Distance Education

Distance Education (COSER 420)

The Distance Education program provides for the sharing of courses and content between local districts or across New York State and the world.  Videoconferencing allows for synchronous high school/college connections and K-12 Virtual Field Trips/collaborations.  Asynchronous online courses are offered with mentor support for credit recovery or accrual.  Training, technical support and storage on the Moodle course management system also allows teachers to create their own online courses.  Zoom provides web-based video conference capabilities and aids in the desktop-to-desktop meetings or training. Field Trip Zoom Zone provides on-demand virtual field trip experiences and is a FREE add-on for districts.

Keeping you connected to each other and the world:

  • 24 fully-equipped Distance Education rooms in CA BOCES component schools
  • 92 Polycom endpoints
  • 17 Newly installed Zoom Carts/Rooms
  • Onsite technical support and maintenance
  • Scheduling and testing of all connections
  • Archiving storage of course material
  • One Zoom Pro Account included per district
  • Fieldtrip Zoom Zone access for free


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Contact Tiffany Turner, Distance Learning Support  at 716-376-8270, for Zoom account or Field Trip Zoom Zone information.

Upcoming Field Trip Zoom Events

Online Learning and Credit Accrual and Recovery (COSER 420.010)

Open enrollment is available to start students on the path to course completion for credit recovery, for course accrual for transfer students, or for unique course needs.  CA BOCES provides full student support with traveling NYS certified DL teachers.  Contact Karen Insley with questions and support.
Benefits of an online courses:

  • Increased graduation rates
  • Expanded course opportunities
  • Cutting edge digital content and learning management systems provide the perfect learning environment for modern learners
  • Reduces scheduling conflicts

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Click Below to Maximize Your Use of Discovery Education & Receive 1 Hour of CTLE Credit Per PD Course:

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Video Conference Courses

Sharing courses that are taught in your school provides schools with extended offerings for students, with the economic advantage of sharing a teacher between two or more classrooms.  Over 60 synchronous courses (courses taking place at the same time in two or more locations via video conference) are in session each day within the program.  Training and support is provided.  Contact Karen Insley with questions and support.
Benefits of Video Conference Courses:

  • Increase course choices
  • Increase the depth of student transcripts
  • Students could earn college credit at reduced rates


RealNet Calendar 2019 fallopens PDF file

RealNet Calendar 2020 Springopens PDF file

Search the Regional Video Conference Course Catalog  (please request a login via Karen Insley)

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Course Management Systems and Moodle

Get your students equipped for college, the workforce, and life in a technical society by providing an online learning experience created by your classroom teachers for students in their classes.  Training and support is provided.
Benefits to Course Management Systems:

  • Content is created by local educators
  • Embedded videos
  • Student college and career readiness
  • Archived materials
  • Mahara E-Portfolios are included
  • An excellent student project platform

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Virtual Field Trips (CoSer 420.011)

Virtual Field Trips Virtual Field Trips are a great way to flip the field trip.  Rather than taking the students to the destination, bring the destination to the classroom.  There are many free and pay field trips with experts and location from across the globe.  Not only can we handle all the technical details around your trip, but we can also help you find the perfect trip and destination.  Contact Tiffany Turner, Distance Learning Support  at 716-376-8270 for details.

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Contact us at tiffany_turner@caboces.orgcreate new email or karen_insley@caboces.orgcreate new email to look at other options!


Classroom-to-Classroom Connections

Classroom-to-Classroom Connections/Collaborations can be conducted globally or within your BOCES region for project sharing, pen pals, and cultural exchanges. Also you can connect locally with another school within the CABOCES region for co-teaching, presentations, regents review, and lessons. Contact Tiffany Turner, Distance Learning Support  at 716-376-8270, for assistance in making and finding connections.

When searching for a collaborative partner outside the CABOCES region, listed below are sites that will assist you in finding the right teacher:

  1. The CILC Collaboration Center is the venue for educators to meet, create a collaborative project, and share their reflections.
  2. We also have various opens in a new window Career Connectionsopens PDF file  and Collaborations brought to you by the NYS Distance Learning Consortium. Visit the NYS Distance Learning Consortium Website and/or view the  opens in a new windowcollaboration flyeropens PDF file  for specific dates of collaborations. 
  3. Connect2Texas is a network of Texas-based educational content providers including museums, authors, and cultural, historical and scientific organizations. These providers utilize interactive videoconferencing to deliver live educational programs and professional development to school children and educators across the country. Bring the scientists, experts, and authors directly to your students without leaving the classroom!

To Schedule a Virtual Field Trip or Collaboration use the form below.

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FieldTrip Zoom Zone

FieldTripZoom Zone is the live event calendar where you “tune into” live educational broadcast with many other classrooms.

Step 1: Register Your Account

  1.  Go to opens in a new windowwww.fieldtripzoom.com and register your account. Click Free Sign-Up.
  2.  Click Register, and an email will be sent to your email address where you will click on it to “activate” your account. Please use your school email address.
  3.  Next go back to opens in a new windowwww.fieldtripzoom.com and Log In to your account. Once logged in you will be asked to complete your profile. This is a one-time set up of your profile.

Step 2: Find Your Live Event

Once logged in, you can navigate to your FieldTripZoom Zone calendar of subject areas. Also, you can search for programs by grade range and subject area by clicking from the search menu. Click on any subject area to expand to the program details.

**Make sure you are in the Zone calendar (not class) when booking events.**

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Step 3: Book Your Event

  1. Click on the BOOK button to schedule a program. An email will be sent to your email address with the information to connect to the program.
  2. Save the email or add the program to your Google Calendar.
  3. You do not have to cancel the event if you cannot attend it. You can view the recording at a later date.

For questions or assistance with Fieldtrip zoom zone, please contact Tiffany Turner, Distance Learning Support  at 716-376-8270.


Zulama Online (CoSer 420.098)

Zulama, an Entertainment Technology Curriculum, is available as an added service. Zulama teaches both analog and digital game design via computer coding in middle school and high school. Contact Amy Windus for specifics regarding pricing.

Program Staff:

  • Clay Nolan, Program Manager   (716) 376-8354
  • Karen Insley, Coordinator  (716) 376-8281
  • Lisa Scott, Online Teacher (716) 376-8221
  • TBD, Online Teacher  (716) 376-8302
  • Tiffany Turner, Support (716) 376-8270
  • Nate Malick, Technician  (716) 376-8253
  • Mike Meyers, Technician  (716) 376-8228