recently honored graduates from all three CTE Centers in Belmont, Ellicottville, and Olean.



BOCES Career and Technical Education Center at Belmont

2021 Award Winners


Career and Technical Education Scholarship:  Logan Fisher, Bolivar Richburg; Tia Hale, Belfast; Brittney Mascho, Bolivar Richburg; Bryce Perry, Andover


Ted Hopkins CTE Scholarship:  Jonathan Lewis, Whitesville


Kolby Geffers Memorial Scholarship:  Rayce Carr, Bolivar Richburg


The Memorial Welding Scholarship:  Dekota Stewart, Friendship




The following are candidates for graduation who have met the requirements set forth by the BOCES Board of Education and the NYS Department of Education:


Animal Science – Angelina Allen, Genesee Valley; Joshua Bradford, Whitesville; Natalie Brodman, Genesee Valley; Morgan Burdick, Andover; Mia Burnell, Genesee Valley; Madisyn Dannheim, Bolivar Richburg; Hayley Prentice, Genesee Valley; Emily Stilson, Scio; Hailie Vankuren, Fillmore


Automotive Technology – Dalton Cutler, Bolivar Richburg; Blaze Dreyer, Andover; Clint Griswold,Cuba Rushford; Kash Grover, Whitesville; Nicholas Gughiocello, Belfast; Douglas Hale Jr, Genesee Valley; Desiree Labelle, Fillmore; Connor McGeorge, Fillmore


Carpentry and Construction Trades – Alexis Conley, Wellsville; Taye Fields-Johnson, Wellsville; Cassandra Kling, Wellsville; Shiloh Mattison, Wellsville; Keegan McKnight, Genesee Valley; Ryan Pulvino, Pioneer; Ethan Rix, Cuba Rushford; Ian Romero, Friendship; Wyatt Scott, Wellsville; Kevin Thomason, Bolivar Richburg; Collin Weaver, Belfast; Trenton White, Scio


Collision Repair Technology – Tristin Bilby, Scio; Robert Bowker, Scio; Clayton Burgeson, Cuba Rushford; Zacharie Dunn, Bolivar Richburg; Jacob Evans, Wellsville; Trevor Hawley, Cuba Rushford; Wayne Karnuth, Bolivar Richburg; Preston Kinnicutt, Scio; Rosario Margaglio, Fillmore; Damian Moultrup, Bolivar Richburg; Mark Pangburn, Bolivar Richburg; Braedyn Poore, Wellsville; David Tanyi, Belfast; Rylee Taylor, Wellsville


Cosmetology – Alea Comstock, Scio; Brooke Crossley, Scio; Shannon Durrigan, Belfast; Brianna Elliott, Belfast; Kelsey Ferris, Bolivar Richburg; Phynix Halbach, Fillmore; Kiersten Koval, Wellsville; Madeline Lerro, Friendship; Adison Male, Belfast; Shakira Solomon, Friendship; Mercedes Turybury, Bolivar Richburg; Celina Warboys, Scio; Amber Wardlow, Wellsville


Criminal Justice – Emera Aquila, Genesee Valley; Dominick Baldwin, Bolivar Richburg; Blake Beckwith, Wellsville; Carson Cockle, Genesee Valley; Brayden Day, Bolivar Richburg; Jason Drozdowski, Belfast; Austin Dye, Wellsville; Shiloh Ellwood, Fillmore; Cayden Faulkner, Bolivar Richburg; Keltsie Francis, Belfast; Brendal Jackson, Whitesville; Nathan Miller, Friendship; Trevor Mullen, Genesee Valley; Devon Oliver, Fillmore; Katelyn Pensyl, Whitesville; Rachel Plank, Wellsville; Owen Potter, Fillmore; Kahley Rhodes, Scio; Benjamin Roberts, Bolivar Richburg; Derrick Sallazzo, Wellsville; Tyler Sands, Wellsville; Garrett Shields, Bolivar Richburg; Haeden Smith, Wellsville; Alexia Swimline, Cuba Rushford; Jason Tronetti, Wellsville; Aiden Tucker, Wellsville; Dylan Valentine, Fillmore


