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270 Attend 2018 Employee Recognition Reception

Good Times of Olean was once again the setting as Cattaraugus-Allegany BOCES held its annual Employee Recognition Reception on Thursday, May 17, 2018.  Approximately 270 employees and their guests gathered for the event to recognize retirements, as well as employees for years of service (at five year increments) and the achievement of tenure.

District Superintendent Lynda Quick served as Master of Ceremonies for the event.  Board of Education President Brad Sande welcomed the assembled employees and guests.  He also introduced his fellow board members, who attended.

Retirees included: Harry Blossom, Cleaner, 2017; Melanie Bricker, Special Education Supervisor, 1988-2018; Barbara Busack, Environmental Education Teacher, 1995-2018; Donald Cummings, Sr., Senior Maintenance Mechanic, 1976-2017; Karen Dry, Special Education Teacher, 1999-2018; Susan Garmon, School Media Specialist, 1984-2018; Joseph Lates, Jr., Senior Maintenance Mechanic, 1993-2017; Sally Nenno, Secretary to District Superintendent, 1981-2018; Nancy Orzetti, Career & Technical Trainer for Industry, 2001-2018; Mary Reger, Teacher Aide, 2007-2017; John Tomerlin, Radio/Television Teacher, 1991-2018; and Karen Woodring, Teacher Aide, 1998-2018.

Honored Retirees in attendance are shown left to right with District Superintendent and BOCES CEO Lynda Quick: back (standing) – John Tomerlin, Radio/Television Teacher (1991-2018), Sally Nenno, Secretary to District Superintendent (1981-2018), and Donald Cummings, Sr., Senior Maintenance Mechanic (1976-2017); front (seated) – Nancy Orzetti, Career & Technical Trainer for Industry (2001-2018), Barbara Busack, Environmental Education Teacher (1995-2018), Susan Garmon, School Media Specialist (1984-2018), and Karen Woodring, Teacher Aide (1998-2018).

Years of Service Awards were presented as follows . . .

5 Years – Dina Allen, Jaimee Blazejewski, Dorothy Imhoff, Nichele James, Robert Lingenfelter, Deborah Mitchell, Jackie Paddock, David Poulin, Tracie Preston, Jillian Putnam, and Carly Santangelo.

Dorothy Imhoff was one of the 5-year honorees.

10 Years – Cary Bhe, Kathleen Brisky, Victoria Brucker, Kerri Davis, Heather Early, Susan Fox, Suzanne Graser, Suzanne Gutknecht, James Hilyer, Christina Murray, Theresa Peters, Tammy Rauber, Jennifer Rickert, Beth Scheffler, Heather Schneider, Erin Shoup, Stephanie Souder, Jodi Turybury, Duane VanEtten, Pamela Voss, Tammy Voss, and Ellen Wachowicz.

Theresa Peters was one of the 10-year honorees.

15 Years – Diane Barber, Krista Bull, Dale Cummings, Matthew Fanton, Claudia Keeler, Barbara Lexer, Susan Martin, Cynthia Shutt, and Michelle Smith.

Barbara Lexer was honored for 15 years of service.

20 Years – Diane Balaban, Timothy Clarke, Linda Daniels, Lorraine Everetts, Jeanne Leydecker, Lori Ludden, Jenny Milne, Mary Morris, Lisa Nianiatus, Kimberly Ralyea, Laurie Sledge, and Jennifer Wolfer.

Lori Ludden was a 20-year honoree.

25 Years – Roxanne Baldwin, Alan Barber, Lynn Bergreen, Larry Blocho, Mary Beth Colton, Linda Gleason, Janice Mahoney, Patricia Rohwer, Vicki Slevinski, and Julie Yount.

Mary Beth Colton celebrated 25 years with BOCES.

30 Years - Melanie Bricker, Mary Cowles, Donna Damude, Diane Davie, Patti Dechow, Kathleen Langdon, and Eric Rau.

Mary Cowles (above) and Diane Davie (below) were among the 30-year honorees.

35 Years - Christine Clute and William Sortore.

Christine Clute (above) and William Sortore (below) were the only employees honored for achieving 35 years of service.

40 Years – David Stevens.

Tenured Individuals were also recognized: Kathleen Agnello, Professional Development/Curriculum Coordinator; Gabrielle Brainard, School Social Worker; Dale Colton, Assistant Special Education Supervisor; Alexandra Freer, Digital Resources & Tech Coordinator; Cecelia Fuoco, School Library Coordinator; Jennifer Jaquith, School Business Administrator; Courtney Lasher, General Special Education; Jennifer Marchese, Speech & Hearing Handicapped; Andrea McLaughlin, Assistant Special Education Supervisor; Mary Morris, Program Manager Student Programs; June O’Connell, Child Care Services; Lia O’Gorman, School Social Worker; Lisa Panus, Assistant Special Education Supervisor; and Tammy Rauber, Teacher Assistant.

Special thanks to Jessica Blaney, Jennifer Bouldin, and Colleen Jimerson for organizing the entire event.  Thanks also to the BOCES Print Shop for doing the printing.  And finally, thanks to Good Times and their staff for playing host to a wonderful event for our BOCES family. 


Employees with 25+ years of service (standing) were also acknowledged.

Numerous past retirees also attended the event.