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Olean CTE Center Posts Honor Rolls for Quarter Four

Mr. Stephen Dieteman, Principal of Cattaraugus-Allegany BOCES Career and Technical Education Center at Olean, announced the following students were named to the honor roll for the 4th quarter of the 2016-2017 school year . . .

High Honor Roll for First Year Program (92.0-100 GPA)

Animal Science –  Brooke Andera, Allegany-Limestone; Anjoilie Cole, Olean; Baylee Dixon, Portville; Gabriel Hollamby, Portville; Jaide Moreth, Allegany-Limestone; Anastasia Peck, Olean.

Audio Visual Production – Jordan Babb, Olean; Meagan Bruso, Olean.

Cosmetology – Alexis Aloi, Portville; Alexis Reska Allegany-Limestone; Shaylyn Stanczykowski, Olean.

Criminal Justice – Robert Donahey, Olean.

Media Communications Technology - Courtney Brisky, Olean; Lauren Lafever, Portville.

Medical Professions – Kyla Jackson, Olean; Kyleigh Nolder, Hinsdale.

New Vision Health Professions – Baylee Austin, Allegany-Limestone; Riley Combs, Portville; Brianna Curtin, Olean; Hannah English, Randolph; Claire Fischer, Allegany-Limestone; Katherine Frascella, Franklinville; Casey Krajenski, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Taylor North, Portville; Donald Pfeiffer, Franklinville; Anna-Elisabeth Ross, Olean; Haley Saunders, Ellicottville; Hannah Schifley, Allegany-Limestone; Abigail Schwartz, Olean; Maria Wallace, Allegany-Limestone; Maegan Windus, Olean.

Product Design and Manufacturing – Colby Ervay, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Jacob Gibbons, Olean; Jonathan Miller, Olean; Samuel Riley, Ellicottville.

Honor Roll for First Year Program (85.0-91.9 GPA)

Animal Science –  Savannah Chiapuso, Portville; Hayley Laraway, Olean; Clare Manion, Allegany-Limestone; Kayla Oakes, Olean; Klaire Padlo, Portville; Kymoralynn Tait, Allegany-Limestone.

Audio Visual Production – Thomas Baker, Olean; Jacqulyn Crandall, Olean; Nicholas Karl-Lebrenz, Olean.

Automotive Technology – Jerahmy Flick, Allegany-Limestone; Trevor Oliver, Portville; Scott Saltsman, Portville; Robert Wolsky, Portville.

Collision Repair Technology – Andrew Claus, Olean; Carter Hoard, Olean.

Cosmetology – Madison Anastasia, Allegany-Limestone; Ashley Miller, Allegany-Limestone; Alexis Provorse,, Olean; Tianna Taylor, Olean; Myia Ursoy, Portville.

Criminal Justice – Bradley Barton, Allegany-Limestone; Keegan Belleisle, Olean; Madison French, Allegany-Limestone; Gage Weatherell, Olean.

Culinary Arts – Angel Peters, Allegany-Limestone; Anthony Rivera, Olean.

Media Communications Technology - Hayley Baker, Portville; Alyssa Blossom, Olean; Jade Carapellatti, Allegany- Limestone; Kathryn Foulkrod, Allegany-Limestone; Evan Pilon, Olean.

Medical Professions –  Breanna Brooks, Hinsdale; Serena Grosserhode, Olean; Tiffany Jerge, Olean; Gabrielle Malone, Olean; Derrick Mangel, Allegany-Limestone; Dottie Maynard, Olean; Jordyn Smith, Portville; Brittney Steadman, Portville; Erin Wilber, Allegany-Limestone.

Product Design and Manufacturing – Andrea Certo, Olean.

Welding/Metal Fabrication – Jakob Herring, Adult; Christopher Sisson, Adult; Scott Wolsky, Portville.

High Honor Roll for Second Year Program (92.0-100 GPA)

Animal Science – Jullie-Anne Deckman, Hinsdale; Taylor George, Olean; Alecsy Howell, Hinsdale; Alyssa Martin, Portville.

Audio Visual Production – Owen Trudeau, Olean; Hunter Williams, Allegany-Limestone.

Automotive Technology – Thomas Benjamin, Olean.

Cosmetology – Brionna Carleton, Portville.

Criminal Justice – Kasie McStraw, Olean.

Media Communications Technology – Jazlyn Ball, Allegany-Limestone; Fayth Bigley, Allegany-Limestone; Desiree Hill, Portville; Brock Minard, Olean.

Product Design and Manufacturing – Jacob Bronneberg, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Travis Franclemont, Olean; Zachary Hubbard, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; Korryn Martin, Olean.

Honor Roll for Second Year Program (85.0-91.9 GPA)

Animal Science – Hannah Beard, Portville; Whitney Fye, Olean; Kaitlin Kolasinski, Allegany-Limestone; Sierra Wilson, Hinsdale.

Audio Visual Production – Andrew Burczynski, Olean.

Automotive Technology –  Michael Green, Portville; Skyler Miller, Portville; Micheal Schuman, Portville; Kaylee Shawley, Portville; Joshua Struble, Allegany-Limestone; Yve Tejera, Olean.

Cosmetology – Kristina Rivera, Olean; Mariah Sakala, Olean.

Criminal Justice – Corben Becelia, Olean; Ashley Corcoran, Olean; Kaleb Kastler, Hinsdale; Nicholas Kozlowski, Portville.

Culinary Arts – Alexandria Adusei, Olean; Makiya Corwin, Portville; Katie Harris, Hinsdale; Kennedy Willard, Olean; Ethan Zalwsky, Allegany-Limestone.

Media Communications Technology – Alix Boser, Allegany-Limestone; Zachary Dalton, Olean; Nicole Hughes, Hinsdale; Logan Ketchner, Olean; Tanner Meyer, Olean; Tiana Peterson, Olean.

Medical Professions – Taylor Blackmon, Olean; Makennah Collison, Allegany-Limestone; Grace Emley, Portville; Jazmynn Griffin, Olean; Jenna Trask, Portville.