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Scholastic Challenge Results

This year’s Scholastic Challenge event was held on Saturday, April 6, at Portville Central School.  The popular annual event was once again organized and conducted through the efforts of CABOCES' Instructional Support Services Division.  

CABOCES Arts and Extra-curricular Coordinator Jean Oliverio announced the final results of the student competition:

Junior Division First Place - Scio Central School (Trivia Tigers) – Coach Tammy Straight, Derek Ketchner, Will Broach, Jordan White, and Gregory Wesche.

Junior Division Second Place - Immaculate Conception School (Crusaders) – Coach Zachary Smith, Nial Rigas, Serena Boussa , Eli Brophy, and Emily Budinger.  Coach Julie Willson is not shown.

Senior Division First Place - Scio Central School (Tenacious Tigers)- Coach Tammy Straight, Shawn Patrick, and Jeb Broach.

Senior Division Second Place - Cuba-Rushford Central School (Rebel One) - Connor Whitney, Jack Benham, Roman Tomasi, Coach Tom Kenyon, Vansh Patel, and Kyle Wittenrich.

Mrs. Oliverio said, “Someone may correct me, but I don’t ever recall seeing ONE school district sweep first place in both the Junior and Senior Divisions.  It’s also worth noting the Scio Senior team consisted of only two students!  Both Scio teams entered the Finals undefeated, which caused exciting Double-Double matches to end the day.  Well done!”