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CTE Center at Olean Holds Graduation Ceremony at Olean High School

The Career and Technical Education Center at Olean held its 2018 Graduation Ceremony at the Olean High School Auditorium on the evening of Friday, June 15.  Here is a list of award winners and graduates.

2018 Award Winners

Jamestown Business College Entrepreneurship Scholarships: Holly Hughes, Automotive Technology, Hinsdale and Jeremiah Maine, Audio Visual Production, Allegany-Limestone

Loose Leaf Law Publication’s Recognition of Excellence Award: Gage Weatherell, Olean

William J. O’Connell Award: William J. Aiello, Welding & Metal Fabrication, Class of 1971

Olean Rotary Scholarship: Ashley Miller, Cosmetology, Allegany-Limestone

Outstanding Students by the Home School: Allegany-Limestone Central School - Zachary Graham, Criminal Justice; Hinsdale Central School - Kyleigh Nolder, Medical Professions; Olean High School - Zachery Hopkins, Automotive Technology; Portville Central School - Brittney Steadman, Medical Professions

Nicholas J. Pecone Memorial Award: Taylor Richardson, Culinary Arts, Portville

Red Cross Scholarship: Brooke Andera, Animal Science, Allegany-Limestone

SkillsUSA Scholarships: Courtney Brisky, Media Communications, Olean and Kyleigh Nolder, Medical Professions, Hinsdale

United BOCES Teachers’ Association Outstanding Student Awards: Animal Science - Gabriel Hollamby, Portville; Audio Visual Production - Joshuah Lewis, Portville; Automotive Technology - Trevor Oliver, Portville; Collision Repair - Brendon Stover, Allegany-Limestone; Cosmetology - Kristin Smith, Olean; Criminal Justice - Triston Heitzinger, Allegany-Limestone; Culinary Arts - Taylor Richardson, Portville; Early Childhood – Brooke Bushnell, Hinsdale; Media Communications Technology - Courtney Brisky, Olean; Medical Professions - Kyleigh Nolder, Hinsdale; New Vision – Health Professions - Allyson Haskell, Franklinville; Product Design and Manufacturing - Dakota Woods, Allegany-Limestone; and Welding and Metal Fabrication - Jakob Herring, Adult.

Perfect Attendance - Junior Year: Jacob Gibbons, Product Design and Manufacturing, Olean; Lauren LaFever, Media Communications Technology, Portville; Mark Miketish, Welding and Metal Fabrication, Olean; Trevor Oliver, Automotive Technology, Portville; Robert Wolsky, Automotive Technology, Portville;  Scott Wolsky, Welding and Metal Fabrication, Portville.

Perfect Attendance - Senior Year: Collin Hillman, Audio Visual Production, Hinsdale; Lisa Krotz, New Vision-Health Professions, Ellicottville; Burke Whitcomb, New Vision-Health Professions, Olean; Kathryn Willey, New Vision-Health Professions, Franklinville.

2018 List of Graduates

The following candidates for graduation have met the requirements set forth by the BOCES Board of Education and the NYS Department of Education:

* Signifies students graduating with Technical Endorsement

~ Signifies students graduating as an Adobe Certified Associate

# Signifies students graduating with NYS Security Guard Certification

+ Signifies students graduating with Phlebotomy Certification

Animal Science (Instructor – Mrs. Lynn Telaak) - *Brooke Andera, Allegany-Limestone; *Anjoilie Cole, Olean; Baylee Dixon, Portville; *Gabriel Hollamby, Portville; *Madyson Hollamby, Portville; *Hayley Laraway, Olean; Clare Manion, Allegany-Limestone; Jaide Moreth, Allegany-Limestone; *Kayla Oakes, Olean; *Klaire Padlo, Portville; *Anastasia Peck, Olean; and *Kymoralynn Tait, Allegany-Limestone.

Audio Visual Production (Instructor – Mr. John Tomerlin) - *Jordan Babb, Olean; *Thomas Baker, Olean; *Meagan Bruso, Olean; *Taylor Cramer, Olean; *Jacqulyn Crandall, Olean; *Jaydon Deangelo, Olean; *Collin Hillman, Hinsdale; Tyler Irvin, Olean; *Nicholas Karl-Lebrenz, Olean; *Joshuah Lewis, Portville; *Jeremiah Maine, Allegany-Limestone; *Maxwell Morton, Olean; *Shemar Turner, Olean; and *Alexis Vaughn, Olean.

Automotive Technology (Instructor – Mr. Timothy Botens) - *Denzil Beatty, Allegany-Limestone; *David Bruton, Allegany-Limestone; Sheldon Carlson, Portville; *Alexander Ferrucci, Allegany-Limestone; Jerahmy Flick, Allegany-Limestone; Zachery Hopkins, Olean; Holly Hughes, Hinsdale; Russell Irvin, Portville; *Zachary Kohlmeier, Allegany-Limestone; Anthony Mook, Allegany-Limestone; *Trevor Oliver, Portville; *Zackarey Reiss, Olean; *Tyler Reynolds, Allegany-Limestone; Scott Saltsman, Portville; *Robert Wolsky, Portville; and *Dakota Woodruff, Portville.

