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Handwriting “Size Matters” Program Helping Students

By BOCES Occupational Therapist Michele Pettenati, COTA/L

The “Size Matters” Handwriting program is a proven, practical strategy for teaching and remediating handwriting.  It is now being implemented at Wellsville Elementary School with students in preschool through grade 6.  Writing letters by hand is more beneficial for students than typing as handwriting helps with fluidity, speed and output.  This is a fantastic program, which will help students to learn about the touch points of each letter, where the letters are placed on the line, using three-lined paper to give boundaries while spacing and keeping letters and words spaced correctly.  Writing begins to be fun with the “Dice Game.”  The Dice Game is a way of playing and having fun, but also making corrections of the letters and practicing writing each letter.

The Occupational Therapy Department at Wellsville Elementary School has implemented the “Size Matters” handwriting program.  I attended a conference in 2016 and was trained by Beverly H. Moskowitz, DOT MS OTR/L.  Several OTs from the Jones Memorial Hospital also attended the same conference.

Students in Mrs. Wyant’s 12:1:1 kindergarten and grade 1 class have used this program while in the OT setting.  The three-lined paper is also used in the classroom by the BOCES special education teacher.  The bottom line is darker to give the visual cue to rest the letters on the line.  The students have shown improvements with the percentage of the letters with proper placement on the line.  In September, the percentages were only 14%, but now the youngsters are at 57% accuracy with letter placement on the line.  

The darker baseline is helping to improve student work.

We are so proud of our students and we are so glad we can collaborate as a related service and the classroom.  Thank you, Mrs. Wyant, for all your enthusiasm in learning how to remediate handwriting!  This has been another SUCCESSFUL School Year.