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CTE Center at Belmont Holds Graduation at GVCS

The Career and Technical Education Center at Belmont held its 2018 Graduation Ceremony at the Genesee Valley Central School Auditorium on the evening of Friday, June 15. 

Here is a list of award winners and graduates . . .

2018 Award Winners

Career and Technical Education Scholarship – Nadya Davis, Medical Assisting, Andover; Kylie Bruce, Cosmetology, Genesee Valley; Kyle Young, Welding, Scio; Braelynn Rees, Medical Assisting, Bolivar-Richburg

Memorial Welding Scholarship – Kyle Young, Scio

Nicole Pangburn Scholarship – Tea’ Johnson, Pre-Engineering, Bolivar-Richburg

Ian Bole Memorial Scholarship – Nikolas Gonska, Pre Engineering, Wellsville

Kolby Geffers Memorial Scholarship - Dakota Witter, Welding, Cuba-Rushford

International Union of Operating Engineers/Otis Eastern Scholarship – Trevor Button, Power Equipment, Bolivar-Richburg

ACTEA Outstanding Student – Rylee Peacock, Media Communications, Cuba-Rushford

United BOCES Teachers Association Outstanding Student – Emily Allegretti, Culinary Arts, Scio; Kylie Bruce, Cosmetology , Genesee Valley; Trevor Button, Power Equipment, Bolivar-Richburg; Nadya Davis, Medical Assisting, Andover; Aaron Gowdy, Criminal Justice, Bolivar-Richburg; Logan Graham, Collision Repair, Andover; Jaden Hyslip, New Vision, Wellsville; Daniel Lewis, Natural Resources, Whitesville; Brooke McDonald, Early Childhood, Bolivar-Richburg; Rylee Peacock, Media Communications, Cuba-Rushford; Trey Piscitelli, Welding, Wellsville; Brittany Stebbins, Animal Science, Whitesville; Colyn Stewart, Pre Engineering, Friendship; Tessalyn Zelko, Carpentry & Construction, Bolivar-Richburg

2018 List of Graduates

The following are candidates for graduation who have met the requirements set forth by the BOCES Board of Education and the NYS Department of Education:

Animal Science – Corey Cassidy, Fillmore; Holly Estabrook, Fillmore; Jilliann Foster, Bolivar-Richburg; Dakota Jefferds, Scio; Kelsey Jones, Bolivar-Richburg; Emily Lyman, Cuba-Rushford; Abigail Maxcy, Wellsville; Haley McDowell, Wellsville; Mariah Mesler, Wellsville; Brittany Stebbins, Whitesville; Kaitlynn Trout, Friendship; and Abigail Wigent, Friendship.

Automotive Technology – Kevin Cook, Scio; Robert Dibenedetto, Friendship; Adam Gowdy, Scio; Dominique Lincoln, Cuba-Rushford; Dominic Reinert, Genesee Valley; and Michael Wilson, Genesee Valley.

Carpentry and Construction Trades – Dylan Babbitt, Fillmore; Jackson Cline, Wellsville; Hunter Feuti, Genesee Valley; Tristan Fuller, Scio; Mitchell Gates, Wellsville; Rachelle Pearsall, Bolivar-Richburg; Travis Pries, Genesee Valley; Francisco Rosario, Cuba-Rushford; Kyle Taylor, Scio; and Tessalyn Zelko, Bolivar-Richburg.

Collision Repair Technology – Allen Austin, Fillmore; Gavin Barteau, Genesee Valley; Broc Burdick, Bolivar-Richburg; Michael Burdick, Bolivar-Richburg; Bradley Dreilling, Fillmore; Chase Evans, Fillmore; Gage Geffers, Andover; Logan Graham, Andover; Dylan Irvin, Bolivar-Richburg; Aric Jordan, Bolivar-Richburg; Matthew Montesano, Fillmore; Isaiah Plank, Wellsville; and Timothy Rice, Genesee Valley.

Cosmetology – Rebecca Allen, Andover; Paige Beckwith, Bolivar-Richburg; Kylie Bruce, Genesee Valley; Jennifer France, Wellsville; Natasha Fuller, Cuba-Rushford; Mackenzie Marsh, Genesee Valley; Anya Matthews, Scio; and Hayle Souter, Fillmore.

Criminal Justice – Connor Abbey, Genesee Valley; Trentin Beckwith, Wellsville; McKenzie Boutwell, Friendship; Danielle Cassady, Belfast; Stephen Cassidy Jr., Friendship; Olivia Cavagna, Wellsville; Samantha Dersam, Fillmore; Robert Gadd, Cuba-Rushford; Skyler Goodenow, Fillmore; Logan Gough, Wellsville; Aaron Gowdy, Bolivar-Richburg; Hunter Greene, Andover; Breana Hebert, Bolivar-Richburg; Halisha Hinz, Fillmore; Max Johnson, Wellsville; Josephine Litchner, Cuba-Rushford; Tyler McPhilomy, Cuba-Rushford; David Newsome, Wellsville; Bryanna Rivera, Cuba-Rushford; Samuel   Scholes, Genesee Valley; Bryan Walsh, Wellsville; Jasmine Waters, Wellsville; and M. Tucker Williams, Genesee Valley.

Culinary Arts – Emily Allegretti, Scio; Kristen Coddington, Andover; Caitlyn Dubois, Whitesville; Brad France, Pioneer; Anastacio Garcia, Wellsville; Maggie Gaylord, Andover; Anthony Geer, Wellsville; Camryn Grooms, Genesee Valley; Marina Guiney, Cuba-Rushford; Jamiee Kasprowicz, Friendship; Gabriel Lindo, Belfast; Sharyssa McKelvey, Cuba-Rushford; Hannah Staedt, Scio; and Jacob Whitesell, Wellsville.

