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Fifth/Sixth Grade


Math Science Technology & Health Page

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Meet the Creatures

  • "Meet the Creatures" stimulates students to ask questions about the observable behavior of an unfamiliar organism and then directs them to ways of finding answers for themselves. As students observe and experiment, they learn some things about the process of scientific inquiry and about the sensory perception of the mealworm.

    The skills emphasized in this unit are: observing, collecting and organizing data, measuring, predicting, formulating hypotheses, identifying variables and inferring. Integrated hands-on math activities are also included in this kit.


    Terrariums and Vivariums

  • The study of plants and animals in Terrariums or Vivariums provides students with the opportunities to observe three different environments: woodland, desert, and tropical. Students will assist in building and furnishing three simulated habitats with living organisms. Students will observe the growth and interactions of plants and/or animals, introduce variables, and study the effect of variables on living organisms.

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  • Electromagnetism provides learning experiences through which students can develop an understanding of the properties of magnets and the relationship between magnets and circuits. Students will develop psychomotor skills as they construct electromagnets, buzzers, simple motors, and a complicated motor. The science skills emphasized in Electromagnetism are manipulating, replicating, inferring, formulating hypotheses, predicting, and measuring. Integrated hands-on math activities are also included in this kit.


    Incubation and Embryology

  • The goal of the Incubation and Embryology kit is to help young people observe the mystery of life and learn some of the principles of reproduction. This resource kit provides an opportunity for youth to work with living, growing chick embryos. A secondary but equally important objective is to provide teachers with an interesting and unique educational tool.  Not only is the incubation and embryology kit fun, but it also opens many opportunities for learning.  This kit can only be ordered in early fall and in the spring.


    Looking at Liquids

  • Students will investigate the properties of various liquids (e.g. adhesion, cohesion, heaping, surface tension, mass, density) throughout the course of this unit.  Special emphasis will be placed on observing, manipulating, communicating, collecting data, and predicting.  As the students gain experience, they will develop understanding of the properties of liquids. Integrated hands-on math activities are also included in this kit.




  • Model rockets provide the opportunity for students to study basic concepts in trigonometry, electricity, aerodynamics, physics, and weather.  In addition, students will learn the importance of safety while dealing with rockets and launch systems. Skills emphasized are creating models, generalizing, formulating hypotheses, identifying variables, inferring, interpreting data, making decisions, manipulating, measuring, observing, recording data, replicating and using numbers. Integrated hands-on math activities are also included in this kit.

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    Natures Forces and Simple Machines

  • A force is a push or a pull. Forces differ in their strength. All motion (change in position or direction) is caused by force. Forces may have different names, for example, friction, gravity, electromagnetic, and centrifugal force. Simple, compound, or complex machines are devices that help make the work easier by changing the size and/or direction of the force that is applied. There are six simple machines - inclined plane, wedge, screw, lever, pulley, and wheel-and-axle. Simple machines can be combined in all kinds of ways to create the machines we use everyday.



    Rocks, Minerals, and Landforms

  • The learning experiences in the Rocks and Minerals and Landforms kit support the NYS Intermediate Science Core and its focus on Earth Science. Through the use of the skills of observing, classifying, collecting data, interpreting data, and manipulating data, students will investigate the properties of rocks and minerals. Students will observe and test rocks and/or minerals for color, texture, layers, cleavage, streak, reaction with hydrochloric acid, attraction to magnets, and conductivity of electricity.

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    Solar System

  • This unit provides students with the opportunity to research the planetary bodies of our solar system, create models of our solar system, and investigate relationships between the planetary bodies of our solar system.  The science skills emphasized in the solar system kit are discussing, observing, creating models, comparing, and predicting. Integrated hands-on math activities are also included in this kit.



    Ecosystems: Pond Life

  • This unit provides students with the opportunity to study an aquatic habitat. Students will conduct various tests on a chosen aquatic site and analyze that data. Special emphasis will be placed on observing, measuring, describing, gathering, organizing data, and interpreting data.




    Health-Our Lungs, Heart & Health

  • Students will identify the parts and functions of the respiratory and circulatory systems. They will examine ways to keep these two very important systems working efficiently through nutrition, exercise and healthy habits. Special emphasis will be placed on the negative effects of tobacco.