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Belmont CTE Announces Quarter 2 Honor Rolls

Mrs. Kathleen Brisky, Principal of the Cattaraugus-Allegany BOCES Career and Technical Education Center at Belmont, announces following students are on the honor roll for the second quarter of the 2018-2019 school year . . .

High Honor Roll (92-100% average)

Animal Science – Elizabeth Cole, Wellsville; Mikayla Kreamer, Bolivar-Richburg; Julia Lindo, Belfast; and Elise Petrichick, Genesee Valley.

Carpentry and Construction Trades – Hailee Drake, Wellsville; Michael Ferraloro, Wellsville; Sheldon Gardner, Bolivar-Richburg; and Melissa McStraw, Adult.

Cosmetology – Tayler Bedow, Fillmore; Claire Gardner, Wellsville; Ashley Reitz, Wellsville; Taylor Shaw, Bolivar-Richburg; and Erin Spicer, Wellsville.

Criminal Justice – Morgan Barber, Andover; Teasha Boyd, Whitesville; Amber Bucher, Bolivar-Richburg; Destiny Conley, Wellsville; Madison Cowles, Bolivar-Richburg; Megan Gaylord, Wellsville; Savannah Perham, Wellsville; Cynthia Shipman, Genesee Valley; Austin Waite, Whitesville; and Kendra Waters, Andover.

Culinary Arts – Rhiannon Brown, Andover; MacKenzie Fimbel, Bolivar-Richburg; Kaylee France, Wellsville; Moses Gertzen, Andover; Madison Graham, Andover; Shana Harrington, Andover; Barbara Palmer, Adult; Margaret Schiralli, Bolivar-Richburg; Autumn Seifert, Cuba-Rushford; Kelsey Sherwood, Scio; Aydrianna Weimer, Wellsville; and Micah Whitehouse, Wellsville.

Early Childhood/Human Services – Kirsten Babbitt, Fillmore; Breena Elias, Wellsville; and Cloey Kranock, Cuba-Rushford.

HS Equivalency – Angel Liller, Wellsville.

Media Communications Technology - James Bardwell, Fillmore; Jonathan Bradley, Fillmore; Cade Brown, Wellsville; Ethan Burke, Genesee Valley; Daniel Colter, Fillmore; McKayla Cross, Belfast; Dylan Davison, Genesee Valley; Dylan Densmore, Wellsville; Breona Fanton, Wellsville; Catherine Farrell, Bolivar-Richburg; Jacob Ford, Bolivar-Richburg; Brendan Fuller, Scio; Brandi Green, Genesee Valley; David Holmes, Genesee Valley; Breeana Kus, Cuba-Rushford; Gage Marion, Scio; Jacob McDonald, Bolivar-Richburg; Sebastian Merrill, Fillmore; Yvonne Olver, Fillmore; Fiona Pope, Bolivar-Richburg; Nikolas Rauch, Bolivar-Richburg; Colton Rosier, Fillmore; Nicholas Sheffield, Friendship; Maylynn Skinner, Friendship; Kendra Stebbins, Whitesville; Grady Terhune, Andover; and Derrick Yeaples, Genesee Valley.

Medical Assisting – Caileigh Bump, Cuba-Rushford; Michaela Edmister, Genesee Valley; Hailey Herring, Genesee Valley; Taylor Hunt, Andover; Zoey McMichael, Andover; Hayleigh Niedermaier, Andover; Gabrielle Phillips, Genesee Valley; Taylor Prentice, Genesee Valley; Savannah Puccinelli, Bolivar-Richburg; Katelyn Sands, Elm Street Academy; and Lacey Shuttleworth, Scio.

Natural Resources – Easton Cahill, Fillmore; MacKinze Delill, Whitesville; Paiton Golish, Wellsville; Joshua Gordon, Cuba-Rushford; Ethan Gordon, Genesee Valley; Nathan Hardy, Cuba-Rushford; James Piscitelli, Wellsville; Nathaniel Sortore, Friendship; and Tyler Thompson, Wellsville.

New Vision-Health Professions – Alannah Allen, Scio; Jack Benham, Cuba-Rushford; Ashley Burgess, Fillmore; Rebecca Clark, Bolivar-Richburg; Margaret Davis, Scio; Onalee Emery, Whitesville; Payton Fry, Cuba-Rushford; Olivia Hart, Wellsville; Madison Herdman, Genesee Valley; Emma Lee, Whitesville; Carmen Mancuso, Fillmore; Maxwell McCumiskey, Fillmore; Michelle Schweigart, Andover; Leah Simon, Andover; and Ethan Watson, Genesee Valley.

Pre-Engineering/CAD – Skyler Cline, Wellsville; Patrick Dirienzo, Fillmore; Avery Frazier, Fillmore; Gabriel Grossman, Andover; Andrew Hotchkiss, Fillmore; and Reanna Plyler, Wellsville.