Collision Repair Technology (Instructor – Mr. Max Gross) - Logan Barber, Olean; Gage Geise, Olean (one year); *Carter Hoard, Olean; Skyler Hubbard, Portville; Shawn Machen, Olean; Kevin Sands, Portville; and *Brendon Stover, Allegany-Limestone.

Cosmetology (Instructor – Mrs. Janet Filips) - *Alexis Aloi, Portville; Madison Anastasia, Allegany-Limestone; *Sierra Churakos, Olean; *Ashley Miller, Allegany-Limestone; *Alexis Provorse, Olean; Alexis Reska Allegany-Limestone; Kristin Smith, Olean; *Shaylyn Stanczykowski, Olean; Tianna Taylor, Olean; and *Myia Ursoy, Olean.

Criminal Justice (Instructor – Mr. Todd McLaughlin) - *#Bradley Barton, Allegany-Limestone; *#Keegan Belleisle, Olean; *#Robert Donahey, Olean; *#Zachary Graham, Allegany-Limestone; *#Triston Heitzinger, Allegany-Limestone; #Kyle Murray, Portville; #Olivia Nickerson, Hinsdale; Hunter Recktenwald, Portville; #Malik Muhyee, Olean, 1-yr; *#Gage Weatherell, Olean; and *#Michael Wheeler, Olean.

Culinary Arts (Instructor – Mr. Edward Waddell) - Alyssa Ball, Allegany-Limestone; *Aubree Bowen, Olean; Angel Peters, Allegany-Limestone; Taylor Richardson, Portville; *Anthony Rivera, Olean; Shyanne Turner, Olean; and Jordan Tuttle, Allegany-Limestone.

Early Childhood Education/Human Services (Instructor – Mrs. June O’Connell) - Breanna Brooks, Hinsdale (one year); Brooke Bushnell, Hinsdale (one year); Emily Giardini, Olean (one year); and Maurya Porter, Hinsdale (one year).

Media Communications Technology (Instructor  Mrs. Amber Christensen) - *~Hayley Baker, Portville; ~Alyssa Blossom, Adult; *~Courtney Brisky, Olean; ~Jade Carapellatti, Allegany- Limestone; *~Seth Foulkrod, Allegany-Limestone; *~Lauren Lafever, Portville; *~Evan Pilon, Olean; *Domenic Quinn, Olean; ~Jeremiah Rodgers, Allegany-Limestone; *Alexis Sider, Allegany-Limestone; Bobbie Tucker, Olean; and *Austin Wright, Olean.

Medical Professions (Instructor – Mrs. Julie Morgan) - Breanna Brooks, Hinsdale (one year); *+Jaelynn Friel, Olean; *+Serena Grosserhode, Olean; Kayla Hurd, Olean; *Kyla Jackson, Olean; *Tiffany Jerge, Olean; *Kamrin Jordan, Olean; *Gabrielle Malone, Olean; *Derrick Mangel, Allegany-Limestone; *Dottie Maynard, Olean; Camaya Moorefield, Olean; *+Kyleigh Nolder, Hinsdale; *Alex Powell, Allegany-Limestone; *Jordyn Smith, Portville; *Brittney Steadman, Portville; *+Erin Wilber, Allegany-Limestone.

New Vision - Health Professions (Instructor – Mrs. Jennifer Militello) - Sachita Barua, Olean; Caelinn Drake, Allegany-Limestone; Kelsey Gengo, Olean; Allyson Haskell, Franklinville; MiKayla Hatzell, Portville; Elijah Hendrix, Olean; Isaac Kopp, Franklinville; Lisa Krotz, Ellicottville;  Ashley Laudisio, West Valley; Riley Mikolajczyk, Olean; Emily Puller, Olean; Austin Ring, Olean; Natalie Sova, Olean; Burke Whitcomb, Olean; and Kathryn Willey, Franklinville.

Product Design and Manufacturing (Instructor – Mr. James Hilyer) - Andrea Certo, Olean; *Colby Ervay, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; *Jacob Gibbons, Olean; Tyler Kulczyk, Pioneer (one year); *Samuel Riley, Ellicottville; and Dakota Woods, Allegany-Limestone (one year).

Welding/Metal Fabrication (Instructor – Mr. Richard Phinney) - Daniel Bender, Portville; Clayton Cummins, Hinsdale; Jakob Herring, Adult; Shain Matison, Bolivar-Richburg; Mark Miketish, Olean; Malik Muhyee, Olean (one year); Bradley Sisson, Portville; and Scott Wolsky, Portville.