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Two from Ellicottville CTE Place at Skills USA States

By Matt Fanton, Skills USA Advisor

This year’s New York State Skills USA Leadership Conference and Skills Championships took place from April 26-28 at the State Fairgrounds in Syracuse.  The Ellicottville Skills USA Club had 36 members in attendance competing in 25 events against clubs from around New York State.  Two students were able to finish in third place in their respective competitions.

Alissa Gregory, Ellicottville, Senior: Alissa took third in the Customer Service competition, where she had to participate in a scenario involving interacting with customers.  The role-play activity involved solving problems for a customer while maintaining professionalism and good communication.

Alissa Gregory proudly displays her medal at the Skills USA state competition in Syracuse.

Ricky Neamon, Pioneer, Senior: Ricky took third in the Collision Repair competition, where he had to demonstrate his skills in repairing dents, welding, and writing estimates for a damaged vehicle.

Ricky Neamon is shown after winning his award.

The Ellicottville Skills USA Advisors would like to thank the club for their enthusiasm, professionalism and the leadership they displayed while at the conference.  To our seniors, we wish you the best in your future endeavors.  To our juniors, we look forward to working with you next year and continuing to grow the club.