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Home Sweet Home

1 hour
Grade Levels: 

The students will become a living thing with a silly name such as "Rolly-Polly Burrow Maker." They do not know what thery are, but will be given a list of what they need to stay alive. They will use  this list as a guide, to determine which habitat they live in (field, forest, or marsh). Once the students have decided which habitat they live in, they will receive a letter telling them what they are and some basic information about themselves.

After everyone receives their letters, they become a jury for a trial. Judge Mopner will inform them that a habitat will become a future building site. Consequently, the plants and animals that live there will have to move. The jury will decide if the creatures can meet their life's needs in another habitat. If they cannot survive elsewhere, the jury will send them to the morgue which is the nutrient recycling center.