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Petty Cash Journal

Petty Cash:

1) Petty Cash funds are to be used for payment of properly itemized original bills for materials, supplies, or services under
     conditions calling for immediate payment.

2) Petty Cash is regulated by law.

3) Maximum allowed reimbursement per transaction is $20.00.  Transactions are not to be split to avoid maximum allowed.

4) Reimbursement for taxes is NOT allowed if a vendor would normally accept a tax exempt voucher.  (i.e. Walmart)

5) Mileage Claim reimbursements from petty cash should be limited.  Reimbursement must be paid at the IRS rate in
     effect at the time of travel.  Reimbursement must be made in accordance with current unit contracts.

6) Travel Expense Voucher reimbursements should be limited.  Reimbursement must be paid in accordance with Board policies
     for travel, GSA rates, and current unit contracts.

7) Prior to submittal, Individual budget codes must be totalled at the end of the claim.

8) Reconcile and turn in a final claim at the end of June every school year.

Petty Cash Journal Form