Culinary Arts – Seth Baker, Bolivar Richburg; Aubrey Cook, Wellsville; Jaden Jackson, Wellsville; Blake Pratt, Wellsville; Logan Redeye, Allegany Limestone; Carly Wigent, Wellsville


Early Childhood – Taela Bisig, Belfast; Jaycie Carlin, Andover; Thomas Duchesne Jr., Bolivar Richburg; Ariana Fields, Scio; Zowie Geffers, Andover; Jersey Jones, Cuba Rushford; Helena Miller, Wellsville; Michelle Scranton, Friendship; Cameron Shaw, Cuba Rushford; Blake Stonemetz, Wellsville; Riley Watson, Wellsville; Hailey Young, Portville


Heavy Equipment Operations – Dawson Armison, Fillmore; Hunter Beckman, Scio; Steven Buchholz, Belfast; Trent Chamberlain, Cuba Rushford; Christopher Fuller, Belfast; Jonathan Lewis, Whitesville; Conner Pfouts, Cuba Rushford

Media Communications Tech – Jordan Alles, Cuba Rushford; Tristan Burnell, Genesee Valley; Joseph Button, Whitesville; Shailynn Childs, Wellsville; William Conley-Mitchell, Friendship; Holly Coppini, Genesee Valley; Jacob Dutton, Cuba Rushford; Brock Ellsessor, Genesee Valley; Tucker Gleason,Bolivar Richburg; Randi Greenman, Scio; Tia Hale, Belfast; Treston Hodgkins, Wellsville; Zachary Hughes, Friendship; Riley Jennings, Cuba Rushford; Koh Kozlowski, Genesee Valley; Seth Kreamer, Cuba Rushford; Zachary Lehman, Genesee Valley; Pehyton Moore, Friendship; Jacob Riggs,  Wellsville; Ali Stebbins, Wellsville; Thomas Thorp, Andover; Clayton Witt, Scio; Dawsen Yates, Bolivar Richburg; Seth Yates, Bolivar Richburg


Medical Assisting – Kyla Burdick, Bolivar Richburg; Nichole Davis, Bolivar Richburg; Reagan Eveland, Andover; Logan Fisher, Bolivar Richburg; Courtney Hitchcock, Cuba Rushford; Cheyenne Layman, Scio; Brittney Mascho, Bolivar Richburg; Ashley McRae, Genesee Valley; Cameron Merkwa, Wellsville; Atlin Moore, Friendship; Kelsey Pacer, Bolivar Richburg; Kyla Phearsdorf, Bolivar Richburg; Ethan Reilly, Wellsville; Tahni Thorpe, Friendship; Julia Whitney, Wellsville


Natural Resources – Dalton Baker, Genesee Valley; Daniel Baldwin, Bolivar Richburg; Jacob Christensen, Genesee Valley; Spencer Cook, Andover; Shawn Deibler, Cuba Rushford; Gabe Dennis, Wellsville; Cameron Dunlap, Cuba Rushford; Colton Gaddy, Belfast; Riley Gordon, Genesee Valley; Logan Harder, Wellsville; Adrian McCarthy, Fillmore; Dominic Sawyer, Wellsville; Gunner Swartz, Andover; Jesse Taylor, Bolivar Richburg; Christian Tuttle, Genesee Valley; Kayden Zengerle, Andover


New Vision Health Professions – Claire Benham, Cuba Rushford; Elizabeth Bentley, Genesee Valley; Kayci Bigelow, Genesee Valley; Bethany Gardner, Friendship; Avery Grusendorf, Genesee Valley;  Aidan Hart, Wellsville; Timothy Jones, Wellsville; Hailey Kumpf, Cuba Rushford; Desirae Minns, Cuba Rushford; Emma Murphy, Bolivar Richburg; Lauren Staba, Wellsville; Emma Sullivan, Belfast; Paige Taylor, Bolivar Richburg; Walker Waldon, Wellsville; Carley Young, Wellsville


