Updated: March 23, 2020 – Due to orders from both Allegany and Cattaraugus County Health Departments, the NYS Department of Health, and the NYS Education Department, all CA BOCES campuses and community/adult education programs continue to be closed to students and non-essential staff until further notice. Staff will continue to receive guidance from department leadership. 

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Instructional Kit Program

Instructional Materials (COSER 521)

Membership in the Instructional Materials program (COSER 521) provides access to all hands-on and standards-aligned classroom curriculum resources for learning experiences in the elementary (grades k-5 – COSER 521.001) and middle level (grades 6-8 – COSER 521.002) classrooms.  Over one-hundred kit titles can be ordered online and are delivered to your school.  Kits are supported with all resources needed to use the curriculum in the classroom with up to thirty students, along with necessary teacher training and support.  Contact Amy Windus for assistance:  amy_windus@caboces.org or 716-376-8285.


Kit titles for grades K-5 (COSER 521.001):

Advancing STEM is a complete curriculum that aligns with all 2016 K-5 NYS Science Learning Standards.  The curriculum was written by over forty educators from over twenty school districts in the Cattaraugus-Allegany BOCES and Erie 2 Chautauqua BOCES regions.  All curriculum materials can be reviewed at www.advancingSTEM.com.  Teachers in this service have access to Engineering is Elementary kits, a curriculum developed by the Boston Museum of Science that focuses on engineering and science.

Our Legacy Kit titles (aligned to 1997 NYS Science Learning Standards), including Health Kit titles, are also available.

opens in a new windowThe Star Lab may also be reserved through this service.


Pre K (Click on any title to reserve for your classroom)

Kindergarten (Click on any title to reserve for your classroom)


Grade 1 (Click on any title to reserve for your classroom)


Grade 2 (Click on any title to reserve for your classroom)


Grade 3 (Click on any title to reserve for your classroom)


Grade 4 (Click on any title to reserve for your classroom)


Grade 5 (Click on any title to reserve for your classroom)

Kit titles for grades 6-8 (COSER 521.002):

Lab-Aids is a research based kit curriculum designed specifically for grades 6-8 by Lab-Aids, Inc and aligned to 2016 NYS Science Learning Standards.  Click on any title to reserve for your classroom.


Engineering Everywhere, also produced by the Boston Museum of Science, is an engineering curriculum for middle-school students.  Each unit is composed of several activities that last for about an hour each.  All materials are shipped with each kit.


Program Staff

Amy Windus, Program  Manager  (716) 376-8285

Clay Nolan, STEM Coordinator  (716) 376-8354

Leigh Leyva, Keyboard Specialist  (716) 376-8272

Tiffany Turner, Educational Material Aide  (716) 376-8288

Dale Cummings, Educational Material Aide  (716) 376-8303

Carleigh Spiller, Educational Material Aide  (716) 376-8296