School Library System and Database

Library Services and Online Databases (CoSer 510)

This service provides collections of databases, periodicals, newspapers, and reference resources. Teachers and students can use these multiple, searchable databases for informational text and research projects. Our Database Service provides access to two major online resources and eBooks. This service also allows for district purchase of databases.

World Book Online

  • World Book Kids
  • World Book Student

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Sage Journals


Each user must register a personal account with SAGE Journals, individuals need to register with a valid school e-mail address to complete the registration process.   If not registered on SAGE Journals, please click on the create account button below.

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Once registered, users should click the login button below to log into journals.

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*Note: Participating schools can elect to have additional specialized databases at a reduced cost, for example: Bookflix, Opposing View Points, Turnitin, non-fiction eBooks, and many others.

Included eBooks:

  • Tumble Books

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  • Gumdrop Books

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  • Gale Cengage

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  • Rosen Learning Center

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Moodle Courses For Professional Development

This service also provides access to OverDrive, an online eBook library that is district/library specific. Participating districts also have access to a shared regional library. Book files are managed locally and are viewable on most electronic devices.

  • Overdrive

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Moodle Courses For Professional Development

Inter-Library Loan

We have a variety of book loaning opportunities via the Union Catalog and OCLC. Do you have classes that you are taking and need a book? Why not borrow it for free!

Union Catalog/OCLC requests, please use the request form.

For questions/concerns, contact Cathy Dunkleman at Catherine_Dunkleman@caboces.orgcreate new email or 716-376-8245.


Overdrive (CoSer 510.005)

Overdrive is an addition to the Library Services that provides faculty, staff, and students access to electronic books. Participating school have access to a unique collection of books selected and purchased by its school librarian, as well as a shared collection selected and purchased by the CA BOCES School Library Systems Coordinator.

Online Databases (CoSer 510.100)

Contact Cece Fuoco for pricing and available databases through the CoSer at Cecelia_Fuoco@caboces.orgcreate new email or 716-376-8206.

Music Library Materials (CoSer 510.200)

The shared Music Library allows districts to purchase and share sheet music for band.

K-12 ELA Links

Program Staff:

Clay Nolan, Program Manager  (716) 376-8354

Cece Fuoco, School Library Systems Coordinator  (716) 376-8206

Cathy Dunkleman, Keyboard Specialist  (716) 376-8245