Pre Engineering CADD – Jacob Austin, Fillmore; Christopher Crosby, Cuba Rushford; James Dunne, Wellsville; Christian Lingenfelter, Belfast; Livia Simon, Andover; Camden Smith, Belfast; Dominic Stone, Bolivar Richburg; Alexander Walk-Pircio, Cuba Rushford


Welding Metal Fabrication – Trevor Abbey, Genesee Valley; Cole Armison, Fillmore; Logan Barber, Cuba Rushford; Andrew Boyd, Whitesville; Emily Burdick, Friendship; Rayce Carr, Bolivar Richburg; Kyle Durgan, Wellsville; Holden Gajewski, Cuba Rushford; Ian Iantorno, Wellsville; Johnathon Outman, Friendship; Jesse Pensyl, Whitesville; Bryce Perry, Andover; Alexander Perry, Wellsville; Holden Perry, Wellsville; Landon Pilon, Bolivar Richburg; Connor Potter, Fillmore; Michael Rendell, Cuba Rushford;Tristan Ripple, Friendship; Dominique Simons, Friendship; Dustin Skinner, Bolivar Richburg; Dekota Stewart, Friendship; Carson Tuttle, Friendship; Joshua Walsh, Scio



BOCES Career and Technical Education Center at Ellicottville

2021 Award Winners


UBTA Award for Outstanding Student in their Vocational Class

Animal Science – Emmalee Brooks, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Automotive Technology- Trevor Ellis, Salamanca; Carpentry & Construction Trades –Cooper Bergman, Randolph/Big Picture; Collision Repair Technology—Aiden McCarthy, Pioneer; Cosmetology- Madison Braker, Salamanca; Criminal Justice- Mikhayla Barber, Randolph; Culinary Arts- Hunter Bomberry, Ellicottville; Early Childhood Education – Jillian Lee, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Heavy Equipment Operations- Skyler Lawrence, Franklinville;  Media Communications- Kameran Work, Central Baptist Christian School; Medical Assisting- Tenela Hadley-Randolph; Natural Resources- Brendan Stevenson, Allegany/Limestone; Power Equipment Technology- Rodney Boberg, West Valley.; Welding & Metal Fabrication- Ethan Chadwick, Randolph.

UBTA Outstanding Student Award-Rodney Boberg, Power Equipment Technology, West Valley

Emiline Scurr Memorial Scholarship (Cosmetology) – Hope Lienhart, Randolph.

Kirk Rowland Memorial Award – Aaron Gross, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Jake Hadley, Ellicottville

Randolph Auto Supply Outstanding Student of the Year (Tools) – Dalton Bradley, Collision Repair, Ellicottville; Elijah Perkins, Collision Repair, Cattaraugus/Little Valley

Knight Cruiser Scholarship- Devin Bialaszewski, Collision Repair, Salamanca; Trevor Ellis, Automotive Technology, Salamanca; Aaron Gross, Power Equipment Technology, Cattaraugus/Little Valley

Alfred University $25,000 Scholarship– Macy White, Medical Assisting, Ellicottville

Ellicottville Fire Department Scholarship Award: Sydney Germain, Medical Assisting, Cattaraugus/Little Valley

JBC’s Academic Progress Award: Cody Yarnes, Cosmetology, Salamanca; Morganne Chapman, Cosmetology, Cattaraugus/Little Valley

Arthur O Eve HEOP Scholarship to St. Bonaventure University: Madison Braker, Cosmetology, Salamanca

JBC College Access Award Full Scholarship-Reachele Kauhl, Cosmetology, Franklinville

Matthew McGuiness Memorial Scholarship-Kyle Studley, Power Equipment Technology, Randolph


Recognized at Graduation

Future Farmers of America Members – Zoe Bridenbaker, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Emmalee Brooks, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Allison Finch, Randolph; Grace Keller, West Valley; Nick Nappo, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Claire Rockwell, Salamanca.