Early Childhood/Human Services – Heather Becker, Cuba-Rushford; Alexander Billings, Wellsville; Jade Black, Wellsville; Rachelle Blauvelt, Bolivar-Richburg; BriAna Claypool, Scio; Vadda Dibley, Cuba-Rushford; Ashley Ellis, Wellsville; Cassandra Hadaway, Belfast; Amanda Kelley, Cuba-Rushford; Kaylee Kellogg, Cuba-Rushford; Brooke McDonald, Bolivar-Richburg; Breanna Middaugh, Genesee Valley; and Schultzy Schell, Fillmore.

Media Communications Technology – James Beaton, Bolivar-Richburg; Wyatt Calhoun-Mullen, Friendship; Jessica Dixon, Wellsville; Aubrey Fields, Friendship; Dalton Hamer, Belfast; Mark Jackson, Whitesville; Gunther Krohn, Genesee Valley; Janelle Lananger, Scio; Kyle Lananger, Friendship; Preston Lehman, Bolivar-Richburg; Keagan Levert, Genesee Valley; Damian Lombardo, Genesee Valley; Holden Mack, Wellsville; Frank MacLaughlin, Fillmore; Nathan Makowski, Fillmore; Larae Painter, Wellsville; Rylee Peacock, Cuba-Rushford; Kaliesta Perkins, Wellsville; Hayden Schwab, Fillmore; Andres Smith, Wellsville; Destiny Smith, Bolivar-Richburg; Carson Sonnleitner, Fillmore; Hope Swick, Friendship; Noah Szymkowiak, Genesee Valley; Travis Thomas, Wellsville; Clay Warner, Friendship; Keith Weaver, Belfast; and Trenon Zeager, Cuba-Rushford.

Medical Assisting – Lindsey Baker, Genesee Valley; Nadya Davis, Andover; Tori Dowell, Andover; Morgan Fisk, Wellsville; Madeline Freeman, Fillmore; Kaitlynn George, Genesee Valley; Desiree Gonzalez, Fillmore; MacKenzie Johnson, Wellsville; Braelynn Rees, Bolivar-Richburg; Alycia Rosenberger, Fillmore; Jessica Skinner, Bolivar-Richburg; Mariah Swarthout, Genesee Valley; and Brianna Teribury, Wellsville.

Natural Resources – Robert Armison, Cuba-Rushford; Jessica Button, Whitesville; Dale Cook, Bolivar-Richburg; Kyle Cornelius, Wellsville; Jacob Erdmann, Whitesville; Caleb Freeman, Friendship; Ethan Graves, Scio; Tristin Greenman, Wellsville; Cory Hint, Fillmore; Alex Hitchcock, Bolivar-Richburg; Dylan Hosley, Friendship; Nicholas Hunt, Scio; Cody Hurlburt, Wellsville; Bailey Jefferds, Wellsville; Daniel Lewis, Whitesville; George McDowell, Wellsville; Carter Potter, Fillmore; Joshua Root, Wellsville; Calum Ruxton, Friendship; Christopher Schneider, Scio; Nicholas Speta, Bolivar-Richburg; Dakoda Stuck, Friendship; Wyatt Studer, Andover; and Gabriella Vossler, Wellsville.

New Vision - Health Professions – Ethan Blocho, Belfast; Alexis Drake, Genesee Valley; Elana Emerson, Cuba-Rushford; Hannah Fuller, Cuba-Rushford; Jason-Michael Gabler, Cuba-Rushford; Hannah Gordon, Genesee Valley; Isabella Gordon, Bolivar-Richburg; Rachel Hoffer; Whitesville; Jaden Hyslip, Wellsville; Yan Liu, Fillmore; Richard Murphy, Wellsville; Timothy Rhodes, Wellsville; Megan Rose, Belfast; Benjamin Seigel, Cuba-Rushford; and Hallie Weinman, Genesee Valley.

Power Equipment Technology – Jaakob Aglira, Scio; Karson Bell, Bolivar-Richburg; Trevor Button, Bolivar-Richburg; Cole Koch, Cuba-Rushford; and Eric McCarthy, Andover.

Pre Engineering/Project Lead the Way/CAD – Jahsiah Andrews, Wellsville; Dominic Barber, Cuba-Rushford; Hannah Burch, Cuba-Rushford; Riley Day, Bolivar-Richburg; Michael Dirienzo, Fillmore; Nikolas Gonska, Wellsville; Carson Grover, Whitesville; Tea' Johnson, Bolivar-Richburg; Ryan Judd, Belfast; Brach Lanning, Belfast; Kaiden McCormick, Andover; Shane Preston, Belfast; and Colyn Stewart, Friendship.

Welding/Metal Fabrication – Andy Barrett, Wellsville; Evan Button, Friendship; Collin Davis, Belfast; Joshua Hamed, Cuba-Rushford; Devon Judd, Belfast; Riley Morse, Wellsville; Trey Piscitelli, Wellsville; Jordan Pixley, Cuba-Rushford; Zachary Sands, Wellsville; Noah Santangelo, Cuba-Rushford; Gage Thomas, Wellsville; Abigail Vickman, Cuba-Rushford; Dakota Witter, Cuba-Rushford; and Kyle Young, Scio.