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Tips for Teachers Checklist

When you are ready to take your students on a virtual field trip, please allow at least six weeks prior to the date of the actual field trip to make your request.  Extra time allows the provider to offer you times that are more convenient for you and your students.

Free providers book up very quickly; therefore, the sooner you make your request the better chance you will have a videoconference/virtual field trip from that free provider. 

And lastly, please make sure you have administrator approval prior to your request! 

Prior to Session

Schedule your videoconference with Carrie Oliver  (Phone: 716-376-8270, Fax: 716-376-8459, Email: or the schedule a virtual field trip/collaboration form)
Rehearse the session with your students and explain behavior standards (see Protocols for Students)
Make sure you have a reservation set for the Distance Learning Room/Polycom at your school
Decorate your classroom or distance learning lab to make the distance learning experience more "real" for the students (Optional)
Always have a "Plan B", in case of technical problems. Familiarize yourself with the equipment or make sure a technical person is on-hand
Some providers offer preparation materials. Please have them ready prior to your field trip

During the Session

Start the session on time
Provide large tent name cards for students to prop in front of them
Ask students to limit excessive side conversations and distracting noises, such as rustling of papers and tapping of pens
Mute your microphones when you are not speaking (if possible)
Explain discussion rules and any special signals you may have for students to gain your attention
See Protocol for Students

After the Session

Evaluate the program or course
Make necessary changes
Follow up with your students and ask them for feedback
Schedule your next videoconference