National Technical Honor Society 2020 Members – Alyssa Kaczmarek, Cosmetology, Pioneer; Madison Braker, Cosmetology, Salamanca; Haley Czora, Cosmetology, West Valley; Larissa Falcone, Cosmetology, Pioneer; Kaloni McNeill, Cosmetology, Salamanca; Kayle Davidson, Criminal Justice, Pioneer; Bryan Briggs, Criminal Justice, Randolph; Emmalee Brooks, Animal Science, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Brody Klink, Media Communications Technology, Pioneer; Kyle Studley, Power Equipment Technology, Randolph

Skills USA Members –  Mikhayla Barber, Criminal Justice, Randolph; Kaylee Davidson, Criminal Justice, Pioneer; Alyssea Hardy, Criminal Justice, Salamanca; Devin Bialaszewski, Collision Repair, Salamanca; Dalton Bradley, Collision Repair, Ellicottville; Brandon Hughes, Collision Repair, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Cyle Livingston, Collision Repair, Franklinville; Lucas Adams, Media Communications Technology, Ellicottville; Adam Haithcox, Media Communications Technology, Big Picture/Salamanca; Madison Braker, Cosmetology, Salamanca; Morganne Chapman, Cosmetology, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Larissa Falcone, Cosmetology, Pioneer; Alyssa Kaczmarek, Cosmetology, Pioneer; Hope Lienhart, Cosmetology, Pioneer; Kalone McNeill, Cosmetology, Salamanca; Caylee Peterson, Cosmetology, Randolph; Leah Seltzer, Cosmetology, West Valley; Cody Yarnes, Cosmetology, Salamanca; Harmony Booth, Culinary Arts, Pioneer; Kayley McCracken, Culinary Arts, West Valley; Kyle Studley, Power Equipment Technology, Randolph

Skills USA Regional Winners at Alfred – Cyle Livingston, 2nd place, Collision Repair Technology, Frankinville

American Legion Scholarship-Brendan Stevenson, Natural Resources, Allegany/Limestone

Chipmonk Community Hall Scholarship-Brendan Stevenson, Natural Resources, Allegany/Limestone

Certified Medical Assistants: Michelle George, Pioneer; Sydney Germain, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Victoria Provorse, Ellicottville; Macy White, Ellicottville



Animal Science –Haily Barvian, Pioneer; Zoe Bridenbaker, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Emmalee Brooks, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Roberta Burgess, Pioneer; Madison Delity, Ellicottville; Allsion Finch, Randolph; Grace Keller, West Valley; Nicholas Nappo, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Andrew Persons, Salamanca; Claire Rockwell, Salamanca; Dominic Whipple, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; David Winship Jr., Ellicottville; Maia Wozniak, Franklinville

Automotive Technology – Justine Beyer, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Matthew Duttry, Pioneer; Trevor Ellis, Salamanca; Nicholas George, Salamanca; Riley Groff, Salamanca; Dominic Lawrence, Franklinville

Carpentry and Construction Trades – Michael Babb, Allegany/Limestone; John Belleville, Allegany Limestone; Cooper Bergman, Big Picture; Joseph Chase, Franklinville; Wyatt Chudy, Ellicottville; Logan Dimpfl, Ellicottville; Kyle Glow, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Owen Hill, Pioneer; Nathan Kettle, Salamanca; Mason Kwiatowski, Allegany/Limestone; Charlie Logel, Pioneer; Doyle Page, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Ethanyal Peck, Allegany/Limestone; Jarrett Slaughenhaupt, Ellicottville; Emily Taylor, Salamanca; Connor Walsh, Allegany/Limestone

Collision Repair Technology –  Devin Bialaszewski, Salamanca; Dalton Bradley, Ellicottville; Zaidyn Greene, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Brandon Hughes, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Blaise Konarski, Ellicottville; Cyle Livingston, Franklinville; Aiden McCarthy, Pioneer; Elijah Perkins, Cattaraugus/Little Valley

