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Protocol for Students

Read to Your Students


You have been selected to participate in a educational opportunity over distance learning.  Before this session, you need to know some rules (protocol) about how the videoconference works.

It is very important to TAKE TURNS talking.

Try to limit your movement; it can be distracting to other sites.

When the teacher calls on your school, speak clearly and distinctly into the microphone. Before you make your comment or ask your question, introduce yourself. Say: "This is (your name) from (your school name), and I have a comment."

Do not carry on side conversations. It is hard to hear the other sites when others around you are talking.

Make a tent sign with your name on it in large print and put it in front of you so that the teacher can see who you are and call on you by name.

Try to make eye contact with the presenter by looking directly into the camera when you're speaking.

Remember, these sessions can be videotaped. Others will watch the tapes and be able to see what you do. Make a good impression!