Welding/Metal Fabrication – Christopher Calladine, Andover; Aaron Morehouse, Wellsville; and Chet Robbins, Wellsville.

Honor Roll (85-91.9% average)

Animal Science – Deann Evens, Wellsville; Gabrielle Forness, Wellsville; Caitlin Fountain, Wellsville; and Ashley Taylor, Cuba-Rushford.

Carpentry and Construction Trades – Ian Coombes, Genesee Valley; Ty Davis, Wellsville; Blake Hewitt, Friendship; Tyler Reynolds, Andover; Brooke Smith, Wellsville; and Barbara White, Adult.

Collision Repair Technology – Alexander Brandes, Wellsville; Tyler Curcio, Elm Street Academy; Seth Deibler, Cuba-Rushford; Tyler Dreibelbis, Wellsville; Aaron Holmes, Genesee Valley; Alexander Hull, Belfast; Angel Liller, Wellsville; Parker Ordway, Scio; Nathaniel Rubio, Wellsville; Caleb Swift, Wellsville; Gaven Thompson, Fillmore; and Keegan Weber, Bolivar-Richburg.

Cosmetology – Addison Cavanaugh, Bolivar-Richburg; Kyleigh Ellis, Bolivar-Richburg; Kaiya Francis, Bolivar-Richburg; Jordon McDonald, Bolivar-Richburg; Sarah Tarby, Bolivar-Richburg; and Cortni Watson, Whitesville.

Criminal Justice – Bryce Beckwith, Wellsville; Nicholas Billings, Whitesville; Caleb Caiazza, Belfast; Kayla Day, Wellsville; Hanah Helms, Belfast; Ty Jackson, Wellsville; Jenna Jackson, Whitesville; Sebastian Marong, Cuba-Rushford; Megan Murray, Scio; Isabelle Ordway, Genesee Valley; Emma Saxton, Whitesville; Derek Tronetti, Scio; Caleb Webster, Scio; and Johnathan West, Belfast.

Culinary Arts – Carissa Masterson, Bolivar-Richburg; Ashlyn Mitchell, Fillmore; and Seth Sexton, Wellsville.

Early Childhood/Human Services – Mariah Barrett, Wellsville; Seth Bogart, Friendship; Lauryn Force, Scio; Allison Goodrich, Wellsville; Jontelle Pennington, Bolivar-Richburg; and Alexis Thoma, Scio.

Early Entry CTE – Dustin Buddell, Friendship; Joseph Button, Whitesville; and Matthew Freeman, Fillmore.

HS Equivalency – James Bardwel, Fillmore.

Media Communications Technology – Greyson Bean, Bolivar-Richburg; William Beaton, Bolivar-Richburg; Devin Beckwith, Scio; Brennan Dean, Scio; Michael Hixson, Whitesville; Taylor Jackson, Genesee Valley; Denver Johnson, Bolivar-Richburg; Brandon Klatt, Fillmore; Ian Koval, Wellsville; Adam MacLeod, Wellsville; Braden McKinley, Portville; Dominic Murray, Wellsville; Trever Thomas, Wellsville; and Christy Wood, Andover.

Medical Assisting – Mehgan Force, Scio; Kimberly Johnson, Genesee Valley; Kayla White, Wellsville; and Harmony Yates, Bolivar-Richburg.

Natural Resources – Hunter Allen, Andover; Devon Armison, Fillmore; James Booth, Belfast; Teagin Brandes, Wellsville; Corey Brown, Belfast; Garrett Button, Wellsville; Kendra Cavagna, Wellsville; Lucas Cornelius, Bolivar-Richburg; Aaron Cummins, Friendship; Thomas Dubois, Whitesville; Joshua Fugatt, Belfast; Matthew Genco, Cuba-Rushford; Mark Givens, Andover; Walter Hinckley IV, Belfast; Michael Jordan, Cuba-Rushford; Ryan Jordan, Friendship; James McKinley, Wellsville; Kameron Mills, Fillmore; Cayden Nickerson, Scio; Jonathan Perry, Cuba-Rushford; Cannon Phillips, Genesee Valley; Connor Scott, Elm Street Academy; Ethen Stoll, Wellsville; Nathan Watson, Wellsville; Ayden Wilson, Belfast; and Evan Windus, Genesee Valley.

Power Equipment Technology - and Kenneth Austin, Cuba-Rushford.

Pre-Engineering/CAD – Wyatt Krzeminski, Fillmore; and Nathan Miles, Wellsville.

Welding/Metal Fabrication – Sawyer Barnes, Genesee Valley; Chase Bernard, Fillmore; Cristian Burnell, Genesee Valley; Ryan Higley, Cuba-Rushford; Nathan Prentice, Genesee Valley; Jonathan Raub, Genesee Valley; and Mason Rose, Fillmore.