Cosmetology – Madison Braker, Salamanca; Morganne Chapman, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Haley Czora, Pioneer; Larissa Falcone, Pioneer; Alyssa Kaczmarek, Pioneer; Reachele Kauhl, Frankinville; Hope Lienhart, Randolph; Haley McGranor, Pioneer; Kaloni McNeill, Salamanca; Caylee Peterson, Randolph; Leah Seltzer, West Valley; Sydney Smith, Randolph; Cody Yarnes, Salamanca; Erin Heitzenrater, Adult

Criminal Justice – Mikhayla Barber, Randolph; Bryan Briggs, Randolph; Kaylee Davidson, Pioneer; Nickolas Green, Pioneer; Alyssea Hardy, Salamanca; Justin Imhoff, Ellicottville; Talon Lake, Pioneer; Micaiah Lenahan, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Linsey Newland, Pioneer; Jasper Rak, Pioneer; Brayden Sentz, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Chase Williams, Pioneer

Culinary Arts – Austin Baker, Big Picture; Hunter Bomberry, Ellicottville; Harmony Booth, Pioneer; David Brooks, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Fern Calkins, West Valley; Kiera Hallowell, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Nenise Heath, Salamanca;  Connor Hitchcock, Pioneer; Desmond Lilley, Pioneer;  Kaley McCracken, West Valley; Dylan Newberry, Franklinville; Sam Oakes, Salamanca; Emma Tillinghast, Pioneer; Rylee Vancise, Cattaraugus Little Valley

Early Childhood and Human Services – Brieonna Davenport, Franklinville; Jaeden Hubbard, Salamanca; Milcairy Jimenez, Salamanca; Jillian Lee, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Kiley Manning, Franklinville; Elsie Redeye, Big Picture/Salamanca

Heavy Equipment Operations –Keedin Bucktooth, Salamanca; William Crouse III, Salamanca; Rielly Davis, Franklinville; Brent Harvey, Franklinville; Cordell Hill, Salamanca; Dylan King, Pioneer; Skyler Lawrence, Franklinville; Everett Leonard, Franklinville; Dalton McIntyre, Randolph; Justin Nichols, Big Picture/Salamanca; Nathan Oakes, Salamanca; Matthew Peters, Franklinville; Carter Stoltz, Salamanca; Austin Waterhouse, Randolph; Jarod White, Salamanca; Benjamin Wilson, Big Picture/ Salamanca

Media Communications – Lucas Adams, Ellicottville; Adam Delity, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Howard Frank, Salamanca; Jared Galbraith, Randolph; Logan Grimes, Franklinville; Cullen Guerin, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Adam Haithcox, Big Picture/Salamanca; Jermyah Holland, Salamanca; Marshall Jordan, Pioneer; Brody Klink, Pioneer; Jalen LaFountaine, Salamanca; Breanna Persutti, Pioneer; Samantha Riley, Pioneer; Louis Stucker, Springville; Kameran Work, Central Baptist Christian School

Medical Assisting – Dominic Brown, Ellicottville; Hayley Burns, Central Baptist Christian School; Marissa Fontaine, Pioneer; Michelle George, Pioneer; Sydney Germain, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Tenela Hadley, Randolph; Victoria Provorse, Salamanca; Megan Tomsick, Randolph; Macy White, Ellicottville; Hailey Wright, Randolph

Natural Resources – Jordan Becker, Pioneer; Brendan Stevenson, Allegany/Limestone

Power Equipment Technology – Rodney Boberg, West Valley; Robert Dechow, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Jonathon Griffis, Franklinville; Aaron Gross,Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Jake Hadley, Ellicottville; Theodore Hobin, Pioneer; Cameron Murphy, Pioneer; Colby O’Stricker, Ellicottville; Wyatt Reynolds, Pioneer; Tara Ruper, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Anthony Snyder, Cattaraugus, Little Valley; Bradley Steffenhagen, Pioneer; Kyle Studley, Randolph; Marcus Volk, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Troy Wright, Randolph

