Student Questionnaire – Culinary Arts

Student Questionnaire - Culinary Arts

Due to the popularity of the Culinary Arts program, this questionnaire will help all students enrolling in this program to understand the nature of the program prior to making an enrollment decision. To ensure the safety of students, staff, equipment and facilities this year's Culinary Arts program enrollment may be limited. Consideration will be given to students who demonstrate the ability to meet the academic rigor, behavioral expectations, and safety requirements of the program. If the class size is limited, this questionnaire will serve as a resource to make enrollment decisions. Please do not leave any questions unanswered.

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You will be required to purchase some of your own personal protective equipment (PPE) - including non-slip (restaurant) shoes, chef uniforms that include: 2 chef jackets, 2 pair of chef pants, and a chef hat. Are you willing to make these purchases?(Required)