Welding and Metal Fabrication –Ethan Chadwick, Randolph; Tyler Cockle, Pioneer; Patrick Dineen, Ellicottville; Austin Frederick, Franklinville; Robert Houghwot III, Randolph; Zackary Huddleston, Randolph; Xander Ireland, Ellicottville; Gavin Krist, Ellicottville; Micah Lenahan, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Mallory Little, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Isaiah Nosie, Big Picture/ Salamanca; Bryce Schoepflin, Pioneer; Garett Smith, Pioneer; Colin Southwick, Randolph; Wyatt Wawro, Pioneer; Nathan Wright, Cattaraugus/Little Valley; Richard Slaughenhaupt II, Adult


BOCES Career and Technical Education Center at Olean

2021 Award Winners


2021 Nicholas J. Pecone Award – Nathan R. Armstrong

Edward Zalwsky Scholarship – Hunter Griffin

OUTSTANDING STUDENT from Allegany-Limestone Central School – Joshua J. Isaman

OUTSTANDING STUDENT from Hinsdale Central School – Nathan R. Armstrong

OUTSTANDING STUDENT from Olean High School – Alayna L. Rhodes

OUTSTANDING STUDENT from Portville Central School – Damien E. Sorvillo

OUTSTANDING STUDENT from RISE Academy – Margan Gerwitz

UBTA Outstanding Student Awards:

Animal Science – Kylee E. Hammond, Portville

Automotive Technology – Benjamin H. Seelye, Adult

Audio Visual Production – Caleb M. Foster, Olean

Collision Repair and Auto Body Technology – Jeremy Taylor, Hinsdale

Criminal Justice – Lucas D. Smith, Portville

Culinary Arts – Skylar M. Rivera, Olean

Early Childhood Education and Human Services – Alyssa R. Bushnell, Portville

Cosmetology – Cheyenne L. Herrick, Hinsdale

Media Communications Technology – Kaidyn M. West, Olean

Medical Professions – Jordan M. Hardy, Allegany/Limestone

New Visions – Educational Careers – Zoe J. Capozzi, Allegany/Limestone

New Visons – Health Professions – Sydney F. Saunders, Ellicottville

Product Design and Manufacturing – Shay T. Lippert, Allegany/Limestone

Welding and Metal Fabrication – Ty R. Cummins, Hinsdale





The following are candidates for graduation who have met the requirements set forth by the BOCES Board of Education and the NYS Department of Education:


Animal Science – Kylee Hammond, Portville; Mikaylah Kriner, Olean; Macy Lotter, Portville; Makenna Murphy, Allegany/Limestone; MacKenzie Pilon, Portville; Jaidyn Tait, Allegany/Limestone


Audio Visual Production – Nathan Armstrong, Hinsdale; Jaykob Cornell, Olean; Jocelyn Decker, Allegany/Limestone; Caleb Foster, Olean; Brenton Frazier, Hinsdale; Morgan Gerwitz, RISE Academy; Gabrielle Green, Portville; Xavier Kenjockety, Portville; Christian Kinnaird, Olean; Trinity Krzyzanowski, Hinsdale; Corissa Loncher, Portville; Jeffrey Rossman, Hinsdale; Destiny Rung, Portville; Jaxson Schwindler, Olean; Nathaniel Thompson, Olean


Automotive Technology – Kellen Baker, Olean; Camontae Gayton, Olean; Joshua Isaman, Allegany/Limestone; Anthony Jones, Jr., RISE Academy; Moria Mills, Hinsdlae; Benjamin Seelye, Adult; Timothy Tucker, Olean; Robert Weilacher, Allegany/Limestone; George Weston IV, RISE Academy


Collision Repair and Auto Body Technology – Jeremy Taylor, Hinsdale; Austan Whitwood, Hinsdale


Cosmetology – Cheyenne Herrick, Hinsdale; Dakota King, Olean; Allie Knell, Allegany/Limestone; Alayna Rhodes, Olean; Leandra Tascone, Olean


Criminal Justice – Ava Belec, Hinsdale; Kayden Belleisle, Olean; Logan Cowles, Olean; Hannah DeArmitt, Olean; Isaiah Deemer, Allegany/Limestone; Erich Faller, Allegany/Limestone; Chance Frame, Olean; Joseph Halsey, Olean; Broden Harrison, Hinsdale; Bryce Hensel, Olean; Haylee Jozwiak, Hinsdale; Jonah Menter, Olean; Kendall Ramlall, Olean; Lucas Smith, Portville; Eric Talbot, Allegany/Limestone; Connor Vroman, Olean


Culinary Arts – Riley Davis, Allegany/Limestone; Cody Doxey, Olean; Paul Giermek, Adult; Jamie Hall, Olean; Thomas Mineo, V, Olean; Skylar Rivera, Olean; Adrian Ross, Olean; Liam Taylor, Olean; Cameron Thurst, Portville


Early Childhood Education and Human Services – Alyssa Bushnell, Portville; Brooke DeYoe-Vanscoter, Portville; Austin Dibble, Olean; Verrssai Donovan, Olean; Alexandria Estabrook, Portville; Hailey Kellogg, Portville; Tanea Malone, Olean; Keona Shorter, Portville; Ava Skiver, Olean


Media Communications Technology – Maddix Bishop, Portville; Andrea Eastman, Hinsdale; Dakota Everitt, Hinsdale; Allison Larrabee, Hinsdale; Paige Lengvarsky, Portville; Hannah Lute, Hinsdale; Mason Riehle, Olean; Damien Sorvillo, Portville; Kaidyn West, Olean


Medical Professions – Jazmine Crivelli, Olean; Maria DeGiglio, Allegany/Limestone; Breannah Diers, Hinsdale; Azelyn Erdmann, Allegany/Limestone; Caleb Gill, Olean; Caroline Hall, Olean; Jordyn Harasta, Franklinville; Jordan Hardy, Allegany/Limestone; Nicole Hoeckh, Franklinville; Breanna Hogle, RISE Academy; Kayla Little, Portville; Halle Nolder, Allegany/Limestone; Micheyla Williams, Olean


New Vision – Educational Careers – Lydia Brant, Olean; Zoe Capozzi, Allegany/Limestone; Maura Frazier, Hinsdale; Maggie O’Connell, Portville; Gail Patton, Hinsdale; Abigail Ploetz, Ellicottville; Kelsea Tomczak, Ellicottville; Ryan Unverdorben, Portville; Grace Ward, Portville


New Vision – Health Professions – Caroline DeRose, Olean; Jalee Evans, Ellicottville; Nathan-Michael Gabler, Olean; Kailee Hagen, Allegany/Limestone; Autumn Johnson, Allegany/Limestone; Lauren Kielar, Olean; Kayla Krzanak, Allegany/Limestone; Cole Lechner, Allegany/Limestone; Justin Lin, Olean; Elizabeth Long, Allegany/Limestone

Sydney Saunders, Ellicottville; Regina Tkacik, Portville; Collette Trudeau, Olean; Violet VanGuilder, Allegany/Limestone; Lindsey Veno, Hinsdale


Product Design and Manufacturing – Anthony Bardo-Mendoza, Olean; Daemon Hobson, Allegany/Limestone; Shay Lippert, Allegany/Limestone; Luke Minner, Allegany/Limestone; Alexandor Smith, Olean; Charles Smith, Adult; Trenton Stone, Allegany/Limestone; John Tinelli, Franklinville; Ryan Weseman, Olean


Welding and Metal Fabrication – Randy Babb, III, Portville; Ty Cummins, Hinsdale; Shayden Gibble, Portville; Tyler Greene, Olean; Hunter Griffin, Portville; Steven Hammond, Olean; Nicholas Hover, Hinsdale; Cody Isenberg, Portville; Trent Lockwood, Portville; Michael Small, Portville; Tim Tuttle, Jr., Hinsdale; Adam Weatherley, Portville; Jared Zenner, Portville

CABOCES CTE Students Complete Service Project at Nannen Arboretum

Olean, NY – June 9, 2020 – Students from the Heavy Equipment Technology and Carpentry and Construction Trades programs at the CA BOCES Career and Technical Education (CTE) Center at Ellicottville recently used their training and skills to benefit the local community.


Students, over a number of visits, completed a variety of maintenance and property upkeep projects at the Nannen Arboretum in Ellicottville. The Nannen Arboretum is a natural space dedicated to home garden and natural resource education, test plots for research, and a place for outdoor leisure. Additionally, it provides outdoor conference and event space to the region.


CA BOCES Heavy Equipment Technology instructor, Kevin McGuire, said that the project provided a welcome chance for students to be involved in the community. “It was great to see students digging in to improve this local space and utilizing team work to see projects to completion,” he said. “They all felt pretty good about that at the end.”

CA BOCES To Host In-person; Virtual Graduation Ceremonies

Olean, NY – June 3, 2020 – CA BOCES will honor Career and Technical Education (CTE) graduates at all three CTE Centers in Belmont, Ellicottville, and Olean in June.

Additionally, a Virtual Graduation Ceremony will take place online on Friday, June 18, starting at 7 p.m.


CTE Center at Belmont In-Person CTE Graduation

Date: Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Details: Graduates will be honored during the regular school day on a staggered schedule. Parents/guardians only will be permitted to attend. Schedules will be distributed to parents prior to the ceremony. Please call 585-268-5681 with questions.


CTE Center at Ellicottville In-Person CTE Graduation

Date: Thursday, June 17, 2021

Details: Graduates will be honored in a drive-thru ceremony on a staggered schedule. One vehicle per student is permitted. Schedules will be distributed to parents prior to the ceremony and directional signs and instructions will be available upon arrival. Please call 716-376-8300 with questions.


CTE Center at Olean In-Person CTE Graduation

Date: Friday, June 18, 2021

Details: Graduates will be honored in a drive-thru ceremony on a staggered schedule. One vehicle per student is permitted. Schedules will be distributed to parents prior to the ceremony and directional signs and instructions will be available upon arrival. Please call 716-376-8200 with questions.

CTE Center at Olean Instructionsopens WORD file

All ceremony decisions were made in accordance with current COVID guidelines and to best coincide with schedules of component school districts.


Students, parents, and the community are additionally invited to view the Virtual Graduation Ceremony for all students by visiting the graduation links on or by visiting the official CA BOCES Facebook page. Videos will be available starting at 7:00 p.m. on Friday, June 18 with availability continuing until June 30.

CA BOCES Hosts “Cop Camp” for Local CTE Students

Olean, NY – May 27, 2021 – The CA BOCES CTE Center at Olean was the recent host for the 2021 “Cop Camp” held at the Olean Recreational Center.


Cop Camp is an annual event that focuses on career exploration for students in Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs at CA BOCES. As part of the event, representatives from a number of agencies in the law enforcement/military sector provide presentations on their respective fields and highlight the education and experience that is required for each. Additionally, representatives share their candid experiences in the field and meet in small groups with students to answer questions. Scholarships and Awards are also distributed to local students.


Tim Emley, Criminal Justice Instructor at the CTE Center at Olean and the event organizer, said he was pleased with the event and grateful for the support shown from the law enforcement/military community. “Representatives from a number of agencies travelled long distances to meet with our students who are considering careers in law enforcement,” he said. “That sort of up-close-and-personal feedback is so important as students make decisions about their futures.”


Representatives from the following agencies participated: NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, Cattaraugus County District Attorney, NYS Forest Rangers, NYS Troopers, NYS University Police, Cattaraugus County Probation, U.S. Customs & Border Patrol, K9, NYS Corrections, Cattaraugus County Corrections, U.S. Secret Service, FBI, City of Olean Police Department, Cattaraugus County Sheriff’s Department, Cattaraugus County Dispatch, NYS Trooper Crime Scene Investigation, National Guard, U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corp, U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, and ROTC St. Bonaventure.